A Human Movement
Thursday, June 19, 2003
i wish, and i am adrift.... to be sure, to wish, to long for, longing itself, is a projectSHUN, as a directSHUN. it is a going, nowhere,

i think that wishing, in its purest form, is an essential want,

>>many choose to pursue those wants and satisfy the longing.
>>others choose to neglect them, that they might maintain and resonate as simple wishes wants and desires, unattainables in the family of the 'ideal'.

any attempt to bridge the two extremes is a perversion of the wish,
degrading its nature until it is nothing more than base desire.
this, also, is the way of some people.

it's confusing, but i think that projects are good, inevitable,,,,

i am not bashful about promoting the endeavor of a project, as a way of life or short term effort. and often the impetus for such projects has less to do with a wish per se than the conception of an end or goal, which isn't necessarily a wish.

wishes are special things.
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