A Human Movement
Thursday, August 14, 2003
Yessir, experience is knowledge and knowledge alone is pretty but essentially useless until it can be translated into experience. That's what my point was. Thanks for agreeing with me. And no, I don't see these differences as being manifested only in myself, but rather indicative of differing potential life-paths, one created by one set of circumstances and another created by another set of circumstances. Amazing how a person's myriad circumstances transcend who the actually are. Hmmmmm....

How about turning off some window units, y'all??? Geez, lemme know when things get back in order for you guys, please. I've called Ann and Scott and Thomas and no reply. So I hope you didn't get stuck in a subway or elevator or angry mob.

I'm currently in North Carolina, myself. A very beautiful country (I believe it would be the Coastal Region on your map), but knee-deep in the rich-poor gap.
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