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Friday, June 27, 2003
The new look of the Valley?? Here's to hoping so!! There is something else besidses good looks and chubby cheeks that 'Melo and I be sharing...Birthdate: May 29, 1984!! It's Psychic Baby!!!

Well, we knew the time would come, the day when the picture gets painted, er, re-painted and all those faces and names that we could care less about before, get spread out into the NeBulA and suddenly become really interesting. Whether it be a T.J. Ford, or a Michael Pietrus, these names start to have a bit more meaning when they are followed by other words like GOLDEN-STATE-WARRIORS or MILWAUKEE BUCKS. Well in the spirit of the draft I got an e-mail from REK'LOOS KWHAN who is currently in Poznan, Poland enjoying the cooler weather of a swing tour of northern Europe and checking out the so-called European talent. Needless to say he had a few things to say about this years draft.

TL: So Kloos, where have you been
RLK: Shit, bro - I don't know - We've been to a lot of gyms, looking at a lot of cats games, eatin' some food, and walking around chattin' the game, if you know what I am sayin,' the universal game too!
TL: Did you manage to see the NBA Draft yesterday
RLK: Yeah dog, Now why would a cat like me miss a haps like that?
TL: Any suprises?
RLK: King James, blah de-blah, you know they got a lot of kings over here, but you don't see me going and putting sneakers on every last one
TL: Yeah, they really just want to make Lebron into a superstar so that the NBA can start producing $$$ in the notorious poor outpost of Cleveland
RLK: Right, now I'll tell you who I am excited about, that white boy from Kansas, Hinrich, I like that move by the C-Bulls, you know that lil' Jay Williams never had what it took, so he sat down the hard way, I think this white boy Hinrich is going to have the ball handling skills and the outside shots to really open up Chicago's offense, I just hope that with Reinsdorf out of their big Butch Cartwright will get the plan right, and play my home dog Jamal Crawford at shooting guard.
TL: Anyword on Marcus Fizer's knee
RLK: He be alright, next question.
TL: Well, we all knew about how the one, two, three would go, but what else surprised in the first round
RLK: Oooh, That Carmelo Anthony is a handsome man, you know, or should I say child, that Carmelo Anthony is a handsome child, I hope someone in Denver can hand him some weights, I am worried about his jumping ability, but I think he'll be handsome in that Nugget game, Anthony, Nene, Tziki, and possibly Gilbert "gimme five" Arenas, ooh. Denver looks hot.
TL: Sure, Kloos, but what about some of the other picks??
RLK: Man, don't bring me down, I am talking about THA NUGGETS, but okay... I like that Travis Outlaw character, he be out of Mississip, I think a guy named Outlaw will fit in in P-town Blazing, I know Bo Outlaw is fine, fine man so Travis can't be much worse.
TL: Kloos, I am in New York, anything to be said about the Knicks choices?
RLK: Yo, Layden is Knit, ain't a Knick if you know what I am saying... How many undersized power forwards does a team need. I saw some of that cat Sweetney play last year for the 'Town, and I was like, its Othella Harrington take two. Watch the Knick pick this guy up!! and that Lampej kid from Poland, yo I don't know, he might be roped into his Euro contract until 2008!! By that time the Knicks should be, well, right where they are as long as Layden is around, Mormon ass.
TL: Aren't you in Poland now?
RLK: Is that what they call this place, man I am in my own space, over here, dowsing for talent. They got a lot of big white boys here with acne, I ain't feelin' it. I'll tell you where I liked, some place called Minsk, they had nice looking ladies there. But I altogther ain't feelin' this European thing, gimme a Vincent Yarbrough from Tennesee anyday over some of these cats they got over here. They got seven footers playing the point, taking 3-pointers, it's all upside down, over here. Darko, it sure is going to be something else watch Senior Darko making a run at the ever weaking Nets next year in the East
TL: Darko indeed. So, next year's KillSquad, any ideas...
RLK: I am really nervous, about bringing back the cats I like, you know, I think we had a magical team there, in the stretch, and it ain't never gonna get better then that. But we'll try. I have been reading a lot about motivation and technique and I got a lot to say to whomever joins the Idols next year.
TL: Interesting
RLK: Dwayne Wade is going to help about Miami, I am sure of it. I like the Heat, you watch out for them - once they ditch that gold digger Alonzo Morning, they are going to just bet better and better. C-Butler, Captain Edizmo, and lil' Dwayne W-iz-ade, I like that team, and I think Vladimir Step-on-ya can make it as a decent center in the east over time.
TL: How about the Hawks?
RLK: They are going to suck
TL: Coach Kwhan...
RLKL Listen up, bro, I gotta run - Tonight we are going to see a pick up game down on Golebia Street next to Poznan's parish church, one of the most splendid examples of baroque churches in Poland. So, check it.
TL: alright, it's been a pleasure.

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