A Human Movement
Thursday, April 12, 2007
  All save for the sun
There is a cooling effect, gathered daily in the senses, when the sun goes away.
An object thrown goes from one to another.
The other can be the one, no matter.
Moving objects, as thrown, have no right to be called the sun.
What causes the sun the move?

The twin disaster, knowledge and knowing, wrecks the mind each moment. The sun does not move. There is a way out; revelation and consequence. The parenthetically yours, referred to in silence.

I liked the part when the ascetic opened his robe to reveal he went to bed hungry, a patchwork of humility wrought in skin and bone, twisted needlework, picked scars and hobbled ghastliness. The awareness of which was delivered in secret as an ignorance implicit that the awareness is not and yet the body is, in peaks, witnessed upon the mind's dismount of prayer. And light is cast under white robe, the heart still red running.

A dice with 5 sixes but 1 one, rolled six times has a 1 in 6 chance of landing at 1.
Harboring suspicions is detective work. And by that I mean people do bad things.
working towards a spiritual conception of information...those visiting this page are in the presence of the deposited brain in the form of electric text embracing inclusive and spectacular ideas where possibility is mirrored less by occurances and more by the bodiless time-frame granularity come globule mark

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Whereas understanding is a foundation
Whereas mind should move
Whereas things have limits
Resolved that knowledge is king.

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