A Human Movement
Tuesday, May 20, 2003
though these recent posts have been much too high falutin' for my tastes (I don't like to problematize anything do you? i've got enough problems... you might as well questionify orange juice and why would you do that? orange juice is good for you in moderation, in less moderation if you buy the "low acid" variety)

for my part, i'll take the conversation to where you all want to go... PSYCHEDELIC problematize it all you want, for me I've got a story...

As you all probably know by now, this weekend I spent in the grip of a 102.7 F fever, and though no doubt this episode has led to the deterioration of still more brain cells in my head, I can still remember the long night spent combating the demon inside me. Saturday nite S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night while you were all out failing to flirt with girls and getting tipsy or whatnot, I went to bed at a modest 12:30 hoping to get the jump on my sickness thinking that that 12-14 hours of sleep sure would help me out... little did i know the devil inside me had other plans for my night. Come 4:30 still without sleep, headache and hunger pangs pervasive, I finally resort to Tylenol and then I took my temperature... 103 degrees! Holy shit... I soaked through all my sheets and then moved on to the futon, still no respite, back to the bed, no peace there... so I sat back and fought him off, stark fucking naked, all the atoms in my head swirling round, the curtain was moving back and forth in my room, but the window wasn't open and there was no breeze, then i noticed that the wall was moving too, and the cat, asleep peacefully in a chair, seemed to be floating, birds started chirping but modulated by some everpresent evershifting sine tone, i went back to the futon, hoping it would stop there... Come 7:00 I still hadn't slept but I had stopped to sweat and I couldn't remember the course of events. My body had expelled some sort of evil demon and gone through a lot of contortions to do it.

When forces beyond your control immobilize you and invade your body, that's PSYCHEDELIC.
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