A Human Movement
Monday, July 14, 2003
I wholeheartedly recommend that you guys check out 'The Weather Underground' before it leaves the Film Forum on the 22nd. It is a good time, edifying in its historical way and entirely applicable to our discussions of revolution and its nature. It provides a limited but valuable insight into the fracture of the New Left in the 60s and captures a daunting impression of the hope and opportunity for decisive change that drove these kids out of their minds as they attempted to enact a revolution from within the United States in an era of remarkable global turmoil.

They thought they could do it all, would do whatever it takes. The limitations of the documentary betray a failure to explore the infrastructure of either the SDS or the Weathermen (how they did what they did, their organizational framework, etc), and it seems the film could go farther and deeper into the forces involved, but the film is remarkable for the window-like view it affords us of late-60s America on the brink of social and cultural chaos, and its deficiencies testify to the primacy of the material.

It's a shame we couldn't see it at the same time but i do look forward to discussing it and other things with you guys sometime soon. Indeed, it could provide our discourse an appreciably visible, primal, historical element, as all the entities our posts and sallies conjure (revolution, the Third World, capitalism, oppression, etc) figure into the story. But again, it is merely the tip of the iceberg. Check it out.
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