A Human Movement
Tuesday, September 30, 2003
UPIX, a freeware project based on Iannis Xenakis' UPIC, consists of 3 core modules running in real-time (see figure below): a graphical interface, a correlation system (mappings) and a synthesis engine. The main challenge of the UPIX project is the design of a central mixer for collaborative music using the macrostructure formalism of UPIC. Discussions focused on new solutions for the 3 core modules of UPIX to reach the following objectives:

* Allow different types of inputs to define arcs: architect table (historical input device for UPIC), controllers, motion capture sensors and sound samples.
* Provide a user-friendly graphical interface to visualize, transform and mix UPIX inputs.
* Use UPIX in real-time for music composition (historical use of UPIC), and live performance.
* Develop UPIX with appropriate freeware platforms and tools.
Monday, September 29, 2003
Of late I've been making music and sound with the Pure Data software. It is, as they describe it, "a real-time graphical programming environment for audio and graphical processing. It was planned as a free, better and more stable Max/fts, which has also been developed by Miller Smith Puckette at IRCAM."

Looks and sounds similar to MAX, but this software is OpenSource (!!!) and runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and IRIX. It seems as if the CompSci community is hyped on PD and thus libraries of externals have been written so that PD patches can work with MAX and MAX patches can work with PD.

I'm having a blast making interesting computer sounds and solving ever-expanding patching problems.

But, Italy...
Saturday, September 27, 2003
Monday, September 22, 2003
i use black pismo powerbooks as my main machine. although os x works a little slow on my machines, i'm not goint to switch to Ti-book. Ti-book is like a wall of hospital. i like pismo's design much better. / why does every apple's new computer look like a toilet bowl? i cannot make music with the toilet bowl. and i don't know why these machines are so acceptable to many people.

from kiku hibino's webpage.
Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Looks like I have arrived at an idea similar to American philosophy Richard Rorty and I didn't even know it... with this idea of saying "NO" to the representation of a thing as a possible accordance to reality.

"Representation" means that the belief concerning the existence or the attributes of a "thing" in the world is a taking-inward of a substituent of the "thing", of the eidos, the idea, the ousia, the hyle or the sensual components of the thing or object.

That is true, and I was saying that we should meld the objective/subjective. Sure. Who doesn't know that. (answer: Angry People.)

Antirepresentationalism does not try to see the world as it is, it does not investigate knowledge or accurate representation of reality, since in every statement about the world there is an inseparable "mixture" and "cohabitation" of the subject and the object.

It seems to me that we need to think of the world/universe/body not in any way based on any logic/language/experience but instead on the apparent oneness of everything as it occurs. A lifetime is only, a way at viewing the possible success, or failure of explaining out this oneness.

"plurality should not be posited without necessity."
Franciscan monk William of Ockham (ca. 1285-1349).
We should all be familiar with Occam's razor (especially since we do enjoy talk of shaving) that
a truth should never be accredited to a time when assumptions are being posited, rather we should make no assumptions. For me, I see personal identity as an assumption that needs to fly out the window, or fall through the floor...(extremisms)

Let's not forget this little story either:

The Emporer's New Clothes
by Hans Christian Anderson.

But still, if we are left questioning -- what does exist?, if we don't!, or at least we don't exist - as we think we always thought we did to do, then I bet we could turn to a good look at Alfred North Whitehead's and his ideas of and through which he seems to propose a comprehensive metaphysical view according to which events and processes, rather than independent substances constitute reality.

I dunno. I think the main word for me here on A Human Movement is Conversant.
We can all learn to be conversant on hosts of new topics, and again converse some more.
To not learn to become more conversant it seems, it to become an alien, or rather, exist as some type of foreigness that need not exist -- as all foreigness is only an unconversantness, based on the idea that conversing occurs as experienced identity of sense/language/thought, but it doesn't, because all life is connected like iron rods, look around, make no assumptions and realize the oneness of apparent conversantness where none is foreign, all is aligned in, within.

A Human Movement = Conversantness = Openness to direct spontaneous conversantness.

We need not be aliens. I will see you when I get back from Italia on Sept. 28th. Keep up the fight of strength of all.


New PowerBooks released yesterday

Powerbook Fall 03

Uh-oh, I still have to make up my mind, and now I really have to... 3GHzP4M Dell 5150 333DDRRAM 512 MB or 15" G4 1.25 Ghz 333DDRRAM 512 MB, something about these new pbooks is kind of weak - but also kind of attractive...??...L2 Cache sucks, but they are so pretty, and windows is kind of a drag!! Backlit keyboard... wow!
and then there is the 12" Pbook! dam... I just dunno... but I do know... I need to order before I go to Italy on thursday...
any idea?s,

Tuesday, September 16, 2003
After a night, and a morn - of thinking and setting - I realize that it is not the copies of man's form that we are to expect to banish from peaceful eye, but rather, those souls who believe in the need to render these copies before us.

Images of man are useless and only of impact to those who conditioning is towards certainty. And what else should we expect from this way of conditioned life?

Here is an interesting questionnaire I came accross this morning on the toilet,
An opinion poll of 162 18-24 year olds in Young Money magazine asking "What makes you crazy?" Here are the top three.

31% answered: Waiting in lines!
49% answered: Lost car/house keys!
47% answered: Someone insults you!

All of these actions are clearly acts where the person is assuming their mind as the defining definer of existence before them.
Waiting, losing, and insults are times when this certain definer is questioned. Leaving the person without the expected answers, which before had made things fine. Anger only occurs in those who believe in the certainty of their "rational."

It is interesting that the survey writers refer to these times are crazy. Does this mean that the person who never waits, has all things found, and is not insulted by words is crazy? That sounds to me like old-fashioned brain-washing. Let's admit it, frustration is good for the economy of a nation!! In fact , it might even be frustrations, (sexual, indentity, education, family) that is any economy at all!

Remember, however, that when I say pictures, or representations, I am not specifically talking about 8x10 glossies or framed 2-dimensional surfaces, but rather the very certainty that we are what we are.

Monday, September 15, 2003

Shave a leg and the hair grows back. Cut off a foreskin and it never grows back. I think these are two completely different things, circumcision and leg-hair shaving. I like shaved legs on a women (or man), like I like a shaved face on a man (or woman.) I think "stashbians" are the lowest form of life. Fact is, It feels good to shave, it is cleansing as it takes off the dead skin. Get rid of the deadness! Shaving is like being reborn.
The foreskin, however, is not dead. It is vital, perhaps even the most. Perhaps it is the fourth eye, a universal infinity catcher in half!

Further - scott.
When I speak of disliking the visual arts, I speak of a dislike that is twofold. It is first, an attempt at a better understanding describable life, it is a slow race to save what is human as a safeguarding of the mental stability of society's weaker life-points. (Out of these weak-points is born violence, suffering, tyranny and un-understanding - all, mind you, are certanties)
And second it is an attempt at maintaining the 'question' first, that is the mind of man. Remember that I am asking (see below about noise) us to try and make what is communicated, what was before ignored, or incommunicable, by means of shifting the information outside of the willed product and toward what it "certainly" isn't.

Humans have concocted an intellectual foundation which progressively moves toward radical denial of "the human" (including the human process of concocting ideology). As we march out of the swamp of superstition, we learn that the superstition from which we have to be torn is we ourselves. The enemy which has to be eradicated is ourselves.

If I tell you that I am in a fire, don't help me - because as long as I say I am in a fire, I certainly am. If I say I am not in a fire - I will never burn.

This twofold process must be 'seen' to be attempt to an end 'visuality' not as a symbol of beauty or nature or witness but as it can be a mirror image, or the invocation of possible certainty. It is an attempt to take away from the small percentages of those doing visual work, the potency of their porduct of forcing certainty on the weakest areas of society's life connections. (See tabloids and their effect on those who are certain)

Reading is an act associated with identity, subject to object to subject. This period of identity is one of the weakest in the life-connections of man. This I why and where I believe visuality creeps into the pastures of perfectly undecided man, who weakly attempts to identify itself. Now if our little life sees a picture of a nice space, neat color or tidy haircut, it (the life) will identify itself with the certainty of the viewing during the particular identifying. It becomes certain, and at that moment creates negative space of overriding the true reality of allness.

I understand that it is madness to try and stop visuality in reading, but I believe that it is possible to try and avoid the dangers through two steps:

1) All representations of man as man should be quelled.

This mostly includes video, photography and any possible ultra-realistic painting, print-making. We don't know what we are, and therefore we should never be made certain that we are what we are merely capable of reproducing through technological mirror-making techniques.

2) If representation of man is to continue, it must be subdued by means of creating an idea of "every-representation," such that it is actual that "every-representation" exists and exists for life to identify itself as.

This will allow man to quickly and perhaps finally come to the idea that he is NOT who he is, as uncertainty is primary, and therefore can be all.

In the end we should save the allness, by understanding the reality of the incommunicable state. And remember to never shave using a mirror!!

Space is merely the form of outer intuition; it is not a real object which can be outwardly intuited; it is not a correlate of the appearances, but the form of the appearances themselves. And since space is thus no object but only the form of possible objects, it cannot be regarded as something absolute in itself that determines the existence of things.
FromKant, Critique of Pure Reason, On the Antimonies
Thom has posted some remarkable material on circumcision (read: male genital mutilation!) and the nature of medical cultdom, iatrogenic style. Those fuckers have no right! I'm familiar with the view that male genital mutilation is unnecessary and a wildly irrational 20th century medical tradition, but I can't remember ever reading an enumeration and advocation of the benefits of foreskin.

This choice bit of historical information was of particular interest:
One thousand years ago, the Jewish sage Maimonides said that the effect of circumcision was "to limit sexual intercourse, and to weaken the organ of generation as far as possible, and thus cause man to be moderate...for there is no doubt that circumcision weakens the power of sexual excitement, and sometimes lessens the natural enjoyment; the organ necessarily becomes weak when ... deprived of its covering from the beginning. Our sages say distinctly: it is hard for a woman, with whom an uncircumcised [man] had sexual intercourse, to separate from him."

Goodness! I'm not mutilated, so I'm unable to remark personally on the above, but the quote is heady stuff regardless. Considering the cultural history of circumcision as a Jewish rite, I'm curious about how male genital mutilation institutionalized itself in American culture. I'm not an inflammatory character, and am careful with what I say, but could this have something to do with the Islamist view that America is "controlled by Jews"? I agree that it is a bit much to say that, but the question of whether male genital mutilation strengthens the international bond between the men of the United States and Israel through this chin-strokingly odd practice remains.

Culturally and religiously, my stance on the matter is of the tolerant to each his own variety. But for the sake of man don't force it on people! That was the creepiest thing about the "white paper", that the practice was being forced on children and parents alike. That's just gross.

Thom, a thought just occurred to me and I hoped you could clarify it. I've been thinking about our recent conversations and your long-held views on art, specifically music and the visual arts, namely that they subdue the soul, hindering its growth and development, and confuse the sensibilities. These ideas recur often when you speak.... yet your views, pertaining specifically to the visual arts (photography, film, etc) find different form on this blog, where your expressions are more graphic and pictorial than they are textual.

In this arena you applaud the use of the "symbol" and its splendid array of significances. As you put it below: "images are symbols, much like words, representing meaning in the minds of growing man." But I wonder how we might reconcile that view with the view that the visual arts degrade the soul and sensibility. No representations! remember? I'm not giving you shit, this is a working-through that could potentially yield profound insight.

And meanwhile....:
Ages ago I forwarded to you and Nick, in a spirit of neutrality and curiosity, an interesting (I thought) history of women shaving their legs. This, too, is an odd cultural "tradition" that goes only as far back as the early 20th century, institutionalizing itself in advertisements in Harper's magazine and the impact they and the new fashions had on the grooming habits of our nation's women. At the time, you flat out dismissed the mere bringing up of this subject, writing to me, "I likes it shaved," and suggesting I had ulterior discursive motives behind raising the topic. Now, in light of the issue of circumcision, I wonder if you would yield to a more thoughtful engagement of these enfant traditions and the manner in which they have insinuated themselves into the very fabric of our culture.

I believe that this latter subject connects with circumcision on the level of odd cultural "tradition", as well as with the impact -- positive or negative -- of the visual arts, especially in regards to fashion and advertising, upon the soul and practices of man. In today's conception and apprehension, I posit the question: what image seen today by our eyes is not in some vital capacity a commercial image?
Saturday, September 13, 2003
A couple of notes for myself...


Beef Tartare


...any society where the powers of Church and State are separate, the State is without either right or wisdom in enforcing sumptuary laws against crimes which have no complaining victims. When the police are asked to be armed clergymen enforcing ecclesiastical codes of morality, all the proscribed sins of the flesh, of lust and luxury, become�since we are legislating against human nature�exceedingly profitable ventures for criminal organizations which can pay both the police and the politicians to stay out of trouble. Those who cannot pay constitute about one-third of the population of our overcrowded and hopelessly mismanaged prisons, and the business of their trial by due process delays and over taxes the courts beyond all reason. These are nomogenic crimes, caused by bad laws, just as iatrogenic diseases are caused by bad doctoring.
From Alan Watts; In My Own Way


An Epidemic of Circumcision

Iatrogenic Illness: The Downside of Modern Medicine
A White Paper by Gary Null, PhD & Debora Rasio, MD
Copyright, 2000
..."It is the purpose of this review to question the status quo."

Friday, September 12, 2003

Thursday, September 11, 2003
.....Further Still

But this is not enough, my friends,--we must endeavour to have our minds still. And here is a much greater work, which it is beyond the power of man to effect of himself.
...From a Sermon by Elias Hicks; December 12th, 1826.

Check this....The Tibetan Book of the Dead a digital library project at UVA

Death, Afterlife and Eschatology

�neat quotes�

"Consistency is contrary to nature, contrary to life. The only completely consistent people are dead."
--Aldous Huxley

"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves."
--Carl Jung

"Inner freedom is not guided by our efforts; it comes from seeing what is true."�


Recipe for
Thai Peanut Sauce with Rice Noodles

Perhaps we should all ravish in the form of swans!!!?!

I've been around for as long as you think I have!!

(ps scott -- images are symbols, much like words, representing meaning in the minds of growing man)

...This is symbol represents peacefulness, native american man, pensivity and integrity.

From American Indian Portraits by Elbridge Ayer Burbank (1897-1910)

Got it?

Then now you tell me what this symbol represents?
Ooh, Oo, OOOh, I just registered my dream URL, libertybong.com, the site where I will post pictures of Americans proudly smoking their bongs... (there just ain't enough of them on the internet!!)

ahem...(clic pic)

To tell you the truth, I have had it with this blog, but that doesn't mean I will stop....a man's lack of encountered inspiration does nary a road block make. To get religous, is to turn around and say, hey -- sum shat shull bilda, will nev tep kong creoh crahn tule

Still, I really want libertybong.com, especially since poor Chong received 9 months today just for selling glass pipes!!!

The fight is here, and it is over and about BONGS!!!





It all goes back to my post way-back-when about the "search state." And I believe that everything is interconnected. No need to explain it - it is.

Futhermore, Scott, I have plenty to discuss about the meaning of my cul-de-sacs. (I won't even bother mentioning how silly it is that we are judging one another here, or how silly it is that we have to actually SAY what we believe in order to get it across. So strict is we.)

But, here goes.

The commonly held belief is that the human mind is the thing, the solid one, the sense maker, etc., even if it is not, then it is the question asker and then the deducer... so again it can be the solid one. the distinction grasper. Let all people be, distinction graspers.
It is seen that as one person communicates to another they are exporting a 'thing' to another person as a 'thing.' The more abstract the idea wished to be conveyed is, the more chance that NOISE will enter the system, and disable this export/import process. In this case, Scott see's my posting style as a noise in the way of my conveying a suficient point. So human is he!

This is nice way of looking at human development. People talk, look, love, ask, give, take, make, methodize, learn, then, that, this, forget. They do all these things as distinction makers.
But as we do these things, us people, us distinction makers, always still sit on the edge of a confusion. What is it? Are we certain? of Science, religion, playtime, mating?

I propose that we reverse the idea of noise in the communication process such that what is, not only is - but can be again and again.

Seen here.

Instead of viewing the human mind as the logic maker, let the outside world be the logic and let the mind be the chaos.
For this is how it is, is it not? (See: geothermal energy) The world makes tons of sense without human assistance. Gravity? Wow -- tough idea to crack!!

Taken to the level of communication: here:

Instead of expecting the import of sense as a solid entity, expect to import the noise of the situation. Out of this noise extract necessary meaning, but take it not as the only meaning as in the noise is all meaning at all times.

Instead of noise interfering with communication, take noise to be the communication itself. In this way the mind can open up to hundreds of new ways to see the interrelations that actually are in the world.

Simultaneous Causation!!!

Life is a tube propelled by "naming." In the begining there was the word, right? We need a way for man to be able to use this word to decribe the world outside of himself - without even taking into account his self. Nothing is outside the self or inside the self -- we need to think less of outside/inside and more of simultaneousness. Yesterday is happening now inside your life tube. Humans have such diverse ways to describe yesterday, as yesterday, as yesterday to each and everyone seperate. But whose yesterday was also someone elses?

Everyone's.. but is there a way to describe this?


There is no way to decribe yesterday as happening now -- this is a problem.
It might be due to the asshole syndrome in some folks and the fear in others.

Thankfully electronically, (See Alexander Graham Bell but think of the magnetics in the Ocean's Tides) (See shrimp as tide dwellers) We can sort of get inside this tube.

I am merely (see Mereology) trying to be one part of the whole, as way to make the whole stand in opposition to the sum of its parts 1+1+1 is not equal to 3 because 3=1 -- I beseach(sp) you all to get inside the tube, you are.

There is no geometry inside the life tube. As the 90 degrees of a square angle can quickly turn to cat's paw, round and in your nose. Your senses are a part of the yesterday syndrome. You are not born. You are not your horrible property and class. Knowledge is experiential, From light to not light... and after deity / creation / existence comes the 4rth.

I am not sure what the 4rth is. But I got a lot of versions of it...

gimme a break. i'll take my umpahpah's and hoorah's over your prittle-prattle of pictorial cul-de-sacs any day of the week, for teh reason that i bother articulating whatever it is i invoke in my post. you content yourself with lazy musings and illustrations, without bothering to enact a discussion.
Case in point:

Scott: discourse:: entertainment and the american dream::: 20th century man encountering one another:::: new spaces of intersubjectivity arriving in man's life through his need for viewing the body as entertaining:::: GO!

GO??? you haven't said shit! it's like you throw a turd of yours in my lap and say, "now! what do you make of it?" forgive me if my response is bemused, and if i refrain from riffing on your scattered thoughts, insufficient as they are.....

then we gots Holy Trinity, for a short spell, followed in due course by Chuck Parsing, Fathead Minnows, shrimpy nonsense and geothermal energy. it's all just crap, pardon.

GO. Complete comedy, that you should expect any one of us to divine the supposed interconnections of your piecemeal, selfish meditations. i couldn't speak for Josh or Nick, I leave it to them to venture a sally of their own on the assorted topics you proffer, proffering as you do with no evident inclination to articulate substantially whatever it is you want to discuss.

it's a lazy way to enact discourse, and my impression is that we don't blog in response to your posts because none of us are up to the thankless task.

what a bore.
Engender discourse!?!?!?!?!

...Scott, I think there is a lot to discuss in my posts. That is, if discussion was your bag - of course. However, you merely popping little umpahpahs and hoorahs for the blog as a concept, and us in it, as contributors is hardly a discourse, which, mind you, should stay about as far away from engenderment as possible, if of course the discourse is to remain clean.
Now let's get onto the subject of what is in our man's pockets. His pocketses, he's hiding objects of gellum and flagfulls.

He's got entertainment up in there!!

Scott: discourse:: entertainment and the american dream::: 20th century man encountering one another:::: new spaces of intersubjectivity arriving in man's life through his need for viewing the body as entertaining:::: GO!

You know how people talk about the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost? Well I know you've heard me say this before - but what if really that is just a poor translation of something meaning - deity / action / existence - because if so, then I think they've got something there. I am sure that all those papa bishop cats know about this, but they never correct anyone when they say "Father and Son Etc." because they like to think of themselves as part of the equation, when really they couldn't adjust to not being - no more then the common sort.

Does anyone want, or need an introduction to Chunk Parsing?? ...Don't forget 3.1 Unchunking.

Now that you've "unchunked" get into the new swing of the new thing by understanding your brothers the
Fathead Minnows

They swim together!!! They are used to feed other fish... they cost 60$ for 1000!!!


Gerald the Rhinocerous Shrimp says
...check that site out... if you don't you'll die!!

This shrimp is often confused with Lysmata wurdemanni, also called a peppermint shrimp.

....Petunia the Peppermint Shrimp says

I got your discourse right here, right here under my 3" anntenae!!! Check it... can't you see!!!

OK. Last step. 1 Minute to find information about those homes in Iceland which are heated with Natural Hot Springs... ready set go...

BAM 13 seconds...How geothermal energy works

BAM 24 seconds.... Geothermal Energy 2

What if this energy is under us right now...
it probably is, ey!!


Wednesday, September 10, 2003
right on, i'll see some live, music, sounds good,,

i recall that when the blog was started by josh it was like "to eradicate email." and that wuz like, the email goes on teh blog, as correspondence and dialogue, and as meeting up times etc. which is curious,

and thomas has got movement, he's whipped himself into a blogging frenzy over teh past month, building his momentum solo style,
but now he's pooped out and bemoans teh lack of vitals on the blog.

josh, meanwhile, is at his best, with act-i-vi-ties.

i loves this blog.
This looks somewhat interesting. Perhaps we could convene on monday for a viewing?
Away of aways, but always to stay (my nerves, what). Swamped at worktimeplace, but such is an excuse. And I don't pretend.

Perhaps we should gather to reminisce the blog halcyon days. I suggest this Saturday evening:

John Butcher/Rhodri Davies
Tim Barnes/Sean Meehan
9/13, Quakebasket, 113 Spring St., 4th floor, $10, 9 PM

I haven't had the pleasure of live music in some time, and this could serve as a welcome return.

(Thom, your posts don't go unnoticed - or unappreciated for that matter. Keep up the Future of Writing, guy. )
Tuesday, September 09, 2003
hey, hey there, i'm sorry....

but the whole point of this blog was to discourse and discuss with one another, was it not? i'm of a mind that your psychobabble, pollock-esque montages of nonsense don't engender discourse and exchange, although they;re occasionally pretty. teen bibles, yes. man with moustache, alphabet, images and quotes, with the requisite "elasped time", check. but a true shake and bake of ideas of which we can all partake? non.

which is cool, we have styles, but moaning and bemoaning is unbecoming of blog discourse. it stifles it. such is the legacy of a human movement, it seems. once there was movement, but then the levee broke, and ideas were confused with scattered thoughts and graphic montage. i always thought there was a dearth of actual writing on this damned thing.

but i loves it nonetheless, i confess. and i check it regularly, for what it's worth. i envisage a reinvigoration of the blog come basketball season, since it appears the only likely place where nick thom and i can vent our thoughts and passions with aplomb. that might sound distasteful to josh, but i hear he has a beautiful relationship, so he is good.

but there's not enough back and forth for any momentum to be built...
consider the dynamic, for chrissakes! momentum for movement. it's a necessary dynamic that's ill-served by all these epistemological cul-de-sacs you throw up on these cyberpages.

hey, here's a thought: maybe we should discuss the nature of the blog again.

i'm sure we all have some thoughts and that might prove a propitious topic for engagement. you know, discussing the medium and its nature.

that's what i thought the coolest thing about this was......
Never say die
Friday, September 05, 2003
Now that we are in the sea, the water in the water. Let us, Lettuce, look at the man. The oxygen taker, life maker.

Yes you, sir. It is you to be proud and about it, we are. Title this one shades of shades. The possesive possesed. MetaLogic and the Unsayable. The this about them...

and so it begins...

I found this in a book First Published in 1949 in Yonkers(Y Can't I), New York by a man named Savage, D.S.."...belief that "ultimate reality" can be experienced directly by the individual if he abnegates the self and dedicates his whole psycho-physical being to contemplation of "timeless good." The key word is "non-attachement," used to signify not arid and aloof detachment from one's neighbor's and one's environment, but freedom from the perpetual craving for self-gratification and self-assertion."

Like our little clown fish person, seen below, who is comfortable in his dayness without protection of assertion as clothing. Do you think little clown fish man can recognize the differences in other clown fishes markings, sizes and pattern? Can humans?

Who will sit down here?

and so...as this assertion relates to the comfort of man as water in water, the oxygen taker, life maker, it goes...again from the book from Yonkers,

"The problems which confront man in our society are the results of human actions. Men live in accordance with their philosophy of life and their conception of the world. "It is impossible to live without a metaphysic. Science, which is the method pursued in reducing apparent diversity to actual identity, has reduced the diversity of of the material world to an ultimate identity, since it is shown to be composed of a diveristy of patterns of a unitary substance; moreover, so-called seperate, individual existents are dependent upon one another for their very being."

So much for the material world: What of the Mind?

The book..."To begin with, all science is based upon an act of faith -- faith in the validity of man's logical processes, faith in the ultimate explicability of the world, faith that the laws of thought are the laws of things..."

It seems to me, that this faith in the logic of thought as capable of successful narration of world events is as naive as an Evangelist's faith that the scriptures are the word of god.

Who is this man, that isn't a scientist, and still not yet a clown fish? as his uniform assertion is still intact, he is under the scientist's oppresion as the faithman...the scientist unfairly negates the faith of the ringmaster, as a faith in nothing, all the while positing more faith then ever man, life maker, has ever witnessed. Unfair, unjusticed scientist leaves the ringmaster jobless. Where are the ringmaster's facts, numbers,... so and so....
Mr. Faith Total is Mr. Science.

Beep-beep but "look at where faith has made the takers and makers"

Yes, truck you are quite a horse.

and don't forget design -- the science of what is seen, the faith in the beauty of the visible... thank you design, you are as helpful as the empty chair.
....oh, I suppose the next step is not technology, but rather the moral - the moral action. SHIT!!!

that we'll be something else.

.This took me thirteen minutes.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Title this this one psychedelic imagery in the imagination century.

Water in water, water upon water,

"Yesterday we lost our lives, tomorrow we were born," I really like that line from "The Argus" it seems to put a person in quite a delicious quagmire of logic... "of watching and listening"

Here is John Constable's Cloud Study 1822

So did they find water on mars, cuz mars looks like a tie-die?

If they did, well then you can bet for certain that there is life on Mars. In the tie-die. I still don't understand why life is viewed as human, er human centric if being humans on Earth we still have yet to learn to be non-Human. Surely if we were non-human we could communicate with non-human entities, similar to those universal agencies such as those that cannot be broken down further. The elements if you will. Those uncomminucable substances.

"Hello, Hello" The voice is thing, it was at least. But so much is communicated in silence.
Mr. Moon make the water grow. Attract and Repel is only a silent force.

So much is within silence, like water in water, the faculty hardley yet known or even forgotten.
What is in this man...this is not within his appendages,
(Something added or attached to an entity of greater importance or size; an adjunct.)

Uniforms seems to get in the way. But what of the cultural force of expecatation anyway?
Who is this... man...that is not us...
I wonder if it is possible to get past the clothing exclaims of the protecting from dayness to be towards the parts in the parts, as water in water. We could be day.

Is this man, not human? Little Clown Fish man, teach me to swim! Little clown fish person. So unafraid to be.
The face of an other. The face of a brother.

It is all contained there, the water in water, the history of history, the face of animal.
This band of merry man goes by the name "ancient killing"
and it all comes back full circle!! Indeed....
Wednesday, September 03, 2003
Crack the whip, find the toy in the box... Nice to see so much activity over the Labor Day weekend. Ahhh, Fall. Summer is tre gone, and now all the jackets, leaves and early sun settings await us like fruit on the bottom of yogurt. Young Sco passed a nugget my way regarding the ill-fated return of Doc Krapes. If it is true that the city has seen the last of monsieur moustache, then I believe this is not rain we are experiencing but tears. Gotham sized tears... And also what will poor Jacob Feinstein do at his Booger Gallery without his monsieur moustache to boss around? I am sitting in the computer lab of Pratt Manhattan. Surrounded by...(wait let me count)...16 G4 desktops, each equipped with a bevvy of software; from Design to Modelling to Multimedia to Adobe Suites. Not to mention the G3 and PC's over on the corners of this room. I think I have signed up to be a computer lab monitor... which I guess means... sit here and look at how much these computers don't get used...nonetheless, there is no shortage of OS X here!!!... I should probably be learning more about the MX's, Illustrators and QuarksXpress's.... but a person can say that forever....

A real bonanza life is, and so much activity on the blog. So much activity in Los Estados Unidos en el decado Oh-Oh. I spent the weekend at my new family home(?), on the coast of New Hampshire. Family --- no wonder people don't talk about them very much. Did you know that 1.2 Million people joined the ranks of the poor in America in 2002? That is quite amazing... I don't see that statistic falling anytime soon. But blahdiddy-Blah-Dah-Blah-Blah. What do these new poor look like? Where do they live? ...they could all get computer access here, I will let them in... I mean there are...(hold on let me count)...42 computers in this room.

What to do? Start a war? Go to chruch? Get Married? Murder some co-workers? Save up for a vacation? Get a drink? Buy Clothes? Accept others? Watch TV? Learn about history? Get a job? Go to college? Write on a blog? Subscribe to a magazine? Go to the doctor? Worry about the environment? Take out your air conditioners?
We will have to see...

Hope to see you all soon. Cuz' thee got the blasters.
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