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Wednesday, August 13, 2003
Boy, alot to respond to here.

First of all, Josh, what is slow about a 7200 rpm HD? I know it is not 10000 rpm... but for 50c/GB I will wait a half nanosecond longer to access my MP3s... I mean 7200 ain't slow in my book on my Mac.

Second, I referred to vices to lump together those things which one may consider a hindrance to the development and exploitation of one's virtues, as this is the common juxtaposition historically bandied about by certain moralists and philosophers. Thus, the overindulgence of perfectly natural things like pot-smoking, masturbation, eating, television-watching, sports-following, erudition, etc. may be construed as a potential roadblock to the attainment of finding one's true self and happiness.

Third, I've noticed a very distinct difference between you people, my Northern friends, and the people I have been hanging out with, in short, my Southern friends. I don't know if it's education (liberal arts v. state-school-or-none-at-all), geography (North v. South), socioeconomics, New York City, or what, but it's funny to see the very marked difference between you three, who aim to better yourselves through the attainment of new knowledge and research, and my Dirty crew, who aim to better themselves through the attainment of new experiences and eschew, or rather ignore, or rather choose not to seek out such types of new knowledge and research. Me, I am stuck in the middle but at least I understand better why I refuse to have someone tell me "Well, if you like that kind of music, you should check out X and Y and Z, dude, that sounds like you'd like it." Shit man, if you don't like it and you don't experience it (or listen to it) yourself on a fairly regular basis, don't tell me about it. I wanna know what you feel, not what you know.

Fourth and finally, I talked to Scott this "morning" on the phone and I think it's a funny thing to note. When you dedicate your day to someone else i.e. when you have to go to work, why is it that you will try and suck the last minute of sleep out of it before you go and do your thing for THE MAN? And when you don't have a job and you haven't spent the night drinking or smoking to recover from the toil and trouble of sacrificing yourself for THE MAN, why is it you have no problem getting up at 9:30, 9 o'clock and are as happy as the day you graduated from high school? Why do people strain and strive for success in the "professional life," when in fact it is very clear that that life has very little to offer in terms of enlightenment and human betterment. When in fact, the sedentary contemplation of rural moments offers so much more. Why suck and posture in New York City to make the latest 1985 show on VH-1, when you could live life somewhere else like it was actually 1985 if that's what brought you pleasure. Slap a Magic Johnson or Larry Bird poster on the wall, buy some pink wifebeaters, listen to some Duran Duran, and get yourself a Diesel Mercedes if you want. Hey man, one good thing about the South, the only trucker-hats I see are on old catfishermen (black and white alike) and, egads, truckers.
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