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Tuesday, August 12, 2003
The idea of vice is not interesting to me, as it has been conceived in this forum to date. What is vice? Twofold: Either a truly negative quality of practice, or it is the not negative practice, only just that it appears so. The perspective of the quality holder, or accuser are the key to the exchange of meaning, of what, if anything is a vice.

Masturbation, I brought up, as it can be a metaphor, I wish metaphysical, approximation of the loneliness of togetherness. In regards to scott's temporal commitment to the camping of co-workers, I was saying that a man, perhaps, must enter the togetherness minus his lonliness to receive the support of others all dying from the same disease of arriving at togetherness from lonliness, and without the handy petrol of dreaming about it, he was, in Vermont, living it.

Although Nick had a great response, I am not interested in following through with this conversation, because we seem to be hung up on words used, rather then meanings implied. I am sure that scott would agree, that he was originally claiming to exclaim the wonders of being with others, less as a question of the use than as a reiteration of the tasks involved.

Some researchers from VH1 came into the museum today, two dude researching for an upcoming VH1 special about the 90's phenomenon of Talk Shows (Ricki, Jenny, Maury, Jerry, Carney, etc.) They wanted to see what the museum had. It was not that interesting of an exchange, except to hear how serious they were about the "cultural totem of the daytime talk show formula," they were very earnest about it. One of them had an ironic moustache and vintage converse hi-tops. All I could wonder about is what work means to a man? What is it that makes a man feel attached to his projects so? I am sure that these young men have proud mothers, and that they are interested in uttering the words of their proffesional life, VH1, when asked. But still, what is this? How are we all so interested in uttering our professional words? Is there another model for personal identification and the work place?
...Also, VH1 is totally for the braindead. Why would these nice young men, want to work, only to create dead entertainment for dead souls (as you know VH1 content is replayed about 400 times a week.) Shouldn't there be more benefitial relays of work-space for these young men to lay their eyes lids upon?

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