A Human Movement
Friday, May 16, 2003
i'm having difficulties following this, the thread is frayed....

thom, it's unfortunate that you don't listen as intently as you speak, you loveable oaf.... yes, something to do with a youth movement, specifically it's emergence and progression through the 20th century from the young adulthoods of the early part of the century through to the amplified leisure of an increasingly youthful populace that has little else to do with itself except study and eat and smile and contemplate the universe, as having the time and wherewithal to contemplate; [whereas the adults themselves, with their children and mortality and needs, would necessarily focus more on survival and the experience of the material.]

the members of these generations spend the better part of their collective adolescences cultivating (beknownst to them or not) the many selves that they individually think they've become, growing vitally accustomed to education and intellectual and cultural leisure as a means toward that selfhood, and i'm talking about a contingent of the middle class here, of which you and i and our many friends are a part.... �

clearly i recognize a social potential in the ceaseless churning of this bottomless morass of youth by our culture -- we glimpsed inklings of its political significance in the student movements of the 60s, and we're continually reminded of its economic significance by all of the marketing and attention that is spent in weighing the hopes and dreams of the children down, in keeping them cloistered.... my optimism springs from a hope that a developmental trend might be discerned in the progression of youth, that it might cultivate itself at such a nascent stage that it enacts an explosion of its political and economic power and significance. that's where the hope of the world rests, is kind of what i was trying to say. which is really just an idea,,,

it can be tough for us to reconcile the process of cultivation that has comprised the better part of our approximately quarter century lifespans to the sonic avalanche of capitalism and consumerism that neatly engulfs us as we mature, with jobs and the like, amounting to a 'real' that folds inward on itself day after day, if we let it..... i think that eventually, hopefully, the true psychedelic will emerge as a true internalization of said avalanche which will catalyze a disjunction between that critical reconciliation and thereby enact a redirection of the progress of human civilization.

this is why i am an optimist -- not that i don't dislike things or recognize that much of the world is as fucked as it is wonderful (ie. filling me with wonder), but that there is an underlying teleology to the development of man that can account for our modern contemporary communication, mediation, and manipulation. i guess i'm talking about the levy breaking, a TRUE human movement, concerned less with the eradication of email than with the GETTING THERE.

Speaking of getting there, I would like to go to this HUNTER COLLEGE grad party.... If you would, Josh, could you EMAIL me the invite, or post it shortly.... additionally, you might EMAIL me your cell phone, unless you want both items of info to be a part of the HUMAN MOVEMENT.

that party sounds like fun....

THOM< you should carry a tape recorder.......
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