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Tuesday, October 28, 2003
Steganography (or Data hiding) is the art and science of communicating in a way that hides the existence of communication itself.
Thomas, did you post that from home (07:13:58 PM)?

OpenOffice.org also has that AutoWord Completion feature -- though I suppose that is because it is based on Star Office. I have yet to really spend a lot of time with OOo, but I do plan on setting up a financial records spreadsheet this week (need to start keeping track of the ins and outs of $.

Mozilla 1.5 was released recently: by far the best browser for all platforms. Tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking (though you should be editing your Hosts file to keep out unwanted visitors), complete standards compliance, and a hell of a lot more. More reasons to switch?

One incredible feature called Bookmark Keywords allows you to set keywords for your bookmarks so you can just type goo in your browser to get http://www.google.com or dict to get http://www.dictionary.com. However, it also lets you extend that by adding variables into the address so that you can type goo american martyrs to search google for american martyrs or dict nebula to get the dictionary.com definition of nebula.
Monday, October 27, 2003
Autoword Completion...

Perhaps I am easily turned on, but let me tell you people about something pretty exciting. Get ready, ... It is the Autoword Completion function that I have in my recently downloaded and installed Star Office 7 Office Suite. Sounds simple right? Well let me tell you, it is a truly an invigurating tool - it learns words that one uses overtime so that once three letters are typed -- the program automatically fills in the rest for you, using your choice of "key"stroke. If a person was writing a paper on "Prognostication in the Symbolism of Appreciative Investigation," the program will learn the words so that the next time you write p-r-o, it guesses prognostication (think of the spelling saving efforts!) and fills it in as soon as one clicks their custom "key" stroke. The program will also remember these words, as they are added to a mini-list inside the program's memory - present everytime you come back to it.
Is this something that I could have done on Word? I don't know -- but I am doing it now. I immediately went into the Tools of the program and boosted the number of words I want the computer to remember from 500 to 2,000. I can't wait to see this list d-e-v "key" stroke e-l-o-p, over time. Fun times in the after hours I guess....
Thursday, October 23, 2003
Back in the spirit of living, here are some good times for the mister mind.

The story of a mammoth cannon

I am the first scout master that ever lived, heed the degree to which I am ultra!

Did you know that America invented Volleyball!!! That means we were playing volleyball first... i.e., Americans were the first to play volleyball, the first, not the second - Check out this timeline
Canadians were the second people to serve it up!!

A fraternal order next to a hardware store -- the way it was supposed to be!

History of Hardware
Wednesday, October 22, 2003
A grand shame about SAV's trip cancellation. I was definately looking forward to vandortime, perhaps studded with some sharb slabs of guitar.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

So I'm moved in, yet far from the point of unpack'd.

But having space is IT.

How goes Henry, Thom?
Thursday, October 16, 2003
I hear both Josh and Scott, And I, would like to sport my voice, in an effort to give the blog some movement -

Korzybski's The Role of Language in the Perceptual Processes

If you see the think, Korzybski writes how people often ignore the levels I and II (see diagram) and this leads to anger in infantile adults and problems of dualism for the more thoughtful, rational person.

Korzybski wrote in the 1920's-40's and might have invented the idea that Self-made problems often turn out to be no problems.

...and his ideas of un-speakable levels of understanding are quite fascinating.... he is basically saying, if I am not mistaken, that "thinking" occurs in the physico-chemical sphere of happenings and not in the linguistic abstraction.... this has awesome implications for the world of identification that humans find so darling, i.e., people's ideas of their world.

Korbynski seems to have here in this text down-pact, solid, the idea that everything is part of everything else, and the inter-relatedness that is,

And towards the end there are some amazing, not-to-be missed, lines about feedback and circularity of human thought... truly delicious from a historical perspective.... check it out....

More or Korbynski later, I promise!!! I've touched what he has.

Got a quick tutorial today about the power of the MySQL/PHP relationship. I am extremely excited to begin creating a database driven section of our website at work (a dynamic News Release Archive that will be populatable/updatable by our press dept. so that I don't have to create a new page every time a news release comes out). I imagine that I will learn enough from a project like that to exploit MySQL's true powers.
Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Yesterday I helped out with a NY fundraising lunch for Gen Wesley Clark. Interesting mix at the lunch, upper east side millionaire milieu. Clark seems a good guy and a formidable candidate, but the belatedness of his campaign leaves him ill-prepared for the rigors of the trail, I fear -- although the media seems remarkably sympathetic to his candidacy (as are most people i've met).

I think that could be chalked up to the fact that he's very articulate and credible when he speaks of the administration's shortcomings in the war on terrorism and the invasion of Iraq, and he's good looking, etc., but also because he hasn't really articulated or defined a strong position on other issues, pet democratic issues like social security, taxes, medicare, etc. So there's really little about his platform to object to or debate, because there's very little to his platform, period. My estimation is that this lack of definition is a short term advantage and a long term deficiency.

In any event, I think most people want to oust Bush and believe that almost any other presidency would be better than a Bush presidency. There's also the view that Clark is more attractive to the swing voters, the independents, the nebulous 'center' of American politics, and this may well be true. I still have the nagging feeling that Howard Dean has done more than any other Democratic candidate to get out the vote and rock it, short of appearing on MTV (like Clinton did). He's also got loads of money compared to the other Democratic candidates, although Clark has done an able job of raising money over the 28 days that have elapsed of his campaign. A lot of the people who have given money to Dean are now giving money to Clark.

My thought is that Dean is doing more to win the actual Democratic primary, while Clark is still busy answering questions about how he came to be a Democrat. The nomination is between the two of them, and I might give the edge to Dean as it stands now, but no one at this stage would deny that Clark would be an invaluable asset as a vice president, if not as the actual presidential nominee. I wonder how it's going to work out.

I'd prefer a Dean/Clark ticket because it would absorb the gains of Dean's campaign (he set the Democratic agenda on attacking Bush and has galvanized that portion of the electorate who voted for Nader or didn't vote at all, part of his thing being registering non-voters as Democrats and asking them for small donations that have added up) while also assimilating Wesley Clark's credibility and apparent strength of character. That would be the most formidable Democratic ticket.

It is conceivable, however, that either of them would spurn a nod as the vice president of the other, which would leave the door wide open, in my view, for that smart young John Edwards to fill the role for whomever comes out on top. He's young, Southern, and has a Kennedy quality about him. It's also highly unlikely that Edwards will win the presidential nomination and he has already forfeited running for his seat in the Senate to run for pres, so he'll be out of a job when he fails in his presidential bid. A perfect runner-up VP if either Dean or Clark decides to not work with the other. (It's rumored that Dean already approached Clark about running as his vice president, and that this kind of irked Clark. This was before Clark declared his candidacy.)

Krapes' Fortune!!
Tuesday, October 14, 2003
Have you tried creating a .sxw file (an OOo document) and then unZipping it to see its component XML parts? I'm amazed at how transparent it all is. What could be the reasoning behind MS Office's move away from XML formatting (other than to retain its proprietary nature and thus continue to charge ridiculous sums for its wares)? XML is the logical way to store and retrieve information regardless of platform.

I've also fooled around with changing MSWord files into OOo files and they look and act EXACTLY the same, keeping all of the formatting, &c. However, the OOo files are almost one THIRD the size!
The fact is this: If you are not tickled rosy red over such delights as format, standards and meta-information, then you do NOT have a soul

Josh: Thanks for the reply. I am still looking to pull the trigger on a computer, and I just can't decide whether or not to get the XP Pro Office 2003 suite. There are sure a lot of changes taking place in the way documents are being recorded into digital form, and as the document opens up into multiple levels of format, - so to will the human's conception of a document -

where our grandfather'c could never dream of storing unlimited pages of text on a device, we are not able to fathom the future of "writing"

As this scuffle plays out between Open Source Office Productivity vs. MS , it should be interesting.... more later... I am busy ...... boo-hooo
OpenOffice.org does seem the way of the future, and you are right to be excited about OOo's use of XML. Look at http://xml.openoffice.org/xml_advocacy.html for more information there. I'm still not exactly clear on what Access can do that Calc (the OOo spreadsheet and database user tools program) cannot. But as for MSWord vs. OOo Writer, I would go OpenSource all the way.
Friday, October 10, 2003
Well, it is my lunch time, and I am sitting here reading about


... I wish josh was around to help me navigate the politics of the current war between OO and Microsoft... it seems that Microsoft is releasing a new MS Office 2003 on October 2003, and there are all sort of audacious aspects to it... for instance, Office 2003 will be able to lock the documents it creates meaning they will not be able to be opened in older office editions (9x - 2000) ... they are also making it such that if a person with out Office 2003 does want to open a 2003 created document, they WILL be able to do so in MS internet explorer - meaning internet explorer will have more use then just browsing the net, it will be a essential decoder to those not buying but using office 2003 locked documents....

there seems to be a critical turn occuring right now to, as Open Office and Sun have already started to save documents as XML suites.... but MS Office 2003 is stripping vital XML info on documents, such that it can only be re-viewed in original format through Office 2003....

kind of weird.... and as I am looking to buy a new computer and use RTF/XML/PDF within database structures ... it is interesting to think about which way to go....

I think I know what Josh would say...

what would our resident pizza delivery guy say??

any thoughts?

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

(212) 671 - 0265

That is my new # - good 24 hours a day

write it down!!!!

Wednesday, October 01, 2003
The footage was then shown to members of the public on a 4x7m wide-angle screen provoking, according to Mitani, gasps of astonishment. Some viewers even experienced nausea because of the ultra realistic visual effect of speed without the usual physical sensation of movement.
working towards a spiritual conception of information...those visiting this page are in the presence of the deposited brain in the form of electric text embracing inclusive and spectacular ideas where possibility is mirrored less by occurances and more by the bodiless time-frame granularity come globule mark

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