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Monday, August 11, 2003
Yes, not much on the blog. I could have gone crazy as I was ethernetted up friday, sat. and sun. But I knew I was the only one - and that would be cheating if I just kept on posting materials, when all of y'all were out catching the 'kend. I was in the library. Finding some rather fantastic finds. And preparing my presentation, which I deliver tonight, you can see it at Presentset

I never got as far I wanted, but how I am to really get up and talk about divinity and the search state? I have been reading Spinoza's Ethics with great delight, and finding it to be a sylolog (new word) for today's electronic searching, as a pursuit of good.

Christ, I only want to concern myself with the divine. That is for certain.

In my digging around in the history of psychological thought, I have been getting more agrasped (new word) of the idea of the subconscious. In particular the way William James via Frederic Myers via William James talk about there existing a Mothersea of Activity outside of our brains, capable of retention through memory and knowledge, but that individual consciousness only obtains a bit of the Sea and that little bit becomes us, our known life -- but underneath or around all of us is the chance to be any number of other identities. They look to hysteria, clairvoyance, automatic writing and genius to be evidence of their hypotheses of the subliminal self (especially Frederic Myers.)

These fellows work was shot down at around the turn of the century as psychologists wished to make their work "scientific" leaving work in the subconscious to various "mystic-weirdos and foreign-fiends," not respectable Harvard scientists types. (then, remember our friend Leary is only about 30 years later, meaning Myers/James was to Leary, what Leary is to us.) But you know that scientists have the amazing ablitiy to not factor in their own experience, as only one part of the Mother-Sea, into their sensational science life finding. As if it is unimportant that a scientist was driven to discover something, as a thing, out of pride or avarice, that his EGO IS CORRECT. Nonetheless, I am particularly interested in the way that the idea of the subconcious takes in, as a way of thinking, a fact that the human ego is just flotsam floating in a Sea of eternal possibility. Its particularness is only its unparticulars. W. James even got in hot water by implying that if there was a heaven, then it was not a space, but more like the Mother-Sea all around us - and that we would all be allowed in after death. (Tuff stuff to understand, duh?!?!?!)

Then I was also trying to brush up on my basic philosophy skills. Understanding dualism, non-dualism, causality, contextualism, epistemic cognition, et. al.

Also ran into more library uses for the XML, in the form of DOI (digital object indicators) and http://www.sfxit.com, and started to think about that Mother-Sea, as realized in the electric space of knowledge.

But, you know - you fellas, probably knew all this, that it was what I was thinking about this, as I was sending out messages into the Mother-Sea in the form of unspeakables. /OK

Scott, does a man have to say goodbye to dope and masturbation at some point, I don't know
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