A Human Movement
Thursday, June 26, 2003
i'll begin by extending some praise thom's way for his unrelenting illustration of 'the search state of mind' with his variously captioned fotolinks. he's listed a wealth of incidental information, all interconnected in the capacity of a Human Movement. thom has provided the blog some momentum toward a purpose.

as i was browsing the h.p. blavatsky info, i was struck by the closing sentence, "Not until the Counterculture movement of the mid-sixties would any comparable revolution of consciousness [such as the theosphical renaissance of the occult] occur."

thom and i shared a conversation recently, in which we spoke of the culture and the cultural, thom wanting nothing to do with the countercultural, which he saw as a denial of the essential culture ("look, i'm a culture too!"). it is a good thought of his, in that it can be followed into thinking.

i think counterculture is acknowledgable as such only if it comprises enough of the public sphere to inspire recognition through cultural formidability. this formidability is one of cultural consequence, the legacy of the counterculture. in this sense, counterculture presents an inherent challenge by asserting its integrity with the all culture ("see, i'm the culture also!").

when this happens, an eruption of cultural reconciliation results. emotions and conceptions are dredged up into a potent state of sensitivity and excitement, and receptors go off in the brains of the many cos the vibes and the ether are in such a state. the truly countercultural is educational and always. it's participants, conscious or unconscious, are engaged in the search and in the fucking-oneself-up of the search, jiving to the movement of the figuring out and the passing through. this mingling of the conscious/unconscious is psychologically actualized in the state of hypnagogia.

i think thom is absolutely right about the search/psychedelic parallel oneness. the psychedelic state of being is one of mental excitement and openness. the crest of this psychedelic state, the swell of its waves, are the movements toward gleeful transference as described by thom. the psychedelic state is individual, but effects itself through the amoeba of culture, for the search is often necessarily cultural -- as thom's examples can attest, involving as they do cultural totem poles like stokely charmichael, carl jung, diderot, the bear and frequent New York Review contributor jared diamond.

i think thom was expressing disdain for superficially "alternative" cultures, like trucker hats and garage rock, hippie folk and queer tribalism. individually, each of these is a cultural cul de sac. but effectively on the macro scale, minds gotta move. those shits ain't countercultural.

i might think this blog is more effectively countercultural, at least in its integritive fashion of the essential and the apparent in our discourse and the suggestion of our script.

right on.
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