A Human Movement
Friday, August 15, 2003
YEAH GUYS!! I got juice! (but my phone seems periodically stunned by electricity, the line shorting out)...

anyway, a quick word: thom, i don't know if that show's goin' down. methinks not.

Nick: if experience is knowledge, it follows that knowledge is experience. I thought this is implied in your exchange with thom) Therefore, I wouldn't worry yourself about that "pretty but useless knowledge", don't fear what others think they know as a vital component of their experience; those individual entities are caught up in however they translate that knowledge into "experience" for themselves, including engaging you and others in that "experience" too -- irrespective of your qualitative judgement of that experience or reluctance to take part.

that's how knowledge is shared, and knowledge-shared effects a sense of community: it brings it about. therefore, the more open a person is to particular strains of knowledge and experience, the more that person is able to take part in various exchanges and understandings with various people.

You follow what I'm saying? I thought we'd already established that it's impossible to distinguish knowledge from experience; i thought we'd established that they are both one and the same, with some qualitative (as in questions of Quality) nuances, perhaps. Then you say, "knowledge alone is pretty but essentially useless until it can be translated into experience."

but your use of the word "pretty" betrays a sensitivity on your part of what you regard as the "special pretty knowledge" of others, and I suggest you take a look at that sensitivity, because it might have something to do with that Southern context of yours and might have a place in this discussion of openness to experience and closedness to experience, as a question of regional flavor.

HEY, it's good to have electricity. wish we could hang out.


Yessir, experience is knowledge and knowledge alone is pretty but essentially useless until it can be translated into experience. That's what my point was.
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