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Thursday, September 11, 2003
Engender discourse!?!?!?!?!

...Scott, I think there is a lot to discuss in my posts. That is, if discussion was your bag - of course. However, you merely popping little umpahpahs and hoorahs for the blog as a concept, and us in it, as contributors is hardly a discourse, which, mind you, should stay about as far away from engenderment as possible, if of course the discourse is to remain clean.
Now let's get onto the subject of what is in our man's pockets. His pocketses, he's hiding objects of gellum and flagfulls.

He's got entertainment up in there!!

Scott: discourse:: entertainment and the american dream::: 20th century man encountering one another:::: new spaces of intersubjectivity arriving in man's life through his need for viewing the body as entertaining:::: GO!

You know how people talk about the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost? Well I know you've heard me say this before - but what if really that is just a poor translation of something meaning - deity / action / existence - because if so, then I think they've got something there. I am sure that all those papa bishop cats know about this, but they never correct anyone when they say "Father and Son Etc." because they like to think of themselves as part of the equation, when really they couldn't adjust to not being - no more then the common sort.

Does anyone want, or need an introduction to Chunk Parsing?? ...Don't forget 3.1 Unchunking.

Now that you've "unchunked" get into the new swing of the new thing by understanding your brothers the
Fathead Minnows

They swim together!!! They are used to feed other fish... they cost 60$ for 1000!!!


Gerald the Rhinocerous Shrimp says
...check that site out... if you don't you'll die!!

This shrimp is often confused with Lysmata wurdemanni, also called a peppermint shrimp.

....Petunia the Peppermint Shrimp says

I got your discourse right here, right here under my 3" anntenae!!! Check it... can't you see!!!

OK. Last step. 1 Minute to find information about those homes in Iceland which are heated with Natural Hot Springs... ready set go...

BAM 13 seconds...How geothermal energy works

BAM 24 seconds.... Geothermal Energy 2

What if this energy is under us right now...
it probably is, ey!!


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