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Friday, December 30, 2005
  understanding at the OED
under{sm}standing, vbl. n.
1. a. (Without article.) Power or ability to understand; intellect, intelligence. Sometimes spec. = c.

c1340 HAMPOLE Pr. Consc. 605
Man when he is til worshepe broght Right understandyng has he noght.

Richard Rolle of Hampole
A devoute medytacyon (The remedy ayenst the troubles of temptacyons) a 1349 (W. de Worde 1508)
English prose treatises. Edited from Robert Thornton's MS. c 1340 (E.E.T.S. 1866)
The pricke of conscience (Stimulus conscientiæ); a Northumbrian poem c 1340 (Philol. Soc. 1863)FIND THIS
The psalter; or psalms of David, and certain canticles, with a translation and exposition in English a 1340 (1884)
Richard Rolle of Hampole and his followers (Yorkshire writers) v.d. (Horstman 1895–96)

See also Fire of Love HTML Translation from www.ccel.org

An understanding of the word understanding, for Thomas Lannon, in some instances, especially helpful in those times of devout research, (the place of the health cure) implies that a person unstands. Or to literally, become unprostrate before that which is always more. Beyond the bodily lie, to unstand is to be priviledged to pure possibility but not to dwell in mere possibility. At this time, knowledge is gained when knowledge is not what is claimed. It is different then the active body, as the active body is the consciousness known. It also not the unconscious mind. It is not self-denial as self-denial is the same thing as being aware. Unstanding is the time when one finds his or her duty to usefulness and enacts it in the form of goodness toward that eternal legacy of which one is always about, and only the infintessimal smallest harking.

Pricke of Conscience Window at All Saints, York
Thursday, December 29, 2005
  Get Camille Flammarion's 1900 The Unknown
All of us live, without knowing it, in a psychic environment we do not understand. The atmosphere contains not only chemical elements - oxygen, nitrogen, carbonic-acid gas, watery vapor, et cetera - but also psychic elements. Everywhere there are souls. There is a constant mingling of animism and spiritism in the experiments of which we are speaking; it is extremely difficult to separate them, to isolate them. Let us try to do this here, however.

Manifestations of the Dead in Spiritistic Experiments by Camille Flammarion
Tuesday, December 20, 2005
  if I had a name, it would be something catchy
I can describe cardboard in as many ways as anyone can,
the infinite amount of pickup games played in cul de sacs around the nation,
is the exact genetic makeup of the words used to know them.


Describing merits were granted by officials at the tollbooth for soulful utterances, Quite literally I met the officials at the state office of description and they badged me an ascertainer.

Infinity is the numerator riding the denominator of finite senses. The world places emphasis on descriptions and comparisons. the [all/one] thing.

Seriously, either the world is infinite in possibilities;
and underneath that man is the donkey ridden, & possibilities are limited. The limitation is like a filter cutoff where a certain frequencies are not allowed. This 'not allowing of certain things' is the swash of the paintbrush where one side is limited line and the other is always about to be, or the food eaten where energy is taken from bites taken and used to take another, and another.

The world is limitless, but the efforts taken are limited, but they are taken out of the limitless, so their limitedness is unlimited.
a soothing series of oohs, and a shopping cart lost in the snow,
shoed there by a truck with an attached snowplow.

a ballpark frank of frankly the most beautifully skinned girls, in boxes tossed to me,
caramel car wash hideout. Beauty and strength is better than anything.
Tuesday, December 13, 2005
  William Clark (1770-1838)
Defined the word Sense

It is a faculty of the Soul, whereby it perceived external Objects, by means of the impressions they make on certain organs of the body. These organs are Commonly reconed 5, Viz:1 the Eyes, whereby we See objects; the ear, which enables us to hear sounds; the nose, by which we receive the Ideas of different smells; the Palate, by which we judge of tastes; and the Skin, which enables us to feel--the different, forms, hardness, or Softness of bodies.
Tuesday, December 06, 2005
  a 'once half hour'
'Choke battery stage' is the state of the throat performance where energy is the momentary joyness of finding something natural occuring that is circular.

'Wing man sent' is the method for which strangers who are not strangers, you know, those people who are only 5 minutes away, in other cars, houses, or sidewalks become part of your knowledge of yourself. They 'sent man wing' you, you 'wing man sent' them.

'Deaf cuff length' is the shape arms form when arms are near one another, in crossing or in mind, wing man sent (other people's) arms approach a crossing with others in the choke battery stage. No arm is not circular when placed near another both in physical crossing or mind planned.

'Picture mesh whence' is a way of improvised mapping whereby the key represents the territory. In this style of knowing, the terms are flexible for joy's sake, but scientific in the moment of discovery. joy is not to be confused with joy at any other moment, this is a joy that happens only just only seriously once. the smallest once, an atomic onceness*

'Fend off sail' is the choral approach to 'picture mesh whence' meaning, the maps (knowledge) have been arranged well done, as in ordering according to when they stood to represent properness such as small-to-largest or color-to-other-color


*All things fade from one thing to another, and to not see the fading process is to be stressful, anxious or otherwise without the 'real father moment birthmark face'
Liars are not welcome. (and this last line is here to imply my acceptance of the teleological aspect of history of man, if only at once, and again, and then also to state plainly that the section on joy above need be re-read, re-focused and re-distributed) This teleological coming-around occurs upon acceptance of the moment as the father of the next which is another way to define 'picture mesh whence'and Thus the asterix.
  the -10 commandments
winning is discovering, bells vibrate, sleekness is pursuit,
mourning rituals prove useful to those who endeavor to surmount the asteroid belt of what you avoid to make form out of the gaps in experience which arise from sleep, ritual, make believe, and gravity. The "Sameness, handsfree, Dragging" we all know so well

Watch the waist of the man move, and not you can see, not the growth, but the not general growth, and the not movements not he calls not moving over and not over and not over, this falling not known.

It's a ballgame. But not with a ball. Puzzles come backwards in this way, like as if, to those who wait, wait suitably for ways to not gain thee cleanliness for power not in situations where bright skin is better then soiled saltiness west is east.
  enveloping paddles
The procedural pancake mix, wet appetites of those who "pick" "nic,"
no matter what the blankets cover, melodic concentration, he said camp,
they said tennis racquet, i said sun, it's a hectic mix to forgive from a
person whose arms are the size of fences, or borders even and are as yet, to be, outstretched,
no matter the size of the sun baked roll i called cake, the earth has been a pan for me and not for you. my forearm tremors are medicinal because they yield longitudinal apprehension,

the body rose, yeast made it do so, the active ingredient aggresor pressure cooker,
mister with the moustache who is the coach of the past, he coaches yesterday and gets a lot of production from 8 years ago, his front man in the wing is this guy from 12 years ago who has good stick control, great hands.

The sun cooks the body, the man coaches the team of past, but it's Bacteria That calls all the shots. It's got all the money. Most people's eyes are almonds. Justice is the knowledge that most nuts have personalities growing up to the sun, but that it is ok to take from them to see, and then, to see what the almond sees. Because the almonds is the eye of the just human.
Monday, December 05, 2005
  I have before me
A program to an event from 1917 at Carnegie Hall called:

"Greater and Better New York, Fourth Town Meeting" the subject of the night was "Good Health and Clean Streets" and it's got a lot of knowledge coming off of it.

The Event was produced by The Civic Forum. There were speeches by various commissioners; one such speech:

"A Clean City" by Commissioner J.T. Featherston of the Department of Street Cleaning.

and there also was "Moving Pictures" one was titled "The Day's Work" and it probably was about picking up trash.

Lillian Wald gave a speech called "Serving the City," and it was illustrated with "moving pictures" of her "Visiting Nurse Service" doing some street cleaing, I have the speech here, she described the moving pictures as:

"Here you will see women of diverse nationalities and many creeds forgetting separations in the great service of this precious cause. Clear thinking men and women of different nationalities or different classes find no frontiers between them. Internationalism in the truest sense of the word is their experience."

There was also music played by something called "The Street Cleaning Band" which was probably a band of trashmen of the time. In Carnegie Hall!
working towards a spiritual conception of information...those visiting this page are in the presence of the deposited brain in the form of electric text embracing inclusive and spectacular ideas where possibility is mirrored less by occurances and more by the bodiless time-frame granularity come globule mark

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Whereas understanding is a foundation
Whereas mind should move
Whereas things have limits
Resolved that knowledge is king.

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