A Human Movement
Wednesday, May 21, 2003
king nick, i like your pics, your lifelike digital decalia,,,, which is 'lifelike' in the sense that it inspires the imaginative visual core of LIFE....... as in, "you're gonna like living there...."

speaking of life, equal kudos to your frank blow-by-blow recounting of that feverish tale, an admirable yarn i'd like to give the working title, "stark fucking naked" -- like your prose. "no bullshit, dudes, this was my SATURDAY night!" right on with your Contortions, nick!

you have never written truer when you write of demons and the immobilizing, invasive force of the psychedelic. [have you listened to roky erickson? he was an especial psychedelic psaint, and ended the 70s singing of two-headed dogs and lucifer.... that's the strong brew of the psychedelic in a nutshell.]

you imply and implicate the beauty of that ugliness, nick, through the act of writing, and your degree of success in making that experience resonate with those who read it. few can deny the glory commanded by the phenomena of battle, despite the ugliness it brings. this is the definition of the psychedelic, the definition of the nature of our lives: reconciling the very spiritual and vulnerable intensity of our localization in our flesh, our organism.

we shouldn't neglect the material sum of our corpo-reality, our tender relationship to this earth, as perhaps the only true state of being. it's important that we recognize the inherent psychedelicism of what is plain to experience here on earth, as experience is experienced (and processed) by the senses, nerves, biological networks, and integrated by the brain, the holy organ science saddles with a blasphemous, illusory dichotomy (mind/brain).

anyway, life is a state of being made possible by our physical and chemical interaction with substance and phenomena peculiar to this organic earth, so it's little wonder you're "fucked-up" when you're Fucked Up.

[what can we do about the appearance of this site? let's kindly bring back some color, eh?]
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