A Human Movement
Friday, May 16, 2003
i'm not sure i altogether understand this movement "to eradicate email." not that a blog wouldn't redefine the manner in which we communicate with one another, i can appreciate that element. but why must it be defined in opposition to 'email'? isn't the manner in which we correspond, here as elsewhere, heavily indebted to the rapid-fire immediacy of teh telecommunicative wonder that is email? i just wanted to get that thought out of the way, because i've become a member of this blog in large part because i regularly correspond with you guys via email.... well, except josh. but then he started the blog....

but what are our thoughts, purpose? these are the perennial questions.... my hope is that this Human Movement will enact an exploratory discourse that might better integrate our perspectives toward the free exchange of all that we are expected to share as friends and correspondents, and then some.
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