A Human Movement
Tuesday, January 27, 2004
so what's the story with tonight?? i'd like to listen to some ives in comfy juilliard surroundings. too bad i missed friday, although i did fortuitously come across a used copy of experimental audio research's 'beyond the pale' that night, and so still got my fill of of teh crazy sounds, although of an altogether different quality. ives had the right idea with the organic encompassing of the meta-american musical vision, his lens was wide enough to refract dixie, marching band music and classical convention into a translucent whole.

speaking of light, i have a whole lot to discuss with you fellows about light, specifically flashing light, stroboscopic light, the Dream Machine, photic sensitivity, epilepsy and various planes of consciousness.

but maybe we can do a litte of that over a drink following the concert??
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