A Human Movement
Tuesday, July 15, 2003
Scott, I caught the Weather Underground last night, 10 PM, were you there?
ooh, the mysteries if the synch, yeah cultural upheaval, ��, beyond that, I thought it provided a vivid glance at how lost most Americans were as soon as 1970 hit. It was like, those few who were once truly 'turned on' were still on their commune trips, and peaceablely "unamerican" in their little villages and nice places, (California through Vermont) while the rest of the 60's youths and general American public were worn-out from all the upheaval and excitement, they had taken drugs but not understood them, the drugs were now illegal and impure, the majority of those who had survived the 60's revolution now in the early 70's felt alienated from their former hippie selves and strove for normalcy and America the Beautiful and then with the Vietnam war over all these people who once were on the fringes of the whole anti-war trip, are left with nothing to do, the economy sucks, race is still a huge problem, so they flee to the suburbs and then the Reagen era hits... wow.

Tonight I am free to drink, eat, smoke, gander, gabber, and perhaps view some all-star fun. I am afraid it might just be you and me here, ol' Scott.

So. Mid-Town Brother Unite!!!

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