A Human Movement
Saturday, July 12, 2003
The bulk of my post on the "First Confederacy" (1776-1789) was lifted from another source. In fact, the entire description of events Scott picks apart so well was not of my penmanship. I lay claim to the introduction and final 3 paragraphs of conclusion and I am particularly proud of using the words MONOCULTURAL HEGEMONY I aimed merely to provide an instance of political disagreement, ideological tension if you will, in order to discredit Scott's hypothesis of "the revolution from without". It is a testament to America, with its immensely wide range of beliefs and ideologies, that almost any idea (political, ideological, or otherwise) can be coopted by the establishment (media, political, cultural) and absorbed into the cultural en tutti.

Given this capacity, I assert that there can in fact be no rise of the 3rd World, because before that World can assert its individuality, or "strengthen its infrastructure of power and organization," hypercapitalist tendencies are already at work to include those ideas into the hypercapitalist monocultural hegemony. Jorn Bramann asserts that, in this modern life, there can be no other culture but the one world culture. And it logically follows that whichever country is in control of that culture will control the world and, tangentially, the development of new ideas. Here is The Third World Revolution, brought to you by BPExxonMobilShell!

Scott claims that the corporate infrastructure of the 3rd World will eventually incubate an -ism of such vast proportions and undeniable truth that it will realign the world order. And to that statement I must ask: 1. How will the dominant capitalist system not coopt these ideals and graft them onto other capitalist values such as "democracy" and "freedom"? 2. How would the fate of this -ism be any different than that of Socialism? No matter if you are talking about people or nations, it remains that the prole is poor, weak, and uninformed of the wider workings of the world.

In short, how can the Third World ever extricate itself from corporate exploitation and claim the profits from its people's labor for its own?
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