A Human Movement
Thursday, June 12, 2003
But, now let's talk about about not being able to download music, I think it is fine. That's why "bands" exist, they exist because people refuse to listen to things that are not bands..the band is the private experience of what should be the Band...but look at the world.... it is oft sectioned off inside our minds, bodies, knowledge and growth patterns.... as the holding cell points to... there will come a day when all bands go away........ the Band will come after the bands leave .... but until then the band is only available to the few..it exists along those lines of private and limited ownership...and that is the way people seem to like it.... they don't want the Band all the time... only sometimes and in the form bands....(please note my capitalizations) they match up with power, privacy and the secretive growth of the right-holding owners..... if everything was available all the time...... nothing would exist......
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