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Wednesday, July 23, 2003
Gentlemen, a tale of the unsung heroes of western entheogenic practice from my west coast outpost:

First, the blessed Quanah Parker, halfbreed chief of the great Quahadi Comanches, the last of the tribes to yield in the South Plains war of 1874-1875. His father was an honored and much-praised war chief; his white mother had been kidnapped by the Comanches as a child on May 19, 1836, and gave birth to the blessed Quanah in 1845. He is reponsible for the ritual mating of Christianity with peyotism among the Plains Indians, insisting that women not be excluded from the ceremonies. This evolved into the accepted religious use of peyote in institutions such as the Native American Church, vital institutions that acknowledge the inherently religious properties of the mescaline-endowed peyote (alternately known as cactus pudding, dry whiskey and white mule) that also preserve the practice of ingestion legally and spiritually under the protection of the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. While many might feel an aversion to the marriage of Christianity and peyotism, the blessed Quanah could be said to have introduced and legitimized the spiritual value of peyote to the ever encroaching white man, thereby ensuring its perpetuation and permanence.

Second, the venerable Maria Sabina, she of the most holy region of Oaxaca, Mexico. The venerable Sabina, a curandera of the magical godflesh psilocybe mushroom, had the destined misfortune of "turning on" the capitalist machinery of the west by holding a velada, a nocturnal mushroom ceremony, in 1955 the year of our lord with the vice president of J.P. Morgan, R. Gordon Wasson. He was turned on and felt the great legacy of his nervous system actualize a harmonic apprehension of spacetime, duly reporting it in the May 13, 1957 issue of LIFE magazine -- an article that in turn inspired Tim Leary among others to seek the magic mushroom and hence an origin.al text in the psychedelic awakening of capitalist (versus indigenous) culture, of which we are merely the latest incarnation. The Oaxaca province was shortly overrun with pilgrims seeking the venerable one, and Sabina was thusly ostracized by her peoples for the unforgivable (but celebrated) act of divulging the secret of the godflesh. The poor venerable soul stomached her persecution with valor, rightly attributing her actions and travails to the great magnet of destiny, that which happened and happens by virtue of happening.

Third, the learned Dr. Gaston Guzman, celebrated expert on all things fungal and psychedelic in Mexico. Co-incidentally (the cosmic orchestration of happenings and awakenings) his interest in mycology and the metabiological properties of Mexican fungi began approximately at the same time the venerable Sabina enlightened the capitalist R. Gordon Wasson, in 1955. The learned Guzman devoted his life to the study of mycology, an interest perpetuated by his enthusiasm for the aforementioned LIFE article. He in fact met the enlightened capitalist on a chance meeting in the field doing research, and became close friends with the financial fiend. The learned Dr. Guzman wrote authoritative papers on the habitats and properties of Mexican neuroactive fungi, helped discover various strains of those fungi that are stained blue, and lent scientific credibility to the appreciation and study of the neuroactive properties of the godflesh.
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