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Sunday, July 13, 2003
Hey, hey, hey -- look who is first on the following....search

Monocultural Hegemony

I am not sure if this is good, or bad, - but I do know we shouldn't stop. Maybe we can corner the Google market on all sorts of stupid search terms?>? (at least we now know where De Krapes came by this strange article from Frostburge State University, Maryland.) I think I want to coin the google phrase "cosmic extradition," such that A Human Movement becomes the number one place according to Google to learn about cosmic extradition. Is it just a matter of saying cosmic extradition, er typing cosmic extradition that nags googles interests or must one define their new phrases for google to find them. Cosmic extradition is a state i believe most people are in as they are living the crime of being just one thing; whether through science, belief, morals or pleasure - as long as you live as a singular entity you will face 'Cosmic Extradition' as which point the cosmos will take control of your being and have its way with your particles, until you truly finally realize that you are all. so anyway - bear with me as I try to coin the phrase Cosmic Extradition. Should Cosmic Extradition be to hard to coin as a google phrase, as I am thinking that the way to Google's heart is to form a phrase for which there is no more then 500 mentions of on the web, I would like to make the phrase 'mandrake cerebrum' be a search that leads all to our little forum here. So for that matter, here is a little Mandrake Cerebrum.

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