A Human Movement
Thursday, July 17, 2003
From the world of holy bullshit, check out this story about a A new bill proposed in Congress that proposes to fine peer-2-peer file swappers 250,000$....

and you know there are some real clear lines connecting Jose Bove ideas and the idea of entheogens. We here, would all agree that a good countryside homemade cheese omellette(sp) is just about the best way to fuck yourself straight to the overworld as any smatter of psilocybin. So, all you need to do is switch Bove's love of food, to mean, that he wants to keep the pathway to god open and free from corporate interest and profitizing. Alas, he did go to jail for his ideas (which furthermore shows how food and drugs as pathways to god are one in the same and those who fight for them are equal in the eye of justice.) Perhaps justice is a sham, and the only justice is nature. But still, We have got to see some clear lines here between the use of the natural substance and the raising of the human organic brain to higher planes.
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