A Human Movement
Tuesday, September 09, 2003
hey, hey there, i'm sorry....

but the whole point of this blog was to discourse and discuss with one another, was it not? i'm of a mind that your psychobabble, pollock-esque montages of nonsense don't engender discourse and exchange, although they;re occasionally pretty. teen bibles, yes. man with moustache, alphabet, images and quotes, with the requisite "elasped time", check. but a true shake and bake of ideas of which we can all partake? non.

which is cool, we have styles, but moaning and bemoaning is unbecoming of blog discourse. it stifles it. such is the legacy of a human movement, it seems. once there was movement, but then the levee broke, and ideas were confused with scattered thoughts and graphic montage. i always thought there was a dearth of actual writing on this damned thing.

but i loves it nonetheless, i confess. and i check it regularly, for what it's worth. i envisage a reinvigoration of the blog come basketball season, since it appears the only likely place where nick thom and i can vent our thoughts and passions with aplomb. that might sound distasteful to josh, but i hear he has a beautiful relationship, so he is good.

but there's not enough back and forth for any momentum to be built...
consider the dynamic, for chrissakes! momentum for movement. it's a necessary dynamic that's ill-served by all these epistemological cul-de-sacs you throw up on these cyberpages.

hey, here's a thought: maybe we should discuss the nature of the blog again.

i'm sure we all have some thoughts and that might prove a propitious topic for engagement. you know, discussing the medium and its nature.

that's what i thought the coolest thing about this was......
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