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Thursday, May 29, 2003


welcome to MY BLOG, the blog where no one contributes and hardly anyone reads, mine all mine....

on this day, i have to say:::

Tuesday, May 27, 2003
boys, where's the blogspot tonacht?

all i know is that i've got a hankering for el chile verde, if you catch my drift.
[for those of you who don't, think montrose stop at meserole, and envision DELIGHT.]

superb mexican cuisine at spectacular prices, with a BYOB policy.

perhaps some of you are free, perhaps not,,,,
i'll be there with bells and a sombrero on regardless....
Thursday, May 22, 2003
SHit,dogs... THis boy has been swimming in it.
Non-stop learning is hard. Especially at NYPL, possibly the greatest place for information in the Western WOrld!!!


I have "boiled" my topic of research down to "typography: examples of font-types" -- This way my project will consist of examples of cool old fonts... and perhaps a little essay about "text/image" : you know the drill.

but ooh-ooh, is this place ever a good time. Tonight is thursday, and I got no plans. -- I can come out to whereever to do whatever....

I NEED A DIGITAL CAMERA SO BAD!!!!! I am going to have to take pics of the fonts...and I think I need to borrow my pop's camera.... then my project will be a chic little web based project, with pics of hot fonts and their historical significance.

Research is fun!!! Did you know that the Keyword... is a modern thing???? Think about it???

I wish I could study "keyword searching" as a heterotopia or some shit...

Scott, what is a heterotopia???

anyway - all the love that lady loving mancan give.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003
king nick, i like your pics, your lifelike digital decalia,,,, which is 'lifelike' in the sense that it inspires the imaginative visual core of LIFE....... as in, "you're gonna like living there...."

speaking of life, equal kudos to your frank blow-by-blow recounting of that feverish tale, an admirable yarn i'd like to give the working title, "stark fucking naked" -- like your prose. "no bullshit, dudes, this was my SATURDAY night!" right on with your Contortions, nick!

you have never written truer when you write of demons and the immobilizing, invasive force of the psychedelic. [have you listened to roky erickson? he was an especial psychedelic psaint, and ended the 70s singing of two-headed dogs and lucifer.... that's the strong brew of the psychedelic in a nutshell.]

you imply and implicate the beauty of that ugliness, nick, through the act of writing, and your degree of success in making that experience resonate with those who read it. few can deny the glory commanded by the phenomena of battle, despite the ugliness it brings. this is the definition of the psychedelic, the definition of the nature of our lives: reconciling the very spiritual and vulnerable intensity of our localization in our flesh, our organism.

we shouldn't neglect the material sum of our corpo-reality, our tender relationship to this earth, as perhaps the only true state of being. it's important that we recognize the inherent psychedelicism of what is plain to experience here on earth, as experience is experienced (and processed) by the senses, nerves, biological networks, and integrated by the brain, the holy organ science saddles with a blasphemous, illusory dichotomy (mind/brain).

anyway, life is a state of being made possible by our physical and chemical interaction with substance and phenomena peculiar to this organic earth, so it's little wonder you're "fucked-up" when you're Fucked Up.

[what can we do about the appearance of this site? let's kindly bring back some color, eh?]

my main man Chief Greylock, now the only man in the mountain I know of, hanging
out in North Adams right about the time I hope to move there...

You know it won't be that bad even if I end up there around this time...



I think the key to my move is finding a niche in downtown Lambertville that isn't currently filled. Something interesting to the locals, demi-urban and of a stirring quality to entice interaction/business. Until I find such stock in life, my Lambertville dreams will remain...
Tuesday, May 20, 2003
though these recent posts have been much too high falutin' for my tastes (I don't like to problematize anything do you? i've got enough problems... you might as well questionify orange juice and why would you do that? orange juice is good for you in moderation, in less moderation if you buy the "low acid" variety)

for my part, i'll take the conversation to where you all want to go... PSYCHEDELIC problematize it all you want, for me I've got a story...

As you all probably know by now, this weekend I spent in the grip of a 102.7 F fever, and though no doubt this episode has led to the deterioration of still more brain cells in my head, I can still remember the long night spent combating the demon inside me. Saturday nite S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night while you were all out failing to flirt with girls and getting tipsy or whatnot, I went to bed at a modest 12:30 hoping to get the jump on my sickness thinking that that 12-14 hours of sleep sure would help me out... little did i know the devil inside me had other plans for my night. Come 4:30 still without sleep, headache and hunger pangs pervasive, I finally resort to Tylenol and then I took my temperature... 103 degrees! Holy shit... I soaked through all my sheets and then moved on to the futon, still no respite, back to the bed, no peace there... so I sat back and fought him off, stark fucking naked, all the atoms in my head swirling round, the curtain was moving back and forth in my room, but the window wasn't open and there was no breeze, then i noticed that the wall was moving too, and the cat, asleep peacefully in a chair, seemed to be floating, birds started chirping but modulated by some everpresent evershifting sine tone, i went back to the futon, hoping it would stop there... Come 7:00 I still hadn't slept but I had stopped to sweat and I couldn't remember the course of events. My body had expelled some sort of evil demon and gone through a lot of contortions to do it.

When forces beyond your control immobilize you and invade your body, that's PSYCHEDELIC.
Monday, May 19, 2003
Yes, happy. But most of the feeling is derived from the sky that sits behind glass, and thus unobtainable in all of its properties that are worth obtaining (or reveling in).

And after Sunday's majesty, my only wish is for one more day of bathing and wandering. Sun- for each of those.

Saturday, May 17, 2003
thom, i gave further thought to our brief encounter with wittgenstein's tractatus logico-philosophicus, and the questions and inconsistencies that problematized our grooving his ride. picking up his philosophical investigations, however, i was struck by his humble denouncement and sharp criticism of the "grave mistakes" that underlie much of that product..... indeed, it was only through a talking through with another of his associates that he found he hadn't followed through on his philosophical suppositions and implications as forthrightly and thoroughly as he had hoped.

unsurprisingly, he opens the investigations with a discussion of the nature and composition of language. reading his episodic thoughts on the matter, which are salient if unremarkable (he's merely setting the stage), i thought back on the discussion you josh and i had at barra mundi, and the resistance the two of you displayed to my open discussion of language (the context escapes me, largely because teh conversation took a turn for the tangential when you and josh challenged that "knock-knock" WASN'T language,,, or rather, that it was but actually WASN'T).

that tangential turn frustrated me, not least because what we were discussing (and the idea that language is all gestural, immaterial, open and multisplendored) was hardly FAR-OUT; it was in fact GROUND ZERO for where we wanted to go, and yet i had to sit there while josh insisted that language was the mere articulation of sound qua signs. [that's it! "articulation" was the context, but i was using "articulation" to apply to 'language' outside the strict linguistic definition that josh seemed to favor, and you guys challenged.]

it made me think about the nature of our discussion itself and the fact that either of you weren't concerned with engaging in it toward a productive end...... in fact even the question of whose 'end' and toward what conception of 'end' the conversation was directed became a squabbling matter, where i was simply concerned with exchange as a means of getting somewhere and the two of you seemed determined to impede any sense of momentum that might get us out of the spin cycle of that circular conversation.

so this is a blog, and these are my thoughts. my hope is that this Human Movement might provide an appropriate forum where we might sound out whatever ideas concern us, and by posting and responding and actively engaging one another through script, might better articulate the tasks and themes at hand, with a view toward.
Friday, May 16, 2003
I am not having any problem with slow loads, Nick, I think it is just that sometimes it takes a little bit longer, and others it doesn't - all according to the internet burps that make the waves which carry this so-called movement.

Scott: I just flipped from reading the the trashing of A>R>E Weapons on today's Pitchfork, to reading your great little peice here about 'waiting for the turning of youth'. It was a nice mix.
I think you are head on, that your head is ON, but it seems that maybe you are embracing a too passive a mindset. I mean, let's get out there!, let's see the fantastic. Although, mind you, it probably isn't fantastic. But still, you are in charge of it, you are in charge of something.

I suppose documentation is very important, is that why I should carry a tape recorder?
i'm having difficulties following this, the thread is frayed....

thom, it's unfortunate that you don't listen as intently as you speak, you loveable oaf.... yes, something to do with a youth movement, specifically it's emergence and progression through the 20th century from the young adulthoods of the early part of the century through to the amplified leisure of an increasingly youthful populace that has little else to do with itself except study and eat and smile and contemplate the universe, as having the time and wherewithal to contemplate; [whereas the adults themselves, with their children and mortality and needs, would necessarily focus more on survival and the experience of the material.]

the members of these generations spend the better part of their collective adolescences cultivating (beknownst to them or not) the many selves that they individually think they've become, growing vitally accustomed to education and intellectual and cultural leisure as a means toward that selfhood, and i'm talking about a contingent of the middle class here, of which you and i and our many friends are a part.... �

clearly i recognize a social potential in the ceaseless churning of this bottomless morass of youth by our culture -- we glimpsed inklings of its political significance in the student movements of the 60s, and we're continually reminded of its economic significance by all of the marketing and attention that is spent in weighing the hopes and dreams of the children down, in keeping them cloistered.... my optimism springs from a hope that a developmental trend might be discerned in the progression of youth, that it might cultivate itself at such a nascent stage that it enacts an explosion of its political and economic power and significance. that's where the hope of the world rests, is kind of what i was trying to say. which is really just an idea,,,

it can be tough for us to reconcile the process of cultivation that has comprised the better part of our approximately quarter century lifespans to the sonic avalanche of capitalism and consumerism that neatly engulfs us as we mature, with jobs and the like, amounting to a 'real' that folds inward on itself day after day, if we let it..... i think that eventually, hopefully, the true psychedelic will emerge as a true internalization of said avalanche which will catalyze a disjunction between that critical reconciliation and thereby enact a redirection of the progress of human civilization.

this is why i am an optimist -- not that i don't dislike things or recognize that much of the world is as fucked as it is wonderful (ie. filling me with wonder), but that there is an underlying teleology to the development of man that can account for our modern contemporary communication, mediation, and manipulation. i guess i'm talking about the levy breaking, a TRUE human movement, concerned less with the eradication of email than with the GETTING THERE.

Speaking of getting there, I would like to go to this HUNTER COLLEGE grad party.... If you would, Josh, could you EMAIL me the invite, or post it shortly.... additionally, you might EMAIL me your cell phone, unless you want both items of info to be a part of the HUMAN MOVEMENT.

that party sounds like fun....

THOM< you should carry a tape recorder.......
someone pls explain to me why this is better than e-mail... this shit is clunky, slow, and confusing... isn't this just text... aren't i on a hi-speed connection? why does it take so long to load this crap. why am i sicker than i've ever been? why am i at work and sicker than i've ever been? i think i have SARS... i work close to chinatown so that explains it... goddam it i am dead.
PS. if you don't check that link I sent, then you are all dummies!!!
I advise you all to read the EBay feedback left by andy46477, I don't know who he is - but I know he is a POET!!!


(ooh, soon, I learn how to post links as texts and not the link itself@!)
This is the dude I was talking to at Kosti's book party the other night. Perhaps he can help you in your search. I will try to get in touch with him and see what he knows...

I know what you mean viz. the mid 90s drumnbass music. A bit rougher, kind of dancehall-inspired, and those rastafari calls of "blood clart!" everyonce in awhile. Lots of samples of Wu-tang and jeru, &c. Ghostface Killa, what.
I only mentioned the Halcyon thing, as it is in the 'Hood. But yes, 10 PM, DJ Storm of the Metalheadz label (90's drums-and-bass dude) is supposedly spinning all vintage Drum-and-Bass like as if it was 1995. I always liked that ruffer style of drum and bass, even HardStep or Dark Step, I believe they called it.... so yes could be something to peek in on.

I am at work until 7. So I might miss the Hunter English Grad. Party,

Scott - PS. in between my saying that the world's ocean were being depleted of big fish and then later that we've simply got to let the 'stupid' inside of us - you went on quite a road of talking. I almost wish I had a tape recorder. Can you remember any of what you were meaning/saying/thinking?? I remember something about a youth movement...?? ..

anyway.. Do you think this 'blog will help us score some DMT???

here's to hoping.


So, finally I can enter, it seems that Josh invited me as Thomas Lannon, but I had already signed up for a blogger at thom lann - so that led to the misconnection. So, Alas, thom lann is here.
I am going to a party for the Hunter College English graduate department tonight after 6. The invite explains, "There will be an excessive amount of booze, lots of cute grad students and professors, and free food (including homemade Thai food). It's going to be out on a terrace with a bitchin' view, and promises to be a richly satisfying event."

Anyone interested?

Thomas, you mentioned something about Halcyon later?
i'm not sure i altogether understand this movement "to eradicate email." not that a blog wouldn't redefine the manner in which we communicate with one another, i can appreciate that element. but why must it be defined in opposition to 'email'? isn't the manner in which we correspond, here as elsewhere, heavily indebted to the rapid-fire immediacy of teh telecommunicative wonder that is email? i just wanted to get that thought out of the way, because i've become a member of this blog in large part because i regularly correspond with you guys via email.... well, except josh. but then he started the blog....

but what are our thoughts, purpose? these are the perennial questions.... my hope is that this Human Movement will enact an exploratory discourse that might better integrate our perspectives toward the free exchange of all that we are expected to share as friends and correspondents, and then some.
Nick (or anyone), you need to hit the "post & publish" button to get it to display on the blogpage, not just the "post" buton...
there once was a man named Josef K
and in his heart he tried to stay
Good to the bone
Alone on his own
But then they threw him into the fray
My, can we begin to eradicate email?
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