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Wednesday, September 03, 2003
Crack the whip, find the toy in the box... Nice to see so much activity over the Labor Day weekend. Ahhh, Fall. Summer is tre gone, and now all the jackets, leaves and early sun settings await us like fruit on the bottom of yogurt. Young Sco passed a nugget my way regarding the ill-fated return of Doc Krapes. If it is true that the city has seen the last of monsieur moustache, then I believe this is not rain we are experiencing but tears. Gotham sized tears... And also what will poor Jacob Feinstein do at his Booger Gallery without his monsieur moustache to boss around? I am sitting in the computer lab of Pratt Manhattan. Surrounded by...(wait let me count)...16 G4 desktops, each equipped with a bevvy of software; from Design to Modelling to Multimedia to Adobe Suites. Not to mention the G3 and PC's over on the corners of this room. I think I have signed up to be a computer lab monitor... which I guess means... sit here and look at how much these computers don't get used...nonetheless, there is no shortage of OS X here!!!... I should probably be learning more about the MX's, Illustrators and QuarksXpress's.... but a person can say that forever....

A real bonanza life is, and so much activity on the blog. So much activity in Los Estados Unidos en el decado Oh-Oh. I spent the weekend at my new family home(?), on the coast of New Hampshire. Family --- no wonder people don't talk about them very much. Did you know that 1.2 Million people joined the ranks of the poor in America in 2002? That is quite amazing... I don't see that statistic falling anytime soon. But blahdiddy-Blah-Dah-Blah-Blah. What do these new poor look like? Where do they live? ...they could all get computer access here, I will let them in... I mean there are...(hold on let me count)...42 computers in this room.

What to do? Start a war? Go to chruch? Get Married? Murder some co-workers? Save up for a vacation? Get a drink? Buy Clothes? Accept others? Watch TV? Learn about history? Get a job? Go to college? Write on a blog? Subscribe to a magazine? Go to the doctor? Worry about the environment? Take out your air conditioners?
We will have to see...

Hope to see you all soon. Cuz' thee got the blasters.
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