A Human Movement
Thursday, January 22, 2004
that is a golden find, thom, i appreciate the PDF. of course you know i've never gone for the whole swami/guru trip, i was always of a mind that these cats lost their groove once they fashioned themselves holy and pure. once you're on that trajectory you're left only with jewish housewives like Joya and misdirected new agedness, which are fine times of acquaintance, sure, but the soul can mire itself in such nets all the same.

the spell of the immaterial can be as farcical as the hypnosis of the material, and for these guys to lose sight of that is the principal weakness of the failed psychedelic movement. it's gross, the leadership and the sitting on stage and the weaving of false stories to falsely manipulate the consciousness of others to accept a holiness which is as much an act as the whole harvard psychology professor trip.

i mean, i respect Baba Ram Dass for the adventures he assuredly had, and for his part in the legacy of the psychedelic movement. but it's wrong to mistake the exploitation of consciousness for its expansion, and i think after tripping balls with the kids and having virgin revelations Alpert exploited a lot of consciousness to shore up his own ego. vibes be damned.

it's a shame the psychedelic movement metamorphosed into the new age movement. i think there's something to be said about keeping things on the level of drugs, of entheogenic substance: divine from within, divine form without. i speak of this engagement with the psychedelics not as a form of abuse, mind you, but of constructive use: these guys totally abused the drug they claimed as a sacrament. i mean, who ingests the body of christ as if it were candy?? not holy men, i tell you!

i'm all for doing shitloads of acid, but not necessarily at once or for excessive lengths of time.... of course, i have the benefit of Alpert's example. that shit doesn't work like that -- it's like taking a bath for days at a time, to get really clean, maaan, when all you really need is a few splashes of cold water on your face to feel refreshed and see things clearly.

JOSH, i think these colors are the best. absolutely the best.
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