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Friday, March 31, 2006
  Henri Marrou and the dead horse
Marrou asks the same question I asked in the previous post regarding the dead horse:

'Every theory of knowledge that is conscious of its duties must integrate the fact of "intersubjectivity." (If need be, it will pose the "we" as the fundamental datum, and then call it undemonstrable.) But if must somehow account for it and prove that this fact, accepted by the common mentality, is not illusory.' (Marrou, p. 90)

The photograph of the dead horse, a historical document, is part of that 'we,' which is often shown undemonstrable, except when presented with images or documents of the past.

'History is not only concerned with whatever is specifically human in man's past.' (Marrou, p. 89)

What is not human is part of what is human, especially as it is experience through understanding historical documents.

'In order to understand a document (but more broadly, another person) this Other must pertain quite largely to the category of the Same.' (Marrou, p. 92)

Any why is the feeling moment, known as the painful moment of realization that things do exist, so important to the historical imagination?

'I must forget for a moment what I am, personally, and emerge out of myself in order to be open toward these others' (Marrou, p. 93)

But surely this openess is not just some weak state of giving in? There must be a noble, strong openess correct? The virtous historian is receptive to what is Other, but is not Other to himself, nor should be understand what is Other as anything other than what is the Same. And this is that undemonstrable moment of rejecting solipsism...

Need to return to this, yes at P. 94, also use it come formulate the big test, primarily the statement regarding the misunderstanding of the Other, [ouch, through some kind of realistic blood history of reading documents] and through Plato's Timmaus (and see below for more Plato, a cheeky egotistic posting) But really, to regard the importance of the role of the Other, not as other, but as the same and not as Other in the same at all, but a history according to sameness by virtousness of reception often in the form of the romantic gaze and leaving as a question the role or importance of a Logic or Ration, but defining real Ration not as a godless but as a Godful perspective expecting work and utility, again the taking the God out of Reason has led to poisonous exctractions in time [found in documents other than paper such as oil, petro-chemical, coal mines] remembering that the historical other is not only man, but the environment of man... and also remembering that it is not about what went wrong, but what went...

"The element of Sameness must necessarily prevail over Otherness in order to understand fully."

"Idyllness is not the ability to do nothing at all, but rather, it is the right to anything one wants"
Thursday, March 30, 2006
ideochine, idealvisia, nomophonic, nomosphere, noustatic,

I don't care who you ask, it's really hard reconciling the difference in your head between abstract emotions energies and the rational defined ordered laws. What exists behind our eyes? A person needs both (backwards and forward vision) to arrive at any sort of order/beauty, but beauty/order is hindered by a higher prevalance of the one (law) or the other (sensousness)

So, darn it, how do we see? And why do we lie? And who are convinced?

And there is just no telling anyone about the primal pain of arriving at moments, the kind of life that life leads in anyone's head where their head is the mind and their eyes are in sight. Wrought extensions in the nervous system, how they reach, how they are so felt, and experience in deepest times of truth as actual distortions and upstandingness. So as to say, I am a General of the Army and I am a Grizzly Bear. The more a person slips up, and shows the purity of emotive godstruckness the more they will be punished, set back and ignored. Is this true?

It's just impossible to live between the two. It seems you "gotta lie." Especially when most people, the surrounding bodies that feel and think, have chosen a side already and are working laboriously forever on simple patterns of the one (legal/business) and the other (art/ethnicity) The two sides so incommunicative that it's a sordid despair everywhere.

I saw a picture of a dead horse in the streets of Chicago, 1900 today and until every person communicates to me that meaning of that dead horse the moment they say a word, I will continue to know that we are not going anywhere but to the gutter. Elder businessman and the sexless poet.
Saturday, March 18, 2006
  Blood blood blood
Take care, I put the youth in a bag, over my shoulder & imparted strength into his tiny frame. Four words only resulted effort out of the game left in half hour a decade since his departure toward fatherhood. Man repercussed.

The color of that skin archipegiated (THOU SHALL NOT KILL) on my hands, commander position point ignored. '44 years was his name and year.
Rubber is a plastic made of a technique using devices only some know how to utilize. Sell high.
  Triangle king five letter word
Frost kissed authority translated, I am intending to create a passive grip,
coins tossed and all, the swell tide, composite bridge water coffee,
to go.

Language has given me a language without mistakes, cup I fill, hand I see, reach I wrought, muster a ponderous mistake touched taught, literally. Kill curve touch kill step.

Diagonal coast nary that furtive ghoul wrenched index, shelved so.
List and forbidden, mouth and cash, swim and turquoise, turtle and couch, silk and curve, brown and green. Sled and summer. Apartment and condominium. Monument and slide.
  salute your past
Use a word, tumultuous carnival, a point to point to, hope turquoise blue.
A doctorate in underbelly underage colors up below rupture tumult, tom-tom fill,
Come (in between) jump because your yellow is gold tonight, conjoined sepia food tune feed still,

Blue rapture sold a month and imitate, smile we the past.
Twelve passengers tonight wished: God, I was your parents. Negative monuments I never told anyone I enjoyed anything when so clearly understood, I enjoyed much without that mis-step forgotten clue, window through, body if slumbering queue.
  an 'e' in a cold way
neck position,
sweater combination, white, cuddle, car door, coddle and a spelling mishap, shape,
you my son don't need rabbits for pets.

this violin underneath yonder belly come swelling mother hope,
is not a way to get yourself out of the reapers path

hope, eggs, chlorine and the the last century of growth,
simulates patterns, copies repetition, movies photography lost and sped up,
passed through an uncle's eye, a warmer's view, a two visioned pew, sitting through,
Friday, March 17, 2006
  March the 17
I remember of a few of these in the past, March 17. I usually remember a few years in the past at a time.

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2--6
Tuesday, March 07, 2006
  I got all the facts right here
1) the finite 2) the infinite 3) the union of the finite and the infinite 4) the cause of this union

There is really is nothing else to think about, and should you put every enitity through this, and of course be sure to look your best while you are doing it because looking good is the spirit of mankind, then really, there is no reason to do anything wrong. It's just the way it's gonna be, and has been and will be and comes together as. Kind of like the way a verb implies movement, because it does. Oh yeah, and natural light. Natural light is the only light. Artificial light does not create mind, electricity is a warning of the moving away from mind, which is the 4) above.

And as any soul, pretty lady or strong man looking their best bowing down to the great sound knows Teutates or Teuth, the same as the Thoth of the Egyptians created the Word, grammar, Writing. There is no fiction.
  scan dust
*f , *. . * , . . */r /*. , . . . . . . . . . .<>. . : ... . . ..,-I . . .. : . , : . I i ' ' ., *,'T? *. I ' : . ~' . , . . . . . . . . . , . .~. , . . , , , , , . . ,<>. ., ; . *9 : *. . t. .
Monday, March 06, 2006
  When fresh tracks come, ole!
Onsette Albumen, or the Foreign Sound Egg Protein of Saxony sent this audio file of his/her's country's folk music trradition, from that place, maybe Alsace, France, or maybe Gottingen, Germany from where they come. It has a lot going on, and should be added to any thinking person's audio library, or, of course toward the best sort of freedom style appropriate way of getting together sun beam, not. No falseness, Onsette Albumen is Prussian.
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