A Human Movement
Saturday, September 13, 2003
A couple of notes for myself...


Beef Tartare


...any society where the powers of Church and State are separate, the State is without either right or wisdom in enforcing sumptuary laws against crimes which have no complaining victims. When the police are asked to be armed clergymen enforcing ecclesiastical codes of morality, all the proscribed sins of the flesh, of lust and luxury, become�since we are legislating against human nature�exceedingly profitable ventures for criminal organizations which can pay both the police and the politicians to stay out of trouble. Those who cannot pay constitute about one-third of the population of our overcrowded and hopelessly mismanaged prisons, and the business of their trial by due process delays and over taxes the courts beyond all reason. These are nomogenic crimes, caused by bad laws, just as iatrogenic diseases are caused by bad doctoring.
From Alan Watts; In My Own Way


An Epidemic of Circumcision

Iatrogenic Illness: The Downside of Modern Medicine
A White Paper by Gary Null, PhD & Debora Rasio, MD
Copyright, 2000
..."It is the purpose of this review to question the status quo."

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