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Friday, June 13, 2003
OK, then, let's dichotomize.

Consuming music is always a public event. Creating music is always a private event.

Creating music to be consumed, then,is a Privatizing of Public Knowledge, (this is the space of the band seeking promotion)
Consuming music to create more, then, is a Publicizing of Private Knowledge, (yes this makes sense, as the musician who actively listens is taking in music from the private place and making it public.

I am left not knowing what the question is? anymore...

specific levels. hmm.. ok. The headphone listener is the publicizer of the private, the music on the headphones is created by privatizers of the public. Two people both with headphones on are publicizing the public. Two people without headphones can either be privatizing or publicizing depending on their positions in society towards music
...but dude. all I am trying to think about it is

music as it is created by people who want to publicize their private IS always going to be at least a little bit, private, and therefore not available online...
if some artist's entire ourvre is available all the time, then he won't exist to people, who eagerly want to publicize it, and neither will it be music if it is always all available, as music is by nature of its creation a private process.
refer to top of message.

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