A Human Movement
Monday, May 01, 2006
  I'm pretty sure
The world is governed, at least in part, by the goings on in some pretty seedy areas of what for a lack of a better word I will call, 'exchange.' If one was able to float in and out of an understanding of the way in which some persons consider the various enterprises of mortgage rates, hair products, their wife's skin or commodities rates such as the kind of things that control markets, futures, profits, etc., I believe they would discover some hideous darkness as well as genuine strength. For every monstrosity there is a heroic individual who is able to contend with it. Oil executives open mail too. It amazes me that people face such pits with a strength of conviction, but they obviously must as every day the bell rings, the forest is cut, the drill is spun, etc.

And then there are other places with different kind of people. Angels we will call them, who are always getting it wrong or at least misunderstanding things. But they are angels nonetheless, busy crafting lives for themselves which ignore the nefarious and rotten. Yet still, by means of ignoring the oily decisions of resource manipulation, they remain a part of it, for there is no way to remove oneself from being governable and rendered.

But I am pretty sure that most of the world's affairs are governed by those with the strength to face the disgustingness and do so with a firm mind, heroic men thrusting themselves into the mire of their own creation. That's what I am pretty sure of.
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