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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

I got to the Central Bookings place, (basement of 120 Shermerhorn) at 6 AM, after having spent two hours alone behind bars at the Hoyt St. Precinct, so I missed breakfast --- I guess I could have taken a milk at that time, but I was sort of in shock and didn't realize that there were only certain times to get milk. (and I am talking those little middle school milks) so I didn't eat anything, or sleep, until lunch at 1 PM, when they gave me a little milk and a horrible looking Halal Salami sanwhich on rubber bread. I didn't eat that , because I didn't want to have to go poop. Think silver, no rimmed, open bowl, covered in piss and vomit and shit. Then I didn't get any sleep or food until 7 PM, when they gave me a cup for water and I took a cheese sandwich, which I gave away -- to some dude who really like the sandwhiches for some reason.... so then no food no sleep until 12 when I eventually was let out (thanks to my Brother - in-laws, Brother-in-law, (so much law!!) who is a lawyer and knows how to get people out of Central Bookings.... they say that the average time from arrest to arraignment is 24 hours, but on Saturdays you are fuckt, because there are less judges and more people coming in on Friday night then any other nights.... so I could have been there for the max 72 hours, and stayed until monday...... I don't remember having a hangover since I missed all of Saturday and was awake since Friday morning.... hangovers were the least of my worries (think about standing in same place cramped around the loudest conversations you have ever heard (possibly the stupidest and most cuss filled)) from 7 AM until 10 PM.... standing the same place.... knowing that you can do nothing except bite your nails and watch the shitty cops on the other side of the bars file papers.... not much fun. and the people who get arrested are quite depressing to look at .... over and over again, more black kids more hispanics over and over coming in and coming in, and occaisionally a drunken bloodied white guy... or a really nervous looking pale as a ghost white guy who has just beat up his girl friend or something.... not much fun to "view" ---- but still standing in the same place, not sleeping, cockroaches in most place you look, and the filth of a thousand dirty hands built up over 25 years... and not much air circulation... so a lot of body odor and breath and general stench of poverty and again, no where to move only one place to stand.... the benches being taken by asshole dudes who want to lie down, the benches mind you only 5 inches in length, so sitting is more like leaning.... not much fun....

but at least it was raining out... so I didn't miss a nice day.....

but I am out now.... right here..... in this prison of a blog.


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