A Human Movement
Wednesday, June 11, 2003
Nick, true dat about prison, er, holding cells... they are quite humiliating, i can image Death is a lot like it. In that, once you die, you are confirmed that what you thought you could think, was actually true all along, i.e., you don't exist, your likes are nothing more then habits and circumstance of looping logic energy, and that now, you are dead, and all that work you spent being alive is worth nothing, precisely what you thought, or thought you could think, but instead went along with the crowd.

The Holding Cell reduces your choice and lets you know that at anytime, you will not have any freedom, and it is only about two minutes away from you at anytime. ESPecially living in the most policed city in the freekin' world.

But, now let's talk about about not being able to download music, I think it is fine. That's why "bands" exist, they exist because people refuse to listen... they instead want theatrics, un-understanding, easiness through confusion, and rights-holders benefitting..... the Band is out there.... but the band is only available to the few.....

maybe prison is a nice place. I love the living you....

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