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Monday, June 30, 2003

Here is the shooting jacket, but it won't be around long, the Nuggs will have all new look Uni's for the 2003 season in Blue and Gold!!

Corporate Tuna and Free Agency

Me oh my. So I just had, or am having my Monday lunch. It went well; a trip to the NBA store and a fantastic Tuna Sandwich. At the NBA store I got my hands on the Nuggets Shooting Jacket, the one that I dearly want, er, wanted. It is quite a shiny affair, the material is thick - nearing luxurious - kind of like 21st Century leisure suit material - and it is a handsome Navy Blue with Orange sleeve stripes and gold trim. It politely says Nuggets on the back and has the Denver mountain and ball logo on the front left breast. I would seriously want it, but the material is so damn shiny and thick. and seriously on another note? Why do NBA shorts have to cost a man 100$ that is crazy... How much will they be charging for these shorts in 10 years?? 340$??

Anyway, then I went the CBS Building. Using my MTR card, I can get into the CBS Cafeteria on the 20th floor of the CBS buidling at 52 and 6th. It is a great place to get lunch, because the prices are really cheap. Since there is no rent and the food is subsidized by CBS for their employess only, a man can get a full-sized hero sandwhich, plate of tasty luncheon Lays chips, two pickles and a can of soda for under 5 bucks. And furthermore, CBS makes the most fantastic tuna I have ever tasted. I don't know how they make so dang tangy, but I like it. I think they add black pepper. mmm. Then I sat in the cafeteria over looking the other tall midtown buildings and looking down at the ants 20 floors below. There sure is a lot of glass in midtown, if you think about all those damn windows.

OK, OK, now to the Krapels-adorned-new-Blog-theme, the eNe-Be-Ah

So, the finals are over, the draft has occurred, what is next for us... It's simple. Free Agency. We've got a lot to look forward to as some exciting new teams have plenty of cap space and others just enough to add the likes of a Walt Williams, Keon Clark, or Darrell Armstrong. Here comes a list of those who are most likely to be switching ships...in my view of course.

Point Guard
I don't care about Jason Kidd, whereever he goes, loses. The only team who can win with J. Kidd is the Nets. If Jason Kidd goes to the Spurs, I will be rooting against San Antonio with all my rage and heart. Gary Payton, oh man, why can't San Antonio get this guy? What a gem, a hard playing good looking assistant. What if he take the J. Kidd route and just tries to win and ends up with the Shaq/Kobe?? Well I wouldn't be complaining. Gibert Arenas, Free Agent Extraordinaire awhile back, the thought of an Arenasless Warriors would bring tears to my eyes. Now the merest thought of Gilbert and Melo' getting it done makes me jump out of my skin with delight. Anyone here hear "8th seeded Nuggets take down champs San Antonio in the first round of next years playoffs."?? I Can. Andre Miller is also a Free Agent but who cares. That guy is a slob. He might be Stockton's replacement in Utah.
Shooting Guards
There is not much here, a lot of guys who will be staying put where they are. Rip Hamilton, Jerry Stackhouse, Reggie Miller and Stephen Jackson all staying put. Corey 'say-it ain't-so-Snr. Antonio' Maggette is also a Free Agent and as much as I would like to see him anywhere besides the Clippers it seems he to, is staying put.
Small Forwards
Lamar Odom. is this guy healthy? he does like the drugs... I wonder who will take the risk on him. Apparently he'll be a cheap sign. Juwan Howard. This guys made all that money right, from way back when. He strikes me as a bit conservative, but he does play pretty good, solid bball. Jame Posey is a free agent. Can anyone really say they don't love the Posatica? I hope he stays and gets a head full of Van Gundy this season, you know the Gunds is going to like his defense. Scottie Pippen is a free agent, this guy should be the first coach/player, meaning that upon his will he can decide if he is suit and tie on the bench or uniform ready to go reserve on the bench, maybe he can where a uniform under his suit and rip off the suit if need be. Calbert Cheaney is a free agent and I like this guys stuff, if I was a GM I would be on the phone with Calbert's mom or something. Kenny Thomas is a free agent but Philly seems to like having him around, remember those 20+ rebound games late in the season? What was that all about??
Power Forwards
Elton Brand is a free agent, can someone please tell me why the Spurs would sign Kidd if they could sign Brand? Especially after losing David "don't smoke kids" Robinson's front court prensence?? Apparently the Clips can match all offers, but if I am the Spurs I am putting a lot of money Brand's way. I like his intensity. Jermaine "Killer 'til the end" O'Neal is a free agent and again.. why would the Spurs, 20-year-old Tony Parker equipped and all, want to pay for Jouwana Kidd's makeup when they could be paying for Jermaine O'Neal's moms summer home?? Jermaine O'Neal is the fabric of life, any team with J. O'Neal can rightly claim that they have a player made of such a substance to which all evil is abhorrent. He simply is the fabric of life. I bet the Pacers keep this substance. P.J. Brown is a free agent, and ooh don't the Knicks crave all 6'11" power forward of P.J. Brown, damn can you imagine if the Knicks could be starting Hilario and Sweetney this season, well they are not, and P.J. Brown will probably stay in Voodooville. Karl Malone might definitely be leaving Mormon country, and you know we would all like to see him all the Mavs. Karl Malone says "I want to win a championship." Keon Clark apparently has a player option, and he will probably stay in Sacremento... with Chris Webber vagging out at every opportunity ol' KC has a good change to get big minutes. Derrick 'Cap Clearing' Coleman is on the move and Robert "please leave the NBA" Horry might also be on the move. If the Lakers ditch Whore-ee, and pick up the Glove, I will dance in yellow and purple circles.
Brad Miller is the man, we should know this by now, he is one angry-playing-white boy. I have a hunch that if the Spurs do sign kid, they with settle on B. Miller as the front court replacement for the Admiral, thus, making the Spurs un-fucking-believabley deep. Vlade Divac is a free agent and wouldn't it be great to see some Bosnian-Jungle-Terrorsquad-Bookies take this guy out, snuff him whilst he's receiving table dances from a lady named Petronka at a stripclub in Tuzla? This guy is pure slime. Alonzo Mourning. Who is going to get this guy? Seriously, does this guy know how much he is bringing us all down with that kidney trip?? Give it up 'Zo, you are a tool. Olowakandi is a major free agent on the center scene, and I sincerely hope that my man Kiki Vandeweghe doesn't use his cap space to sign this blimey-Nigerian. His 10 pts, 10 rbnds, and 4 blks are great but he is never going to be as good as some of the other western conf. big men. the Kandi man just doesn't have the instincts and his knees are week. I really hope the Nuggets don't sign WaKandi. Radoslav Nesterovic is probably the HOTTEST pick up via free agency a team could make. I guarantee that some team offers Nesterovis the $$$ and he makes an impact elsewhere, and apparent from that shadowman KG. Theo Ratliff is a free agent and a damn good shot blocker, I'd like to see him anywhere besides Altanta.. why doesn't the Heat get Ratliff to be there new Alonzo?

Ok, I have go to go, that is all I know. Happy Monday.
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