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Friday, July 25, 2003

If every man would make just one post a day on the blog, then every man would be ready for plunge into Divine Consciousness, say Sri Aurobindo

Seriously, where are your souls at anyway??? Check this out. In my quest for ever more sources of folks who have designed procedures for blending Spirit with Matter, materialsim and spiritualism, I came accross this bloke, Sri Aurobindo who has the gaul :) to exclaim that
"Knowledge is the culmination of Ignorance...In fact, what is happening is that the Ignorance is seeking and preparing to transform itself by a progressive illumination of its darkness into the knowledge that is already contained within it; the cosmic truth manifested in its real essence and figure would by that transformation reveal itself as essence and figure of the supreme omnipresent Reality."

...so c'mon give us all a piece of our Ignorance!!!
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