A Human Movement
Monday, June 30, 2003
On technologically moral grounds I couldn't sit by (even 2000-some miles away) and let a human movement be solely represented by hoops and the balls thrown and doing the throwing through. Thomas was right in his estimation of my spent Saturday. I most likely had my feet in the PAcific Ocean pondering the sameness of everything while the differences were screaming so beligerantly (and in stereo no less) when he typed or thought that.

At the moment I am listening to the psych sounds of Fairport Convention:

though SAV has us on steady diet of ELO, Elton John, Jimmy Buffett, REO Speedwagon and the new (Smog).

Here is the shooting jacket, but it won't be around long, the Nuggs will have all new look Uni's for the 2003 season in Blue and Gold!!

Corporate Tuna and Free Agency

Me oh my. So I just had, or am having my Monday lunch. It went well; a trip to the NBA store and a fantastic Tuna Sandwich. At the NBA store I got my hands on the Nuggets Shooting Jacket, the one that I dearly want, er, wanted. It is quite a shiny affair, the material is thick - nearing luxurious - kind of like 21st Century leisure suit material - and it is a handsome Navy Blue with Orange sleeve stripes and gold trim. It politely says Nuggets on the back and has the Denver mountain and ball logo on the front left breast. I would seriously want it, but the material is so damn shiny and thick. and seriously on another note? Why do NBA shorts have to cost a man 100$ that is crazy... How much will they be charging for these shorts in 10 years?? 340$??

Anyway, then I went the CBS Building. Using my MTR card, I can get into the CBS Cafeteria on the 20th floor of the CBS buidling at 52 and 6th. It is a great place to get lunch, because the prices are really cheap. Since there is no rent and the food is subsidized by CBS for their employess only, a man can get a full-sized hero sandwhich, plate of tasty luncheon Lays chips, two pickles and a can of soda for under 5 bucks. And furthermore, CBS makes the most fantastic tuna I have ever tasted. I don't know how they make so dang tangy, but I like it. I think they add black pepper. mmm. Then I sat in the cafeteria over looking the other tall midtown buildings and looking down at the ants 20 floors below. There sure is a lot of glass in midtown, if you think about all those damn windows.

OK, OK, now to the Krapels-adorned-new-Blog-theme, the eNe-Be-Ah

So, the finals are over, the draft has occurred, what is next for us... It's simple. Free Agency. We've got a lot to look forward to as some exciting new teams have plenty of cap space and others just enough to add the likes of a Walt Williams, Keon Clark, or Darrell Armstrong. Here comes a list of those who are most likely to be switching ships...in my view of course.

Point Guard
I don't care about Jason Kidd, whereever he goes, loses. The only team who can win with J. Kidd is the Nets. If Jason Kidd goes to the Spurs, I will be rooting against San Antonio with all my rage and heart. Gary Payton, oh man, why can't San Antonio get this guy? What a gem, a hard playing good looking assistant. What if he take the J. Kidd route and just tries to win and ends up with the Shaq/Kobe?? Well I wouldn't be complaining. Gibert Arenas, Free Agent Extraordinaire awhile back, the thought of an Arenasless Warriors would bring tears to my eyes. Now the merest thought of Gilbert and Melo' getting it done makes me jump out of my skin with delight. Anyone here hear "8th seeded Nuggets take down champs San Antonio in the first round of next years playoffs."?? I Can. Andre Miller is also a Free Agent but who cares. That guy is a slob. He might be Stockton's replacement in Utah.
Shooting Guards
There is not much here, a lot of guys who will be staying put where they are. Rip Hamilton, Jerry Stackhouse, Reggie Miller and Stephen Jackson all staying put. Corey 'say-it ain't-so-Snr. Antonio' Maggette is also a Free Agent and as much as I would like to see him anywhere besides the Clippers it seems he to, is staying put.
Small Forwards
Lamar Odom. is this guy healthy? he does like the drugs... I wonder who will take the risk on him. Apparently he'll be a cheap sign. Juwan Howard. This guys made all that money right, from way back when. He strikes me as a bit conservative, but he does play pretty good, solid bball. Jame Posey is a free agent. Can anyone really say they don't love the Posatica? I hope he stays and gets a head full of Van Gundy this season, you know the Gunds is going to like his defense. Scottie Pippen is a free agent, this guy should be the first coach/player, meaning that upon his will he can decide if he is suit and tie on the bench or uniform ready to go reserve on the bench, maybe he can where a uniform under his suit and rip off the suit if need be. Calbert Cheaney is a free agent and I like this guys stuff, if I was a GM I would be on the phone with Calbert's mom or something. Kenny Thomas is a free agent but Philly seems to like having him around, remember those 20+ rebound games late in the season? What was that all about??
Power Forwards
Elton Brand is a free agent, can someone please tell me why the Spurs would sign Kidd if they could sign Brand? Especially after losing David "don't smoke kids" Robinson's front court prensence?? Apparently the Clips can match all offers, but if I am the Spurs I am putting a lot of money Brand's way. I like his intensity. Jermaine "Killer 'til the end" O'Neal is a free agent and again.. why would the Spurs, 20-year-old Tony Parker equipped and all, want to pay for Jouwana Kidd's makeup when they could be paying for Jermaine O'Neal's moms summer home?? Jermaine O'Neal is the fabric of life, any team with J. O'Neal can rightly claim that they have a player made of such a substance to which all evil is abhorrent. He simply is the fabric of life. I bet the Pacers keep this substance. P.J. Brown is a free agent, and ooh don't the Knicks crave all 6'11" power forward of P.J. Brown, damn can you imagine if the Knicks could be starting Hilario and Sweetney this season, well they are not, and P.J. Brown will probably stay in Voodooville. Karl Malone might definitely be leaving Mormon country, and you know we would all like to see him all the Mavs. Karl Malone says "I want to win a championship." Keon Clark apparently has a player option, and he will probably stay in Sacremento... with Chris Webber vagging out at every opportunity ol' KC has a good change to get big minutes. Derrick 'Cap Clearing' Coleman is on the move and Robert "please leave the NBA" Horry might also be on the move. If the Lakers ditch Whore-ee, and pick up the Glove, I will dance in yellow and purple circles.
Brad Miller is the man, we should know this by now, he is one angry-playing-white boy. I have a hunch that if the Spurs do sign kid, they with settle on B. Miller as the front court replacement for the Admiral, thus, making the Spurs un-fucking-believabley deep. Vlade Divac is a free agent and wouldn't it be great to see some Bosnian-Jungle-Terrorsquad-Bookies take this guy out, snuff him whilst he's receiving table dances from a lady named Petronka at a stripclub in Tuzla? This guy is pure slime. Alonzo Mourning. Who is going to get this guy? Seriously, does this guy know how much he is bringing us all down with that kidney trip?? Give it up 'Zo, you are a tool. Olowakandi is a major free agent on the center scene, and I sincerely hope that my man Kiki Vandeweghe doesn't use his cap space to sign this blimey-Nigerian. His 10 pts, 10 rbnds, and 4 blks are great but he is never going to be as good as some of the other western conf. big men. the Kandi man just doesn't have the instincts and his knees are week. I really hope the Nuggets don't sign WaKandi. Radoslav Nesterovic is probably the HOTTEST pick up via free agency a team could make. I guarantee that some team offers Nesterovis the $$$ and he makes an impact elsewhere, and apparent from that shadowman KG. Theo Ratliff is a free agent and a damn good shot blocker, I'd like to see him anywhere besides Altanta.. why doesn't the Heat get Ratliff to be there new Alonzo?

Ok, I have go to go, that is all I know. Happy Monday.
Sunday, June 29, 2003
Thomas, i have been into 'Melo since that time we ducked out of that protest to get some all-you-can-eat yummies. If I remember correctly, that day Syracuse beat Boston College in a non-descript Big East Conference basketball game while America beat up its other hopefuls outside in the cold and we ate more food than i can remember. He has some major game that Carmelo. He is one of the few hopes I have left for truth in life. And who knows? With Arenas at the point and Neni and KandiMan down low, he may show it to us sooner than we expect.

However, one should not discount Micheal Sweetney due to his size. You wouldn't knock Elton Brand because he is a 6-8 PF would you? Sweetney posted TWO 30-10 games against the 'Cuse last year and remember that team packed the lane with some strong, lanky motherfuckers, 'Melo by all means not the least of 'em.

Mark my words, Lampe in 2 years will be awesome. An Arenas (the 30th pick two years ago) for the 2003 draft.

Since Josh is off, I hereby proclaim this blog devoted to the only true HUMAN MOVEMENT that really counts: NBA BASKETBALL. Cassell and KG!? What's next?

On somnambulism, I really think you ought to have yourself documented in these states. And I think you should accept these episodes as normal as long as they are happening and encourage Ann to do so (cause someone's got to hold the camera). Rent "Altered States" with William Hurt and you will see a similarly frustrated intelligent twenty-something male explore fully the states of his altered conscious. I think the potential revelations you will have by documenting/analyzing/observing yourself on these videos (and whatever other kinds of documentary means- scribbling, photos, attempts at creating music in this state, etc.) will be invaluable to you. You may find what you have always been looking for, whatever that means to you. But really, these states are something to embrace and explore not deny or fear.

Saturday, June 28, 2003
A lone Saturday, with Nick at work doing whatever he does, Scott plogging away somewhere by himself, and Josh gazing at the California sun alongside SAV. For the record, it is a beautiful day here in New York.

Hey, so new developments: Ann says that I have been sleepwalking. Last night was not the first time she said it, so it is not a rare occurance. I told her to try and wake me up at any cost, and last night she said she tried very hard to wake me, but that it was impossible since I said I was awake. I have zero recollection of any of the experiences. Ann said she could tell I was not really awake, because I was talking to her as though I did not know her, and I had no memory of the day, she said I was just very frustrated at everything. She says that last night I went to the shower and turned it on and off repeatedly, and when asked why I claimed it was the "Water Cleansing System." I sort of wish Ann would talk to me more when I am in this state, but it seems that she is more scared of it, then interested.

\Som*nam"bu*lism\, n. [Cf. F. somnambulisme. See Somnambulation.] A condition of the nervous system in which an individual during sleep performs actions approppriate to the waking state; a state of sleep in which some of the senses and voluntary powers are partially awake; noctambulism.

I have done some reading and it seems that this sleepwaking (somnambulism) is probably just related to simple alcohol abuse. It seems that alcohol can charge some electric activity in the temporal lobe of one's brain, casuing innapropriate activity to occur when a person is approaching deep sleep, (the deepest stage before non-REM sleep) and make the person be in a state of both 'awake' and 'asleep.' Alcohol allows the dysfunctional transition into deep sleep to occur more readily, leading to somnambulism.
They say that people who this happens to, should stop their drinking abuse, or meditate before sleep to cool down the effect of the alcohol on the brain. Somnambulism cannot occur during REM sleep because during REM sleep the body is actually paralyzed and cannot move. I did not know this, it seems that our bodies have evolved in such a way that we know to shut our motor-nerves entirely down before entering REM-dream sleep for fear that if we could move during REM sleep we might try to act out our dreams. This seems like another case of bad evolution. anyway...

I don't know what all this sleepwalking really means, perhaps that I need something else instead of drinks to relieve my stress with. One thing is for sure, I have been creeping ann out at night, by appearing possesed and being 'not' me while being me. I wonder if it happens when she is not here? I would have no idea? I wonder how hard she is trying to wake me. Perhaps I just need a good kick in the ass? I think I want ann to video tape it the next time it might occur.

anyway not trying to raise eyebrows or get in the way, just keeping the blog.
Friday, June 27, 2003
The new look of the Valley?? Here's to hoping so!! There is something else besidses good looks and chubby cheeks that 'Melo and I be sharing...Birthdate: May 29, 1984!! It's Psychic Baby!!!

Well, we knew the time would come, the day when the picture gets painted, er, re-painted and all those faces and names that we could care less about before, get spread out into the NeBulA and suddenly become really interesting. Whether it be a T.J. Ford, or a Michael Pietrus, these names start to have a bit more meaning when they are followed by other words like GOLDEN-STATE-WARRIORS or MILWAUKEE BUCKS. Well in the spirit of the draft I got an e-mail from REK'LOOS KWHAN who is currently in Poznan, Poland enjoying the cooler weather of a swing tour of northern Europe and checking out the so-called European talent. Needless to say he had a few things to say about this years draft.

TL: So Kloos, where have you been
RLK: Shit, bro - I don't know - We've been to a lot of gyms, looking at a lot of cats games, eatin' some food, and walking around chattin' the game, if you know what I am sayin,' the universal game too!
TL: Did you manage to see the NBA Draft yesterday
RLK: Yeah dog, Now why would a cat like me miss a haps like that?
TL: Any suprises?
RLK: King James, blah de-blah, you know they got a lot of kings over here, but you don't see me going and putting sneakers on every last one
TL: Yeah, they really just want to make Lebron into a superstar so that the NBA can start producing $$$ in the notorious poor outpost of Cleveland
RLK: Right, now I'll tell you who I am excited about, that white boy from Kansas, Hinrich, I like that move by the C-Bulls, you know that lil' Jay Williams never had what it took, so he sat down the hard way, I think this white boy Hinrich is going to have the ball handling skills and the outside shots to really open up Chicago's offense, I just hope that with Reinsdorf out of their big Butch Cartwright will get the plan right, and play my home dog Jamal Crawford at shooting guard.
TL: Anyword on Marcus Fizer's knee
RLK: He be alright, next question.
TL: Well, we all knew about how the one, two, three would go, but what else surprised in the first round
RLK: Oooh, That Carmelo Anthony is a handsome man, you know, or should I say child, that Carmelo Anthony is a handsome child, I hope someone in Denver can hand him some weights, I am worried about his jumping ability, but I think he'll be handsome in that Nugget game, Anthony, Nene, Tziki, and possibly Gilbert "gimme five" Arenas, ooh. Denver looks hot.
TL: Sure, Kloos, but what about some of the other picks??
RLK: Man, don't bring me down, I am talking about THA NUGGETS, but okay... I like that Travis Outlaw character, he be out of Mississip, I think a guy named Outlaw will fit in in P-town Blazing, I know Bo Outlaw is fine, fine man so Travis can't be much worse.
TL: Kloos, I am in New York, anything to be said about the Knicks choices?
RLK: Yo, Layden is Knit, ain't a Knick if you know what I am saying... How many undersized power forwards does a team need. I saw some of that cat Sweetney play last year for the 'Town, and I was like, its Othella Harrington take two. Watch the Knick pick this guy up!! and that Lampej kid from Poland, yo I don't know, he might be roped into his Euro contract until 2008!! By that time the Knicks should be, well, right where they are as long as Layden is around, Mormon ass.
TL: Aren't you in Poland now?
RLK: Is that what they call this place, man I am in my own space, over here, dowsing for talent. They got a lot of big white boys here with acne, I ain't feelin' it. I'll tell you where I liked, some place called Minsk, they had nice looking ladies there. But I altogther ain't feelin' this European thing, gimme a Vincent Yarbrough from Tennesee anyday over some of these cats they got over here. They got seven footers playing the point, taking 3-pointers, it's all upside down, over here. Darko, it sure is going to be something else watch Senior Darko making a run at the ever weaking Nets next year in the East
TL: Darko indeed. So, next year's KillSquad, any ideas...
RLK: I am really nervous, about bringing back the cats I like, you know, I think we had a magical team there, in the stretch, and it ain't never gonna get better then that. But we'll try. I have been reading a lot about motivation and technique and I got a lot to say to whomever joins the Idols next year.
TL: Interesting
RLK: Dwayne Wade is going to help about Miami, I am sure of it. I like the Heat, you watch out for them - once they ditch that gold digger Alonzo Morning, they are going to just bet better and better. C-Butler, Captain Edizmo, and lil' Dwayne W-iz-ade, I like that team, and I think Vladimir Step-on-ya can make it as a decent center in the east over time.
TL: How about the Hawks?
RLK: They are going to suck
TL: Coach Kwhan...
RLKL Listen up, bro, I gotta run - Tonight we are going to see a pick up game down on Golebia Street next to Poznan's parish church, one of the most splendid examples of baroque churches in Poland. So, check it.
TL: alright, it's been a pleasure.

Thursday, June 26, 2003
There is something to be said about this "Power Tower," I will have to come back and edit this blog once I formulate it into thought...

Of course it might have something to do with the similarities to these images...the whole Power Tower thing with bodies flailing... only, there is a difference isn't there. One is filled with fun vacationers and the other well, not so much of a vacation....

i'll begin by extending some praise thom's way for his unrelenting illustration of 'the search state of mind' with his variously captioned fotolinks. he's listed a wealth of incidental information, all interconnected in the capacity of a Human Movement. thom has provided the blog some momentum toward a purpose.

as i was browsing the h.p. blavatsky info, i was struck by the closing sentence, "Not until the Counterculture movement of the mid-sixties would any comparable revolution of consciousness [such as the theosphical renaissance of the occult] occur."

thom and i shared a conversation recently, in which we spoke of the culture and the cultural, thom wanting nothing to do with the countercultural, which he saw as a denial of the essential culture ("look, i'm a culture too!"). it is a good thought of his, in that it can be followed into thinking.

i think counterculture is acknowledgable as such only if it comprises enough of the public sphere to inspire recognition through cultural formidability. this formidability is one of cultural consequence, the legacy of the counterculture. in this sense, counterculture presents an inherent challenge by asserting its integrity with the all culture ("see, i'm the culture also!").

when this happens, an eruption of cultural reconciliation results. emotions and conceptions are dredged up into a potent state of sensitivity and excitement, and receptors go off in the brains of the many cos the vibes and the ether are in such a state. the truly countercultural is educational and always. it's participants, conscious or unconscious, are engaged in the search and in the fucking-oneself-up of the search, jiving to the movement of the figuring out and the passing through. this mingling of the conscious/unconscious is psychologically actualized in the state of hypnagogia.

i think thom is absolutely right about the search/psychedelic parallel oneness. the psychedelic state of being is one of mental excitement and openness. the crest of this psychedelic state, the swell of its waves, are the movements toward gleeful transference as described by thom. the psychedelic state is individual, but effects itself through the amoeba of culture, for the search is often necessarily cultural -- as thom's examples can attest, involving as they do cultural totem poles like stokely charmichael, carl jung, diderot, the bear and frequent New York Review contributor jared diamond.

i think thom was expressing disdain for superficially "alternative" cultures, like trucker hats and garage rock, hippie folk and queer tribalism. individually, each of these is a cultural cul de sac. but effectively on the macro scale, minds gotta move. those shits ain't countercultural.

i might think this blog is more effectively countercultural, at least in its integritive fashion of the essential and the apparent in our discourse and the suggestion of our script.

right on.



Wednesday, June 25, 2003

If this is where to begin or to end, or to be in the middle, then clearly we need a new beginning, a new ending, and a new middle.


Tuesday, June 24, 2003
Microphonic air gap



Here comes the Company Line

"I am the doctor,!"




It Appears as Though, Yes, there were Others, various Others, from all Times, and the Tools would/will Also vary.

Diderot's Encyclopedie
Monday, June 23, 2003

Were there Others before us, or are We alone? / and what Tools Do We Have or Will We Need to Invent??


Somebody > DIG THIS < please

Black Power, Dig Yourself, You are Condemned

Sunday, June 22, 2003
here is a remnant of a 'search' I just went on... H. P. Blavatsky... wow!
The Theosophy of H.P. Blavatsky

scott> Briefly:

I suppose my mission is begining to become more clear. I apologize for throwing string at you last night, > you do not need guidance, > Just some moments of boredom I suppose. > but, Briefly:

I want to find out a lifetime more of what altered states of conciousness are? and how they might be achieved?
I want to develop an idea of a western, capitalist, american form of easy to achieve 'altered state of consciousness'
and I want to use science, religion, history in a helful way to do so.

I believe that the 'search' state of the human looking, striving, achieving, knowing, finding and moving on, (as simple as a visit to google) to be one that falls somewhere under what this fellow, Charles T. Tart calls, "Increased exteroceptive stimulation and/or motor activity and/or emotion" and "Increased alertness or mental involvement."

I think there needs to be easily seen a line of similarity between 'the search state' and the 'psychadelic state' as the line of resultant extra-sensory experience. That in these states the mind can achieve a form of omnipotence, paving a way to perhaps later 'telepathy' and/or 'infinite coherence'

obviously we as american youth are WAY behind many cultures in the world in the way of 'infinite coherence,' and that is why we may so desperate try to think of ourselves as different, unique, individuals, but we are not. I believe that by exploring the 'search' state of ourselves and others as us, there will arrive a place of gleeful transference. That we may travel through bodies, time, and energy as etheric vehicles. As we so knowingly are.

Ideally, we need to know more about 'altered states of consciousness' that may be beneficial to us, and our understanding, rather then viewing them as disorders and/or errors in the pscyhe as our fathers have done before us.

anyway -- it comes from a lot of angles. work, technology, industrialization, cause and effect, all leading up to questions of transcendence and the quest for oneness... fairly obvious shit... but for some reason, it pulls me, and I want to understand. What if we could make a tool that could help people understand themselves better, as acid does, but instead of administering controversial headaches there could be a new conception of 'searching' that fucks the soul up just enough to pass you on to the eternal level... It could be used by students, and their parents as a way to gleeful transference... no more pain, no more errors/?? No more division between math and poetry as understanding becomes rightfully one.

ok. blogging.


Thursday, June 19, 2003
i wish, and i am adrift.... to be sure, to wish, to long for, longing itself, is a projectSHUN, as a directSHUN. it is a going, nowhere,

i think that wishing, in its purest form, is an essential want,

>>many choose to pursue those wants and satisfy the longing.
>>others choose to neglect them, that they might maintain and resonate as simple wishes wants and desires, unattainables in the family of the 'ideal'.

any attempt to bridge the two extremes is a perversion of the wish,
degrading its nature until it is nothing more than base desire.
this, also, is the way of some people.

it's confusing, but i think that projects are good, inevitable,,,,

i am not bashful about promoting the endeavor of a project, as a way of life or short term effort. and often the impetus for such projects has less to do with a wish per se than the conception of an end or goal, which isn't necessarily a wish.

wishes are special things.
in the monotonous space... why are projects so important, that without them, one tends to sail adriftly without much of a direction, and then the word project -- to project -- to be a pro reject!!

and the day is here, how are you all/? what sort of spaces are you making for yourselves>>

have you ever wondered what the difference is between a blogger and just a plain website??? >>> what is the difference, I mean, why can't some fellow just own somefellow.com and just post his ruminations there >> what is a blog?? is it just the freedom --- i.e. this doesn't cost us anything to keep??

so the day space settles with quite a browning effect. what does it mean to "wish" for?? do you think "wishing" (as a project that we are as pro-re-jects) has more to do with planning and foreseeing or ignoring and forgetting???

in a wish, are we getting any closer to the thing wished for? or are we further drifting away from it ---???

i wonder...

back to the day space, it is quite brown.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003
I NY wednesdays>>>???

do we have those yet???
Monday, June 16, 2003
Saturday, June 14, 2003

Nick, don't make it like I am not with you. Music is the privatize public, or publicizing private. It is both.

Also, I totally agree, more music should be downloadable -- I am sitting here now in the lib. wanting to download music -- and I don't know where to go -- I just want some nice intelligent sound, without havin g to scour some gnutella agent, --

I agree. Music to download, music to buy. There should be both. period. no more of this useless public/private nonsense.

ok. fessing up.
Friday, June 13, 2003
well, your conceptions are still too stark for me. And that your latter assertions rely on the dependent then, I have only to discuss the former and topmost statement that you make, which I feel is fundamentally flawed, and this for reasons we have already discussed and you may be able to intimate now.

By nature, the consumption of music occurs in both public and private spheres, the same with its creation.

Therefore, bold statements containing words like always can never be universally applied, particularly in this case. What I would like to focus on is the evolution of this public/private mix over time. From this perspective, I have two fundamental points.

The first is this interesting conundrum you have pointed out where innovations such as the headphone are both a public and private event in that the listener-consumer consumes his product privately while other potential listener-consumers observe him doing so in public. Now this is important because in the history of the consumption of music, say going back to a time before the advent of recording media and players, all consumption of music took place publicly (the "consumption of music" being defined as whenever a citizen not "playing" music perceives the sounds around him and consciously orders them as music, the "consumption of music" also being distinct from the "creation of music"). Now, in this modern media capital as you referred to it, a substantial if not majority of the music consumption going on takes place privately, in headphones, on computers, hi-fi systems, etc. While this public/private phenomenon (the fact that something can be simultaneiously public and private) is hardly fascinating to the 21st century aesthetician, what is fascinating is that the recording industry has not adapted to this trend, though it may well have been festering since the introduction of the Victor Victrola in 1906.

This leads to my second point. While the recording industry has not adapted to this evolution of culture, the movie industry has. The first Hollywood movies were necessarily a public event, their playback being restricted to venues with the technical capabilities to present them. However, as consumer video-playback technology improved over the years, the industry has had to continually adapt their industry practices. The first such challenge came in 1984 with the Betamax controversy as legally resolved in Sony v. Universal which released manufacturers from liability if their product enabled illegal transfer of media content. Despite this Napster parallel, Hollywood adapted and created huge profits on VHS sales. When DVD came along, the same thing happened. New industry, huge profits despite fairly widespread capabilities to rip DVDs and download them. Sure, there is a huge file-size discrepancy between .mp3 files and ripped-video but I don't think this solely explains why so many people "download" music via KaZaa et al and not "download" movies via these same P2P services. The key is adaptation. VHS, a format which in 1976 premiered only six years before the CD, only had the movie itself and a few previews if any. DVDs upped the ante with all their extra doodads and trailers and documentary "making of this or that" aspect of the film. This is added-value content the consumer gets at no extra charge and being that most consumers are completist by nature, the time invested "stealing" a DVD is not worth it when compared to shelling out $15-$20 for it. Now, the CD, introduced in 1982, is not much different product-wise from the LP, which has been the standard musical format since 1960 or so: a disc with music, a cover, maybe a booklet, that's it. Now that (as I would like to assert) the music consumption in our culture is primarily private, these accessories are not as valuable as they once were (whereas before you may pass around the album to your friends, let them borrow it, put it on your wall etc.)... meaning that the prototypical listener-consumer is now focused almost solely on content and how much of it he has. The quality or type of the content is almost (note I say almost) inconsequential so long as it is dispensed at an appropriate cost ratio.

This, finally, brings me to my point of oh so long ago, which was if you remember

so, wouldn't you say something is wrong in the music world today if by chance i happen to hear about or want to hear a band or artist, but cannot easily find an auditory example of their work. Seems preposterous to me in this day and age. Why can't some works be for download and some works be for sale?

I find it hard to believe that the music industry has been so slow to adopt an economic model that assesses these cultural truths, when it is obvious that they have been evolving for so long. Business is about anticipating and preparing for trends (upward and downward) and that someone somewhere has not seen this coming I can't believe that there hasn't been better preparation for it.

1. There should be a way to download at least one song from every artist that wants to sell a disc and it should be free. It is not stealing, it is really no more than the equivalent of a trailer that Hollywood puts out on Apple.com.

2. Music should be cheaper and/or the primary "product" sold by the industry should have a perceived "added-value" that makes it a worthwhile expenditure.

3. More and varied music should be made, and some of it (in accordance with 1.) should be available for free. Moreover, the amount of music produced should be in accord with the listener-consumer's ravenous demand for new content.

In this way, I think music can return to being more primarily a public pursuit. I would contend that this would be a desirable trend for the music industry and music itself as I believe that the evolution of musicality is better served when its consumption plays out primarily in the public spher (especially given the new formulations of "public" possible on the Internet.

Or something like that.

OK, then, let's dichotomize.

Consuming music is always a public event. Creating music is always a private event.

Creating music to be consumed, then,is a Privatizing of Public Knowledge, (this is the space of the band seeking promotion)
Consuming music to create more, then, is a Publicizing of Private Knowledge, (yes this makes sense, as the musician who actively listens is taking in music from the private place and making it public.

I am left not knowing what the question is? anymore...

specific levels. hmm.. ok. The headphone listener is the publicizer of the private, the music on the headphones is created by privatizers of the public. Two people both with headphones on are publicizing the public. Two people without headphones can either be privatizing or publicizing depending on their positions in society towards music
...but dude. all I am trying to think about it is

music as it is created by people who want to publicize their private IS always going to be at least a little bit, private, and therefore not available online...
if some artist's entire ourvre is available all the time, then he won't exist to people, who eagerly want to publicize it, and neither will it be music if it is always all available, as music is by nature of its creation a private process.
refer to top of message.

These are all good points, Blogger Thom. But I would caution that your conception of public and private are too black and white. I think you make good points from a comprehensive perspective. However, I think that it might be more beneficial to evaluate the evolution of the public/private dichotomy on more specific levels. Distinctly, I would like to know how a citizen, let's call him "the modern listener-consumer" (as distinct from those who are creator-businessmen and bearing in mind that these roles can and often do overlap), How does the modern listener-consumer approach music? Is his consumption primarily private or primarily public? What forms do these consumptions take? What is more important to the modern listener-consumer? Public or private consumption? How has this mix evolved since, say, the introduction of the Sony TPS-L2 cassette Walkman in 1979? Can you believe that "Sony made great efforts to overcome the negative public image associated with headphones" then? Click here for a four-page history of the Walkman's introduction.
The Public is Private and the Private is Public That is may main assertion, er, thing to think - it seems, as a rebuttal, nick. We see private music on display (as bands communicate musically at shows with posters and amps) and that alone is what becomes public as an act. Likewise (i think) public music is extremely private - i mean, who amongs us listens to the listening of others? only the wise? only the lonely? Public music has to be privatized, as it becomes what it is, in the brain of the private listener. Public music is the wind where you are not, or the car accident......

...What does it mean to publicize the private? Look around this media capital and you see the race to publicize the most private; parties, movies, action, tits, politics, drug deals, connections, public relations, lawyers, book agents,;

But in focusia de musica: All digested music is originally private and then thereafter publicized.

In this way, "downloading," is a publicization of private creation and all too often an unsuccessful attempt too. The band that makes the music to be "downloadable" is a private enitity striving for publicity. Just like the show with its posters and amps.

What if something originally public was to become downloadable??? (that is impossible I think) You don't see pigeons making mP3's of their humping noises and putting them on the web. Pigeon noises are public to start and don't need publicization --- only a human would come along, privatize the experience by recording the noises and then attempt to re:publicize the sounds by making them downloadable.

Leading me back to my original idea. bands exist to be private. they exist to be that harmonious private/public mix which fuels the human sphere.

If everything was public you would see a lot less bands and a lot more open ended free form 'jamming' on the streets, with everyone perfectly in tune.

I'm game.

Thursday, June 12, 2003
no, not true. the ubiquity of an object or person only betokens its / their power, not a demise. Your conceptions have flipped the true nature of the "band." For a Band is derived from the most tribal traditions from the earliest times, gathering round the campfire to be entertained by the local group of maestros, a traveling bard, a punk band etc. exchanging food/drinks/drugs/money/sex for their performance.

So, the "experience" of the "Band" is necessarily a public experience. And it is through the concept of "bands" that people seek to connect themselves to and communicate with the subculture in question. The citizen at this point can in one way be defined by the bands he likes, the concerts he's been to, who he has "heard of"... all fodder for conversation that enhances his public image (at least in the eyes of the citizen). So, the question is do the public aspects entrenched in these many levels of musical discourse derive their "publicness" exclusively from an artist's performance? Can a citizen enhance his public image (i.e. can he interact socially with people and derive benefit from his knowledge) without having "experienced" the Band? The answer, of course, is yes, which leads me to my central point about the distinction every citizen must make. What is your relationship with music? Is it primarily public or private?

This question of course exists on many levels and there are no right or wrong or preferred answers. But some questions that might lead you to answer this broad question are: Do you find yourself appreciating music less if you are not aware of the historical and/or technical aspects of that music? Do you listen to music primarily on a personal audio system i.e. Walkman, iPod, etc.? How much do you talk about music? Do you play music? How often?

I think everyone's involvement with or relation to music is comprised of different percentages of public and private elements. On the public extreme, you have Tom Petty's "A&R man [who] don't hear a single" while on the private extreme, an elderly raga ascetic contemplating life from the great heights of South Asian mountains while picking at his one-stringed sitar.

I don't know why I've spent so much time delineating this public/private dichotomy, but I just feel that 1) how music exists in our culture is tied to this dichotomy and 2) the dichotomy itself is at a critical stage in today's society, and we can't know the future of bands, music, "the industry" until we sort out where are the public/private boundaries for the 21st century.

But, now let's talk about about not being able to download music, I think it is fine. That's why "bands" exist, they exist because people refuse to listen to things that are not bands..the band is the private experience of what should be the Band...but look at the world.... it is oft sectioned off inside our minds, bodies, knowledge and growth patterns.... as the holding cell points to... there will come a day when all bands go away........ the Band will come after the bands leave .... but until then the band is only available to the few..it exists along those lines of private and limited ownership...and that is the way people seem to like it.... they don't want the Band all the time... only sometimes and in the form bands....(please note my capitalizations) they match up with power, privacy and the secretive growth of the right-holding owners..... if everything was available all the time...... nothing would exist......
Wednesday, June 11, 2003
Proceeding in this bifurcated fashion...

In many ways, the "Holding Cell" holds many resemblances to the Christian conception of purgatory, wherein which spirits must reside until they "resolve" or "find" something. In the great American movie "Poltergeist" this concept is described as a realm of the world which we cannot see but inhabits our world nonetheless. Those spirits in the "holding cell" or "purgatory" were placed there because their lives lacked resolution, due to some inadequacy or another, premature or wrongful death, a loved one etc. It is said that those spirits appear in their normal human form from within the holding cell but are seen from outside this purgatory as a monster. It is also said that from within this purgatory an all-pervading light can be discerned. This light is meant to symbolize complete death, a resolution to one's time in the purgatory.

Perhaps you were able to discern some of the innate humanness present within those in our society often perceived as monsters. Perhaps you were also able to discern the proverbial light from within the holding cell and your interaction with it most likely enlightened you. Hopefully, these revelations will both lead you away from future encounters with the holding cell and enlighten you as to how we as a human race can conduct ourselves in the future to avoid the problems that became manifest from within the "holding cell."

I think it is a mistake for people not to have every chance to listen to new music regardless of their desire for theatrics, sexiness, the "marketplace", etc. I think that it is paramount that bands/artists be able to sell their music but I also think it is paramount that some of their music is available for free. The "threshold of consumability" is already so high for music. Wouldn't an increase in availability of some of your music necessarily decrease this threshold, and therefore make you more "consumable"? If what people want is a personal relationship with their musical heroes, certainly their perceived "availability" or "approachability" must play a critical role.

P.S. In South Carolina, they don't serve that halal crap, they serve good ol' fashion PB&J on white bread 3x a day.

Nick, true dat about prison, er, holding cells... they are quite humiliating, i can image Death is a lot like it. In that, once you die, you are confirmed that what you thought you could think, was actually true all along, i.e., you don't exist, your likes are nothing more then habits and circumstance of looping logic energy, and that now, you are dead, and all that work you spent being alive is worth nothing, precisely what you thought, or thought you could think, but instead went along with the crowd.

The Holding Cell reduces your choice and lets you know that at anytime, you will not have any freedom, and it is only about two minutes away from you at anytime. ESPecially living in the most policed city in the freekin' world.

But, now let's talk about about not being able to download music, I think it is fine. That's why "bands" exist, they exist because people refuse to listen... they instead want theatrics, un-understanding, easiness through confusion, and rights-holders benefitting..... the Band is out there.... but the band is only available to the few.....

maybe prison is a nice place. I love the living you....

one more thing about prisons or more specifically the "holding cell", the prison before prison before prison. It is in these places that you learn about the true meaning of America: Governments are prejudiced and you don't mean shit.
so, wouldn't you say something is wrong in the music world today if by chance i happen to hear about or want to hear a band or artist, but cannot easily find an auditory example of their work. Seems preposterous to me in this day and age. Why can't some works be for download and some works be for sale? Taking this blog to more traditional uses of the form, anybody heard of this band? Perhaps someone with mp3 download capabilities... Kemialliset Ysavat?
1:29 PM 0 comments

I got to the Central Bookings place, (basement of 120 Shermerhorn) at 6 AM, after having spent two hours alone behind bars at the Hoyt St. Precinct, so I missed breakfast --- I guess I could have taken a milk at that time, but I was sort of in shock and didn't realize that there were only certain times to get milk. (and I am talking those little middle school milks) so I didn't eat anything, or sleep, until lunch at 1 PM, when they gave me a little milk and a horrible looking Halal Salami sanwhich on rubber bread. I didn't eat that , because I didn't want to have to go poop. Think silver, no rimmed, open bowl, covered in piss and vomit and shit. Then I didn't get any sleep or food until 7 PM, when they gave me a cup for water and I took a cheese sandwich, which I gave away -- to some dude who really like the sandwhiches for some reason.... so then no food no sleep until 12 when I eventually was let out (thanks to my Brother - in-laws, Brother-in-law, (so much law!!) who is a lawyer and knows how to get people out of Central Bookings.... they say that the average time from arrest to arraignment is 24 hours, but on Saturdays you are fuckt, because there are less judges and more people coming in on Friday night then any other nights.... so I could have been there for the max 72 hours, and stayed until monday...... I don't remember having a hangover since I missed all of Saturday and was awake since Friday morning.... hangovers were the least of my worries (think about standing in same place cramped around the loudest conversations you have ever heard (possibly the stupidest and most cuss filled)) from 7 AM until 10 PM.... standing the same place.... knowing that you can do nothing except bite your nails and watch the shitty cops on the other side of the bars file papers.... not much fun. and the people who get arrested are quite depressing to look at .... over and over again, more black kids more hispanics over and over coming in and coming in, and occaisionally a drunken bloodied white guy... or a really nervous looking pale as a ghost white guy who has just beat up his girl friend or something.... not much fun to "view" ---- but still standing in the same place, not sleeping, cockroaches in most place you look, and the filth of a thousand dirty hands built up over 25 years... and not much air circulation... so a lot of body odor and breath and general stench of poverty and again, no where to move only one place to stand.... the benches being taken by asshole dudes who want to lie down, the benches mind you only 5 inches in length, so sitting is more like leaning.... not much fun....

but at least it was raining out... so I didn't miss a nice day.....

but I am out now.... right here..... in this prison of a blog.


Tuesday, June 10, 2003
I want to hear about your time in the slammer. What did you eat? Did they let you listen to your iPod? Was your hangover anything like mine?
Wednesday, June 04, 2003
yo all, first news first.

I am being kicked out of my apt. due to zoning laws and gas meters, they have to convert the whole floor into one apt. -- the good news, I DON'T HAVE TO PAY MY RENT FOR JUNE OR JULY --- THE BAD NEWS, I have to be out of this place by August, 1.


Back to the craigslist scene.... hey nick.... want to FIND A LOFT????

Monday, June 02, 2003
I've downloaded and installed WASTE and am currently investigating its possibilities: Small community file-sharing, what. Read about it.
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