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Thursday, May 22, 2003
SHit,dogs... THis boy has been swimming in it.
Non-stop learning is hard. Especially at NYPL, possibly the greatest place for information in the Western WOrld!!!


I have "boiled" my topic of research down to "typography: examples of font-types" -- This way my project will consist of examples of cool old fonts... and perhaps a little essay about "text/image" : you know the drill.

but ooh-ooh, is this place ever a good time. Tonight is thursday, and I got no plans. -- I can come out to whereever to do whatever....

I NEED A DIGITAL CAMERA SO BAD!!!!! I am going to have to take pics of the fonts...and I think I need to borrow my pop's camera.... then my project will be a chic little web based project, with pics of hot fonts and their historical significance.

Research is fun!!! Did you know that the Keyword... is a modern thing???? Think about it???

I wish I could study "keyword searching" as a heterotopia or some shit...

Scott, what is a heterotopia???

anyway - all the love that lady loving mancan give.

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