A Human Movement
Thursday, September 11, 2003
gimme a break. i'll take my umpahpah's and hoorah's over your prittle-prattle of pictorial cul-de-sacs any day of the week, for teh reason that i bother articulating whatever it is i invoke in my post. you content yourself with lazy musings and illustrations, without bothering to enact a discussion.
Case in point:

Scott: discourse:: entertainment and the american dream::: 20th century man encountering one another:::: new spaces of intersubjectivity arriving in man's life through his need for viewing the body as entertaining:::: GO!

GO??? you haven't said shit! it's like you throw a turd of yours in my lap and say, "now! what do you make of it?" forgive me if my response is bemused, and if i refrain from riffing on your scattered thoughts, insufficient as they are.....

then we gots Holy Trinity, for a short spell, followed in due course by Chuck Parsing, Fathead Minnows, shrimpy nonsense and geothermal energy. it's all just crap, pardon.

GO. Complete comedy, that you should expect any one of us to divine the supposed interconnections of your piecemeal, selfish meditations. i couldn't speak for Josh or Nick, I leave it to them to venture a sally of their own on the assorted topics you proffer, proffering as you do with no evident inclination to articulate substantially whatever it is you want to discuss.

it's a lazy way to enact discourse, and my impression is that we don't blog in response to your posts because none of us are up to the thankless task.

what a bore.
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