A Human Movement
Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Knowledge Map

My first scan! Yay! Scott some things my be changing around these parts, I believe it may even be a Human Movement, the next generation... in the meanwhile, I would like post this little diagram I drew up about how I think knowledge is created.
Of course I am taking for granted a few things, but essentially my point is to map out what is occuring as We are,

Through environment, we determine shape, size, conditions and move forward in time trusting what we doubt, yet this force is always tempered by memory (doubting memory is forgetting).

Environment is equal to being, in this model, so it may be said to be a model of 'nurture' over 'nature' idea of knowledge, but i prefer to think that nurture is nature, or that the two don't really matter as they are equally 'ideas,' especially over time, as they are part of 'knowledge.' Time moves out of being towards the environment, and the environment moves toward being through experience (abreviated as exp. as experience should also be thought of as experiment.) These forces both away and toward, simulateously create 'knowledge,' a situated 'time-experience.'

...Conventions, or creating conventional thought, "conventioning" define as entities such as 'vocabulary,' 'fashion,' 'economy,' 'rules,' 'concepts' all sit in between the extension of environment and being toward time and experience creating knowledge.

Time and experience are indeed, the primary conventions, creating the knowledge swirl.

Just a doodle. anyway, things should change around here.. be on the lookout.

so what's the story with tonight?? i'd like to listen to some ives in comfy juilliard surroundings. too bad i missed friday, although i did fortuitously come across a used copy of experimental audio research's 'beyond the pale' that night, and so still got my fill of of teh crazy sounds, although of an altogether different quality. ives had the right idea with the organic encompassing of the meta-american musical vision, his lens was wide enough to refract dixie, marching band music and classical convention into a translucent whole.

speaking of light, i have a whole lot to discuss with you fellows about light, specifically flashing light, stroboscopic light, the Dream Machine, photic sensitivity, epilepsy and various planes of consciousness.

but maybe we can do a litte of that over a drink following the concert??
Sunday, January 25, 2004
NRR 30dB
Saturday, January 24, 2004
Hearing Protection, Elvex MaxiMuff offers high performance at economy pricing

Can you name this brand of ear protection????

Interesting note on this one, - I have LONG been craving ear protection, whether it be from the subway, the firemen, ann on the phone, or just trying to hear the blood inside, glush, - so I finally get around to looking these peabodies up, how to,? first I go for 'tools ear phone noise' ,but no,no - they ain't workin' - then I try a 'protect noise hard hat ear' ,oh dam, I might as well just try to find a tool store on line. breifing, breifing, what is the name of protective ear wear,, so I run some FIND: ear, head, phone -- to finally find some combination hard-hat-ear-muffs, --- LONG STORY SHORT --- let's just say that the Elvex MaxiMuff™, Economical High Performance, HB-35 are coming my way -- don't be surprised to find me with a pair on my person -- soon.

PS. if anyone can find a pair of protective ear muff that bost a NRR of more then 29dB.... by all means, let me know!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2004
this is probably a time where e-mail would work better.. yeah?
Don't really know the story for tix. I will be showing up tonight a little before 8pm. 65th and B'Way.
Tuesday and Wednesday look fantastic. I'm particularly looking forward to the Concord Sonata.

But I think I may also go tonight. Three Places in New England. Are you guys in?
Thursday, January 22, 2004
ilovebacon.com - dumb but fun I jus realized that if you are using Mozilla, and you right click on a page, you can scroll down to 'blog this' and then this little window pops up with your blog all ready to go -- much quick then throug the blogger.com interface... quite ingenious....now why aren't we all using Mozilla???

Thomas, they are playing the Sting Quartet No. 2 on Tuesday. This is the one we saw at the microtonal festival.

Any of you gents interested in these? They're FREE!
Do you come in the act of shitting or do you frig yourself off first and then shit?

Was I late to this? Have you seen James Joyce's Dirty Love Letters?? Because they are quite a hoot!
that is a golden find, thom, i appreciate the PDF. of course you know i've never gone for the whole swami/guru trip, i was always of a mind that these cats lost their groove once they fashioned themselves holy and pure. once you're on that trajectory you're left only with jewish housewives like Joya and misdirected new agedness, which are fine times of acquaintance, sure, but the soul can mire itself in such nets all the same.

the spell of the immaterial can be as farcical as the hypnosis of the material, and for these guys to lose sight of that is the principal weakness of the failed psychedelic movement. it's gross, the leadership and the sitting on stage and the weaving of false stories to falsely manipulate the consciousness of others to accept a holiness which is as much an act as the whole harvard psychology professor trip.

i mean, i respect Baba Ram Dass for the adventures he assuredly had, and for his part in the legacy of the psychedelic movement. but it's wrong to mistake the exploitation of consciousness for its expansion, and i think after tripping balls with the kids and having virgin revelations Alpert exploited a lot of consciousness to shore up his own ego. vibes be damned.

it's a shame the psychedelic movement metamorphosed into the new age movement. i think there's something to be said about keeping things on the level of drugs, of entheogenic substance: divine from within, divine form without. i speak of this engagement with the psychedelics not as a form of abuse, mind you, but of constructive use: these guys totally abused the drug they claimed as a sacrament. i mean, who ingests the body of christ as if it were candy?? not holy men, i tell you!

i'm all for doing shitloads of acid, but not necessarily at once or for excessive lengths of time.... of course, i have the benefit of Alpert's example. that shit doesn't work like that -- it's like taking a bath for days at a time, to get really clean, maaan, when all you really need is a few splashes of cold water on your face to feel refreshed and see things clearly.

JOSH, i think these colors are the best. absolutely the best.
Wednesday, January 21, 2004
An interesting tale of the rise and fall of a holy man... I wonder what traces of his following linger on Martha's Vineyard. Peter Simon still does (with his sister Carly). And there is certainly some New Agedness going on. But what consciousness research?

Do records exist of the students that spent those mythic years with Leary and Alpert? Did these folks write memoirs about their times, or did they fade back into the American framework, minds a little more open and free?


Thom, I DO hope you are collecting these PDFs for proposed project. What kind of metadata can one add to a PDF? Is this possible (so that the filename or contents don't have to be the only indicators to what you can find in these files)? And if so, can this information be retrieved for MySQL archiving?

Lots of questions...
Still must be plauged, somehow, by the congruencies (the great magnet if you will) - I was going through the rounds this morning, looking at a collection of 'Charlotte Salisbury' about her husband Harrison Salisbury, a Pulitzer prize winning journalist, author of 'The 900 Days: the Siege of Leningrad' and I stumbled across the December, 4 1977 edition of The New York Times Magazine, with a cover story title 'Confessions of an American Guru' about Ram Dass-Richard Alpert.

And now I am onto my PDF piracy kick, so here it is (minus the advertising bits of course): "The Confessions of an American Guru"

ok must get back to work.
Tuesday, January 20, 2004
Josh, I was excited to see this: Full-Text Music Journals Added to JSTOR: in some of my library news... now of course this doesn't mean you can search these articles... but I can.
Columbia has a wigged out selection of JSTOR Journals, it is like David Gilmour and delay pedals..... i.e. A LOT OF A LOT.

Did a search or two using such terms as
/henry cowell/ la monte young/ chicago blues/ overtones / cardew/ ....and found some rousing articles, all of which turn into PDF's when I move to print! Again, I question: WHERE IS ALL THE PDF PIRACY?? AM I MISSING IT???

Classes start tonight! A lovely feeling.

Nice to see all the activity.
Friday, January 16, 2004
Let me see your tootsie roll!!

IRiver nordic iHP-140 Mp3 Player/recorder

Ogg Vorbis support, and the ability to record directly to digital from onboard microphone or optical in!! 40 GIGS Plus the thing has a radio!!! This thing makes Ipods look like 8 track cassette players!!!
As I see it, the blog (and your are right Sco' 'tis not a blog, really, but a bulletin board) should be a place to put up links, ideas and evidence of internet pathways not always obvious in everyday use. It takes a good deal of information-sharing to get the most out of this electronic text environment, and this little interface to me seems best if used as a way, or a portal of sorts, to getting to more layers of the information already available, but not always at hand.

In that effort, and to those of us (see: me) who found the physics and math applets fun and/or interesting... here is a very nice interface for learning more about thephysics of sound and hearing

In fact, I welcome any discussion which helps me understand the principles behind decibels, as we all know, I am not the strongest mathematician!!
Thursday, January 15, 2004
Scott: Thank you for pointing me in the direction of both the original Sante review, and Mr. Goldman's reply. You all know that no big Beatles fan am I. Had I been a Beatles fan at any point in my life, you can bet that I would have read Goldman's book as it sat on my parents bookcase, I remember, at some point in time. I understand that this Goldman fellow was quite a rabble-rouser when it came to his biographies of both Elvis and Lennon; they apparently pissed a lot of people off. The Sante review really does a bang-up job of destroying the credibility of Goldman, after reading it, I almost detest Goldman. My earlier post was not really about the character of this Goldman bloke, who is of zero interest, but rather about how close to the surface of 'normal culture' were ideas pertaining to dope, drugs, rebellion. (I have a great many interests to insert here about drug culture in the 70's that I am almost frustrated) My initial point, however, about drugs being prevelant in the 70's is extremely obvious, and perhaps was a induced by the contact high from sorting through the book collection of man interested in popular culture throughout the 1960's and 1970's. Albert Goldman was born in 1926, meaning he was 40 years old in 1966, meaning he was was 25 in 1951! (if it is 1951 right now, what will happen in 1966?) I am afraid that Sante might have a point in saying Goldman was a bit out of touch. It is funny that all his 'research' is now sitting in boxes (and I mean BOXES AND BOXES) up there in Butler 615, as I am sure many people were once eager to have seen 'proof' of that research. The interview tapes do exist, there are hundreds of them with neat labels. I wonder what they actually say?

The tapes that are of more interest to me are from the period of research Goldman must have done to write his book, Grass Roots: Marijuana in American Today. There are tapes with smugglers and dealers of all shapes and sizes, about their Cessna adventures in Colombia, Mexico etc. Dealing dope in the city, smuggling techniques, phone interviews with double-agent CIA informant types.

Anyway - nice to see the blog so blisterous, or is that just the weather!!
Amazing Link HERE!!!!!!

Josh I think you will especially dig these JavaApplets designed to illustrate Math / Physics principles!!! Just try the ripple one and you WILL be hooked! Fool around with the mouse settings, and click on the waves!

Fascinatingly relevant to future use for all formats!!!!
you returned to the collection, as i remember some time ago you enthused heartily on the cache of psychedelic pop cultural material of the albert goldman character. thom knows that goldman's lives of lennon was reviewed rather harshly by luc sante in teh new york review of books, and i'll provide this link of an exchange between the two of them for context.

fairly clearly is this culture not lost, it is merely not evident, not within the narrow scope of the mainstream window you mention. but it lurks it the dark cultural recesses of this western civilization of ours, a persistent Other that helps define what's straight and what's freaky in the cultural firmament.

but my guess is that you'll find very little of the freaky-deakiness you crave up there in the columbia haunts! that is, when you do find it, it is LOCKED AWAY where only those with privileged access can view and engage the cultural treasure trove of psychedelic pop culture.

so it is a world with which we as individuals may sympathize, but are very much outside of. if you are serious about shaking it down and tasting of its fruits, mainlining the electricity of its energy full bore into your cortex so that you might interpenetrate the mythic and the real into a semblance of divine transcendent consciousness, then you must chase it elsewhere when you conceive of your move. the psychedelic phenomenon is more readily apprehended on the WEST COAST.

this is not to say the east is without its envelope pushing element, or that the origins of the movement didn't take place on this eastern seaboard, but the cultural civil war has largely dissipated, drugs are still illegal, we have a dangerous radical conservative in office, and enlightening one's consciousness through the ingestion of psychoactive chemicals is no longer the thing to do amongst the kids.

SO> the believers have retreated to friendly locales, where they can do what they do in peace and revel and meditate as they please. so you have the southwest and california and the northwest as notable regions of openness.

this is a hunger, not so much for the drugs, but for the cultivation of otherworldly experience that complements the battery of the soul effected by the passage of time and contemplation. it is a hunger for adventure within, a search for the duckbilled platypuses of one's mind. such exotic creatures...

i'm growing convinced that i can't do this in new york. it sounds preposterous, i know, what with this city's (counter)cultural heritage, the beats and the students getting all fucked up and the under-ground and whatnot.

maybe i'm just lazy, but i think that my element in this city is one in which the forces of drugs and electricity and rock and roll don't regularly coexist with the regular reality of my waking life, at work, in my house, at a bar, etc.

it's rather staid, and i say this with something of an affection for its staid quality, since i've grown into it, it's almost something of my own design although it's not conducive with a metaphysical exploration i wish very much to enact. needless to say i've begun to consider with grave seriousness a move to california, which i may realize by the coming of the next winter.

i know a few people who have done such a move and it appears where it's at: there is a meteorological warmth to correspond with the warmth among strangers, the social warmth, the spiritual warmth. california might be something of an incubator for the soul. in such a setting i might feel less hounded by the cultural elitism of new york's literary milieu and more free to settle the fuck down and enjoy my youth and brain and partake in pleasures more common to the west: sun, fun, windowpane.
Reminding me of what is real, - in this world,- again... I have come across an enormous book collection, books related to drugs, drug culture, LSD, marijuna, cocaine, music, etc.... to be more precise this is Albert Goldman's book collection, the first professor of pop culture at an Ivy League University, author of The Lives of Lennon, Disco, Ladies and Gentlemen...Lenny Bruce, Freakshow and Elvis: the Last 24 Hours

Amongst the books, reminding me of where to be, how to be, what to do, how to do, but sad at how all of this (culture of drugs, visions, truth, gods) could be lost. Hope is that it is not lost, but rather just, not in the mainstream window as it once was, nonetheless from the years Nineteen Hundred and Sixty Six until Nineteen Hundred and Seventy Eight, there was surely a lot of books published with the subject 'dope, grass, kids, youth, problems, etc.'

Did I ever tell anyone that I read how Elliot Ingber commonly played whilst on Angel Dust, (must be why the solo on Alice in Blunderland is so cosmically delicious.

side bar: Drugs don't make you cool, but cool people often take drugs??? Discuss

Oh this is such a tough one to work out! I for one DO NOT think that the idea of a drug wasted musician is played out... in fact I think it's time is again. However, I am fairly specific about what I mean by drug wasted musician, as the person would neither be that much into alchohol, save for flavor, or cocaine, save for coffee. A big bald-headed man with a white gown, donning large wings made from cellophane and feathers, playing a stringed electric box whilst standing on a large pile of corn cobs, crows flying over head, the instrument is silent while the music is actually the sound of large steep cliffs below our (emphasis OUR) white gowned man, occaisonal rocks falling, plong!

Found a copy of The Man Who Turned on the World a book about the Man Who Turned on Timothy Leary, in this collection. Happily re-read the part about the mayonnaise jar of 5000 spoonfuls of LSD and confectioner sugar!

Oh to have some walls crumble. I'd toss some of those corn cobs into the air over the cliffs for the crows to try to catch!! crows, yes, they are black.

At least if not, it is nice to see that this stuff (the books) will be tucked away in the dark corners of education, it merits the space, I mean, afterall, this is the stuff, this is it, this is it all!

It is lunchtime now for a man, I think I will venture back to the stacks, wondrous as they are, and go on brief information-congruency-ride, starting with the idea of What Is A Face? Is It a Myth or Is It Real?
Wednesday, January 14, 2004
thom asked that i post on the blog an email i wrote in reply to one of his, and i append his message for context. the worry is that our discourse has grown lazy. since the four of us are physical entities with individual intellectual/cultural imperatives, with varying elements of the material and spiritual, our exchanges are most resonant when these imperatives dovetail with one another. the following textual exchange came about after i noticed that emails between nick thom and myself had grown fewer and more anemic, and i attempted to prompt an exchange on the basis of our shared basketball interest that was once so knew but has now grown so tired.....

To tell you the truth, in the last few days -- I have just been hit with some new beauty, and sort of fell out of the basketball routine -- I am busy thinking about what to do with life -- and being inspired by some new work/thought --- and with all my injuries I just decided to not pay so much attention to the hoops...

I know this will really hurt your feelings scott, i know, i am sorry,

I still really like the bball -- it is just that I opening up to some new frontiers of culture activity and the basketball to me has always represented a certain, closing, if you will --- you know -- like a way to ignore things but still feel fantastic --

I like the basketball -- but just have to stop the 24-hour NBA information loading sessions -- and need to become more of laid back fan.

also.... and I KNOW Nick is feeling this, but

we got the division playoffs coming up and I want to see my Pats come thru and win another Super Bowl, if they can stop Payton Manning - then the championship is THEIRS!!!

yes, i understand. please think not of my feelings, as regards the bball, because i care most about the intercommunication amongst us and the sharing of ideas and the chasing of revelations. if your pursuits are highminded, and cultural, who am i to detract from the splendorous openness of vistas that are assuredly opening up to you in the learning spaces of your mind? i'll tell you, that i am no one, save a brother who exists for you only insofar as you conceive and qualify my existence as an exchange of information between brothers. that's the web of sociability, of brotherhood.

brother krapes would surely agree, as he is half a coast's distance from our locale, and the only means of sharing and partaking of his experience is telecommunicative, which is to say the interaction of his textual representation via these internet channels. it's abstract. it's nick and not nick. it's me and not me. it's thom and not thom.

shit brother, whatever works. i just wish to maintain an openness amongst us, basketball or no basketball, sports crutch or no sports crutch. the fascination with basketball was for me a surprising but not altogether unforeseeable turn. despite the fact that i've always had some interest in sports, especially in the post-season/playoffs period, i had never really bound myself to a season and really looked at all the games and teams and general goings-on.

i discovered that sport is really a valuable crutch to be had year round, a glue that helps cement male friendships, providing something to contemplate other than work neuroses and girls and other sundry modern hangups that debilitate and age the soul, rather than simply a meatheaded pursuit.

but at the same time, i fear that while we enjoyed it, and relished basketball as a jumble of wild cultural and acultural significations (your *clocks*, thom), we have forgotten that we can speak and meditate upon so much else? can it be that we've grown unaccustomed to speaking on matters outside of sport -- indeed, can it be that we've come to expect little else from one another?

because if so, that is a sadness amongst friends. that is how cultural relationships between brothers atrophy, and i always appreciated counting you two among the more enlightened chaps i had the pleasure of sharing ideas and experiences with. indeed, if this is my lot, i should entertain with full force a breaking through of the envelope on the level of, say, nick, or on the level of what thom might presently be conceiving.

i dislike that most of my year is spent either frigid with unfriendly cold or desiccated and miserable in a sweltering heat that excites the latent noxious substances of this city. the in-between seasons are well enough, but so much more so in the bucolic countryside. i intend eventually to get closer to the living earth; i feel inexorably cut off from it in this vast urban morass. i think a move to the west coast is a possibility in a year or so.

but for now i'm left to carve from this situation a meaning greater than my means. i verge on the precipice of existentialism while remaining as positive and spiritually secure as our troubled times allow, all the while envisioning some future with more promise and more to show for myself, intellectually and spiritually, than the present.

such is the project. but i do want to disregard convention for just one, maybe two moments, and escape to the beach or some seaside hamlet and focus on my organismic imperatives, as a cultivation of my bodysoul. a most sincere desire of mine. in time.

so that's fine. no more basketball then. i'm still contending for a championship, but i should thrust myself out of this web of escape.


i'll now note that i think josh is a cool brother with thoughts all his own, that i would gladly partake in. we should take in events and knock heads sometime, maybe over a meal or a drink. i believe one of the original purposes of this blog was to arrange propitious meetings on interesting grounds. i think that's still a cool purpose. and i also agree that the colors might be toned down a little, for the sake of the eyes.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

I just went on a real internet journey --- it was amazing --- it last 1:56 minutes and it all started when I looked up Gilbert Sismondon at Google and landed on a Blog of some Lit Professor at Univ. of Washington, Steven Shaviro

I was sad to find out that Sismondon's L'individu et sa genèse physico-biologique "The Individual and its Physico-biological Individuation" was not translated, what kind of a loser am i to not speak French. So I look over this Shaviro webblog some more and just randomly click one of the links hallucinations & antics and it turns out to be a guy who just played as part of a laptop show at that Niblock space sponsored by Autonomedia who is just happening to be sponsoring an event tonight starring none other then Brian Flanagan of the Weather Underground fame!

Well at this point, I am just about boiling over with some juicy information congruencies, that I nearly forget about the fact that just earlier I was trying to figure out what the hell this sentence in a book meant:

"Einstein dismantles the intuitive notion of the simultaneity of events and demonstrates that the only practical simultaneity is constructed or conventional, based on signs (clocks) that are themselves subject to distortion due to relative movement.

...hmm, if simultaneity is practically impossible through signs (clocks) then what of electronic storage, i.e. links on the internet? Hoppity hop....

Well, After the Brian Flanagan tie in, I search around some more at the hallucinations & antics web site, trying to figure out who the hell takes music so seriously, and realize that, ah, it is a canadian and NOT a new yorker! That made sense, but still, why do people (of a certain intellectual bend) insist on making midi controllers out of stupid things???

Isn't it just as exciting to do this as it is to make a flute out of a Pixie Stick!!! Why the love of midi controllers??? Please someone help me on this!! If you ask me, MIDI controllers are like the clocks that Einstein has claimed distorted, lets leave them be, put down the Power Glove, they have done enough, sure you can make a pitch higher when you poke on a Tickle-Me-Elmo knee, but who cares? Make the note higher when the note is higher, let's get simultaneous WITHOUT those darn signs!!!

Maybe it has something to do with this Socio-Technology nonsense

Here is something better on the subject...

oh well, this post and the re-surfing/reading has taken 16 minutes... and I still didn't even get to the better parts of my adventures....

here is to more to come.

PS, Josh can you change the colors back to something a little more easy on the eyes???
Monday, January 12, 2004
When one searches Google for "Urban Display Network", A Human Movement comes up number 4.

But where to find "real" information about this company/service?
Friday, January 02, 2004
Gazing through hooded lids, just so, at a vocal inflectangular photo, and I start. This silent visual duet comes so to the brain, with the sense of an else and an other, finding that thinking is curious ego neglect. The torso for a split second relishes the dizzy dance, the stories of news either doleful expressions or exchange. The trouble is, we are all rivals, and mindreading is a disappointment of our nature.

The slightest hint of any of our species and an intricate placement of dutiful concern issues from us deadly as we convert oxygen into life. What's the neurochemistry of love and conquest, ambition and fame, fraternity and violence? The machine world rotates it's new autonomy out of old determinism, and the sound spins in my inner ear after it's stopped. Will it ever spin in the other direction? We are all still spinning.

Nick, you got a good night out of Earl Watson. Mike Miller is sucking it up, so why would Hubie bench Watson when he could be put to good use? And the point of it all is good use, are you being put to good use? Seriously. Is that what this claptrap amounts to, the extent to which we are all properly utilized? I think that might be the point, but if it is I better soon be figuring out the right way to use my selves, cos I'm a little confused. Study helps, work is something, chatting with other psycho-physical entities on the occasion of celestial pivots is a 'thing' to do and inner peace and understanding is there to be cultivated, but utilizing and being utilized without getting mired in the ceaseless actuality that is the modern cesspool of productivity is a significant challenge of the present I must face.

I also wanted to post something on the board cos it's been a while. Wouldn't want to not do my part, which is what I kind of tried writing about.

Happy new year, fellas!
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