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Tuesday, June 28, 2005
  Everyone needs a loudspeaker
I finally got around to taking my amplifier (the tweed Peavey Delta Blue 1 x 15" combo) to get repaired yesterday. I took it to Jeff Bloch's Amp and Guitar Wellness Center, which is secretly one of the best guitar stores in the New York metro area. I don't know how much it is going to cost to fix, but they charge 75$ an hour. I hope it is just a re-tube and calibrate type deal, maybe a blown fuse. If I had my druthers, and 189.99 to spare, I would have already ordered up a Jensen P15N speaker to replace the crappy Peavey speaker that is in it, then when I looked behind my amp - I could see the beautiful green of this guy peeking out.

Friday, June 24, 2005
  no nothings.
Much can be learned from looking at representation of truth's changes in and over time. A grassy landscape to a parking lot. For instance, it is oft believed that the sexual organs of two, a male and a female, create life when conjoined for a period of time in such a way. With this belief comes the idea that one's blood carriage is line-like, but what must be lapsed to lose this dearly held notion? If on the day of your conception your father ate a chicken salad sandwhich, and used the energy from said sandwhich to arouse his human making sensibilities, how much do you, as spawn of those sensibilities, owe to that chicken salad? And if it is not known, how can we really expect to go around with such convictions of purity where notions of identity are considered?

I am not a father, but I am a son. These identities, father and son, mean little to me but they do seem to be thought and referred to much in the literature of life. They are symbols in the symptoms for sure, but how much does it take to come to understand fatherhood to mean something more close to 'perception,' that what is known is created as it is perceived, each son is begat fatherly by each person, and further that this is the scope of the world's time human's dwell in?

I've got far to go, but I only ask a simple question: and it is: Isn't it possible to spell a word wrong and yet, still have its meaning come across equally to as if it were spelt correctly? And if so, what does this mean about spelling? And furthermore what does it mean about order? If spelling itself is understood as one type of order, what are persons doing to themselves each time they spell a word, but believing in an irrational order? Who is irrational, the person who spells words incorrectly, or those that believe in the 'i before e' phenomenon?

I'm not anti-authoritarian, but I do wonder what it means why so much of what is possible goes unnoticed and unchallenged. More often the not, it is the unnoticement and unchallenging way of head-to-body relations which allows people to go ignored, and therefor for what could be to only never come to pass, or for those people to be destroyed (either through war, prescription drugs, malnutrition, or murder)

All people are created equal, and have equal right to access of expression -- if a person does not challege something as simple as the spelling of a 'wurd,' how then can we expect these same people to press for the rights equal of others? In the landscape of thinking, it seems that more people become extinct then survive -- and the cause for this extinction is the success of the few at becoming not ignored. I suppose this is why public relations as business through photography and the media is akin to cancer and representative of our poisoned times, i.e. mass destruction. But still, all it take is a glance at a space to understand that it will change again, and how we spell our times before us, will again change.
Friday, June 17, 2005

I got a little notion that thinks the world will continue to be run towards death, disease, pain and terror in so far as man is forced to think inside himself. Until the day arrives that man can easily summize a reality thought not from what it considered to be self, not out from the recognizing I/eye, but also for all that is known, that there exists in nature 'an outside I,' If all humans hear, why should it ever be thought that the individual does hear, but selfish deception? A tree can be the very thing that man thinks himself to be, statements purely errorenous are closer to being truth then those half thought and once the lies of human supieority fade, and it is known that the clouds as one representation of the not-man can write stories which are represented as by man exactly, if not better then any one person who is revealed to be the selfish deceptor, then the one person will be free to think outside of progenited name identity, & no more story writers with names will try to put their boring grimace expressions passed you, and all stories will be known and experienced. It's not chaos and it's not order, but vibratory-receptioning convince-manship. Identity has been a distraction to take away from people what they already know, and it starts when you represent yourself to others as 'not them,' or when a person is surprised at things, or remarks about them at all from the perspective that only they have received them, or are sad when they are sad. What is is all things are at once and not stopped, so please remember the elsewhere, and get ready to soon find out that freedom is only free.
Wednesday, June 15, 2005
  an Apostle speaketh
“Music's primarily instrumental, human beings actually play music in a room together and you record it. I can't see why, in order to make an audible record of that, you would want to have the human beings do their bits separately and then patch them together to make a representation of what it might have sounded like if they'd all been playing together in a room at the same time. I profoundly find that a weird way to go... The sound that people make together in a room playing, to me that's what recording ought to be about.” (Bruce Russell).
Monday, June 13, 2005
  Read this now and sigh and read it again
Circumstances are thought irresistibly to control the world, both collectively and individually; and, under this impression, man has consented to be controlled by them. But man holds the power to destroy those circumstances which are unfavorable to his happiness and peace; and by exercising this power, he will sustain and cooperate with the principles of Nature. These fleeting circumstances being destroyed, man will be controlled only by the operations of general law. This, however, has not yet been done, because man individually can not do it.

No one principle of government, unvarying in its nature, could be made to manifest its proper results, as applied to an isolated and detached community. Those who have founded, and put forth efforts to sustain, communities, have been persons who have striven to familiarize the laws, which governed them, to their feelings and affections. The condition of society and of the world has become repulsive to their feelings and sentiments; and their movements are but the outbreaking and gushing forth of those desires that have been so long concealed.

A knowledge of the natural laws which govern society should have been before understood; but the sources of knowledge which exist in the world have been perverted from their legitimate object and use. Institutions for the diffusion of knowledge are founded on an artificial basis. It is the interest of every institution to confine its knowledge to itself; whereas, it should be both the principle and interest of all such to cause their knowledge to become universal. Moreover, people who have not the capacity to comprehend the sciences, should not be educated for, and compelled to hold situations, where such knowledge is absolutely required.

The situations of professional men are exceedingly corrupting and vitiating. Those who would be honest, can not; for their interests oppose. The condition of these and of other members of society at this time, is an artificial representation of the circumstances by which the world is controlled. Generations that are past have neglected the great light of the knowledge of these truths. Their time and talents were engaged in the upbuilding of sectarian and denominational casts; and in protecting these, nations have warred against nations. Destruction and devastation were the legitimate results; and, neglecting the general and personal good, man lost his happiness by these inhuman proceedings. No man could utter a thought, or express himself in any respect, contrary to the prevailing sentiment. This vice, misery, illiberality, and uncharitableness, with all their legitimate moral and intellectual results, still exist; and man has lost much of the light and knowledge which he would now possess, if the real had existed in place of the artificial.

Free and unrestrained inquiry is necessary to moral and intellectual progress, and therefore should be encouraged. Truth is an eternal principle; and any institution, creed, denomination, or any influence a sectarian character, that opposes in any way the free and unrestrained investigation of truth, must evidently be founded on ignorance, superstition, and bigotry. And, moreover, anything which tends to restrict the spirit of inquiry, openly manifests its own error.

Every principle opposed to free and unrestrained investigation shows distinctly the fear of light and knowledge. Light upon any subject of a moral nature should be received free from interests or local prejudices; and if free investigation or the most unlimited exercise of the human mind, is obstructed, the obstruction proclaims its author's own condemnation: for this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men choose the darkness of bygone ages, and foster it, rather than light, because their institutions and actions are evil.

From: The principles of nature, her divine relations, and a voice to mankind. By and through Andrew Jackson Davis., Davis, Andrew Jackson, 1826-1910.
Friday, June 10, 2005
My extispicious is looking pretty. Maybe one of these days, I will explain the difference and meaning of the Green mind & soul, Blue movement & cool, Yellow communication & expository, Brown preservation & memory of the AHM sidebar, but in a way I just did.
Regarding computer file sharing and privacy, I have a simple question.

What constitutes friendship?

If I meet a person and chat with them about music and share a recording, why is it legal to do so via a CD-R or cassette tape, but not via a file sharing client software (such as SLSK.) It seems that those people who are opposed to file sharing, groups such as the RIAA, are not actually opposed to the sharing of music, as much as they are opposed to modern ideas of what consitutes friendship.

I guess this is sort of like the Betamax thing where the court said it is safe to share music P2P because it is no different then taping movies. But really on another level it seems that those forces who are opposed to file sharing are actually opposed to friendship, and the widening of social networks along electronic lines.
Thursday, June 09, 2005
It is my conviction that all things should be shared. Further, that all things are always in a state of already sharedness. All things have safety in their sharedness to be, as they are shared in the name of education. It's "universal experience time" and more simply, the question of what is a thing. I believe that all entities in the world are broken down into infinite parts where the defining characteristics of the thing are without ownership, then out from this intermediary state, individuals each grab their own part of the entity, as they come to know it. What is, is always ready to be changed through the appropriation of others, in knowledge. A thing is not what it is, but that it has come to be known.

It is the perspective of the individual which owns the account of what is known by the many, and not the other way around. The main problem of the world is shown here: every person speaks their own language, yet for some reason when two people are conversing they believe they are speaking the same language. If one says tree and the other thinks of tree, green growth bark substance forrest tall etc., there is still not any exact tree that is share between one and the other. If one hears beep and the other hears beep, there are still two beeps. That they both refer to what they heard as beep - does in no way create one beep. This is common sense, and a time should come when this common sense is allowed to prevail.

This is also the gateway to the contradiction which needs to be appropriated as man beathes electrically, 1 in, and 2 out. All things are owned by each individual in knowledge, and although they are out of the same substance, they are never the same as they are known. Only through knowledge does a thing come to exist, and this is why all things should be shared in the name of education. The universal subject guaranteer in the name of allness brings what can be through educative experience.

This is a gift for all those out there who came across this now.

(Shanti, 1972)PERSIAN SURGERY DERVISHES: Smooth, two-record set of live modal improvisations, with tape delay in Los Angeles and Paris.
Friday, June 03, 2005
  to own is not to surround
Three thoughts I commonly have are as follows;

1) the world is going to be what it is with or without me,
2) it's only man's fear that carries him on. (And by this I get frightened about the fact that it might literally be only the fear of death, the fear of not living, that creates the life trails man tramples.)
3) i think I can handle just about any level of seriousness when it comes to severely true musical playing.

I go on my days, and not much can really knock these 3 thoughts down, they sit above most of which happens to my body as it portends the glide. Then I listen to Fushitsusha and I know I was wrong about the third thing.
Thursday, June 02, 2005
  conversation re: Emerson's 'History'

I don't know if I made any point of concern clearly last night with my
saying the things about judging people based on their culture accrued,
but I have been really jiving the Emerson on my own now recently, and the
last sentence of 'History' reads like the point I've been arguing since I
knew to speak:

"The idiot, the Indian, the child, and unschooled farmer's boy, stand
nearer to the light by which nature is to be read, than the dissector or
the antiquary."

well, then, maybe we should read, or understand (rather than judge) each
person by how close (or not) they stand by this radiant light

I for one don't doubt there are plenty of farmers, indians, and idiots
who stand far further from it than the earnest dissector, librarian, or
businessman, even.

...indeed that is the task at hand... I think we can judge people on their
closeness to the light, through listening to their ways of describing the
things they feel as events occur around them, (both to them and for them.)
Someone who says 'you can't have a colored wallet, that's weird, wallets are black' is further from the light then someone who says 'you have a colored wallet,
ok' or even better 'your colored wallet is no different then a black one.'

...the meritable among us who see the light and hold it, have the ability
to see all things in all things. a duck is a helicopter, no squabbling
over particulars.... those people who see and feel freely the
effect/affect of all things, and know the connection between a thing's
occurance as it happens TO them and BECAUSE of them simultaneously are the ones who are more often then not --- in touch with healthy minds and ably summit
to the creation happy vibes.

Emerson's History essay begins:

There is no great and no small
To the Soul that maketh all:
Wednesday, June 01, 2005
  Imagine yourself in a bathroom stall:

Get to a copy of the Yardbirds, Lost Woman from Roger the Engineer and listen to the track on headphones, however, only listen to the left channel. The vocals/harmonica track are on the right and the guitars are on the left. You get to hear the best feedback ever recorded, which literally seeps into your head like a '66 Pinot Noir. Even better is that the vocals bleed from the right channel over to the left, but all you can hear is trace elements of the extreme reverb of the room the tracks was recorded in. It sounds as if there is man yelling in the building next to you. The reverb is ever so delightfully magical, it's a prescription for even the soul-less, the whole experience is worth repeating over and over!

Oh hold on, the effects of the bleeding-e-cho-faint voice is here on Nazz are Blue too, it's sumptuous.
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