A Human Movement
Friday, May 16, 2003
I only mentioned the Halcyon thing, as it is in the 'Hood. But yes, 10 PM, DJ Storm of the Metalheadz label (90's drums-and-bass dude) is supposedly spinning all vintage Drum-and-Bass like as if it was 1995. I always liked that ruffer style of drum and bass, even HardStep or Dark Step, I believe they called it.... so yes could be something to peek in on.

I am at work until 7. So I might miss the Hunter English Grad. Party,

Scott - PS. in between my saying that the world's ocean were being depleted of big fish and then later that we've simply got to let the 'stupid' inside of us - you went on quite a road of talking. I almost wish I had a tape recorder. Can you remember any of what you were meaning/saying/thinking?? I remember something about a youth movement...?? ..

anyway.. Do you think this 'blog will help us score some DMT???

here's to hoping.


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