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Wednesday, June 11, 2003
Proceeding in this bifurcated fashion...

In many ways, the "Holding Cell" holds many resemblances to the Christian conception of purgatory, wherein which spirits must reside until they "resolve" or "find" something. In the great American movie "Poltergeist" this concept is described as a realm of the world which we cannot see but inhabits our world nonetheless. Those spirits in the "holding cell" or "purgatory" were placed there because their lives lacked resolution, due to some inadequacy or another, premature or wrongful death, a loved one etc. It is said that those spirits appear in their normal human form from within the holding cell but are seen from outside this purgatory as a monster. It is also said that from within this purgatory an all-pervading light can be discerned. This light is meant to symbolize complete death, a resolution to one's time in the purgatory.

Perhaps you were able to discern some of the innate humanness present within those in our society often perceived as monsters. Perhaps you were also able to discern the proverbial light from within the holding cell and your interaction with it most likely enlightened you. Hopefully, these revelations will both lead you away from future encounters with the holding cell and enlighten you as to how we as a human race can conduct ourselves in the future to avoid the problems that became manifest from within the "holding cell."

I think it is a mistake for people not to have every chance to listen to new music regardless of their desire for theatrics, sexiness, the "marketplace", etc. I think that it is paramount that bands/artists be able to sell their music but I also think it is paramount that some of their music is available for free. The "threshold of consumability" is already so high for music. Wouldn't an increase in availability of some of your music necessarily decrease this threshold, and therefore make you more "consumable"? If what people want is a personal relationship with their musical heroes, certainly their perceived "availability" or "approachability" must play a critical role.

P.S. In South Carolina, they don't serve that halal crap, they serve good ol' fashion PB&J on white bread 3x a day.

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