A Human Movement
Friday, May 16, 2003
I am not having any problem with slow loads, Nick, I think it is just that sometimes it takes a little bit longer, and others it doesn't - all according to the internet burps that make the waves which carry this so-called movement.

Scott: I just flipped from reading the the trashing of A>R>E Weapons on today's Pitchfork, to reading your great little peice here about 'waiting for the turning of youth'. It was a nice mix.
I think you are head on, that your head is ON, but it seems that maybe you are embracing a too passive a mindset. I mean, let's get out there!, let's see the fantastic. Although, mind you, it probably isn't fantastic. But still, you are in charge of it, you are in charge of something.

I suppose documentation is very important, is that why I should carry a tape recorder?
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