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Tuesday, August 12, 2003
Nick tackles Thom's stipulated "goodbye to masturbation and dope" with articulation, but I'm not sure the "goodbye" implies a renunciation, nor am I comfortable with the element of vice that Nick introduces. A vice is an immoral or evil practice on the one hand, and a defect and bad habit on the other. At the risk of sounding asinine, I don't think either of the two are really vices, especially in their metaphorical capacities. Which is to say, are we really speaking about beating off and smoking pot, or about the nature of self-pleasure and indulgent sacrament?

The "fond haze of dim recall" of which Nick writes strikes me as an oblivion of some kind, but the search-state seems to me one of excitation and stimulation, not of repose. Perhaps the end that it moves toward is an intellectual state of repose, of contemplation, but the getting there is a trip of comprehension and apprehension that is inconducive (I think) with the idea of concomitant relaxation. Maybe in its wake, maybe at intervals.

And that's where indulgent sacrament comes in, potentially: as a mode of relaxation and a tool for the processing of information. I'm more ambivalent about the element of masturbation (Thom brought it up, not me) -- that might be a vice. I might be inclined to think that self-pleasure in whatever capacity would have a distasteful air about it, unless an analogue was drafted enfolding the masturbatory inclination with the search-state.

But now I defer to you guys.
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