A Human Movement
Sunday, June 22, 2003
scott> Briefly:

I suppose my mission is begining to become more clear. I apologize for throwing string at you last night, > you do not need guidance, > Just some moments of boredom I suppose. > but, Briefly:

I want to find out a lifetime more of what altered states of conciousness are? and how they might be achieved?
I want to develop an idea of a western, capitalist, american form of easy to achieve 'altered state of consciousness'
and I want to use science, religion, history in a helful way to do so.

I believe that the 'search' state of the human looking, striving, achieving, knowing, finding and moving on, (as simple as a visit to google) to be one that falls somewhere under what this fellow, Charles T. Tart calls, "Increased exteroceptive stimulation and/or motor activity and/or emotion" and "Increased alertness or mental involvement."

I think there needs to be easily seen a line of similarity between 'the search state' and the 'psychadelic state' as the line of resultant extra-sensory experience. That in these states the mind can achieve a form of omnipotence, paving a way to perhaps later 'telepathy' and/or 'infinite coherence'

obviously we as american youth are WAY behind many cultures in the world in the way of 'infinite coherence,' and that is why we may so desperate try to think of ourselves as different, unique, individuals, but we are not. I believe that by exploring the 'search' state of ourselves and others as us, there will arrive a place of gleeful transference. That we may travel through bodies, time, and energy as etheric vehicles. As we so knowingly are.

Ideally, we need to know more about 'altered states of consciousness' that may be beneficial to us, and our understanding, rather then viewing them as disorders and/or errors in the pscyhe as our fathers have done before us.

anyway -- it comes from a lot of angles. work, technology, industrialization, cause and effect, all leading up to questions of transcendence and the quest for oneness... fairly obvious shit... but for some reason, it pulls me, and I want to understand. What if we could make a tool that could help people understand themselves better, as acid does, but instead of administering controversial headaches there could be a new conception of 'searching' that fucks the soul up just enough to pass you on to the eternal level... It could be used by students, and their parents as a way to gleeful transference... no more pain, no more errors/?? No more division between math and poetry as understanding becomes rightfully one.

ok. blogging.


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