A Human Movement
Thursday, September 11, 2003
It all goes back to my post way-back-when about the "search state." And I believe that everything is interconnected. No need to explain it - it is.

Futhermore, Scott, I have plenty to discuss about the meaning of my cul-de-sacs. (I won't even bother mentioning how silly it is that we are judging one another here, or how silly it is that we have to actually SAY what we believe in order to get it across. So strict is we.)

But, here goes.

The commonly held belief is that the human mind is the thing, the solid one, the sense maker, etc., even if it is not, then it is the question asker and then the deducer... so again it can be the solid one. the distinction grasper. Let all people be, distinction graspers.
It is seen that as one person communicates to another they are exporting a 'thing' to another person as a 'thing.' The more abstract the idea wished to be conveyed is, the more chance that NOISE will enter the system, and disable this export/import process. In this case, Scott see's my posting style as a noise in the way of my conveying a suficient point. So human is he!

This is nice way of looking at human development. People talk, look, love, ask, give, take, make, methodize, learn, then, that, this, forget. They do all these things as distinction makers.
But as we do these things, us people, us distinction makers, always still sit on the edge of a confusion. What is it? Are we certain? of Science, religion, playtime, mating?

I propose that we reverse the idea of noise in the communication process such that what is, not only is - but can be again and again.

Seen here.

Instead of viewing the human mind as the logic maker, let the outside world be the logic and let the mind be the chaos.
For this is how it is, is it not? (See: geothermal energy) The world makes tons of sense without human assistance. Gravity? Wow -- tough idea to crack!!

Taken to the level of communication: here:

Instead of expecting the import of sense as a solid entity, expect to import the noise of the situation. Out of this noise extract necessary meaning, but take it not as the only meaning as in the noise is all meaning at all times.

Instead of noise interfering with communication, take noise to be the communication itself. In this way the mind can open up to hundreds of new ways to see the interrelations that actually are in the world.

Simultaneous Causation!!!

Life is a tube propelled by "naming." In the begining there was the word, right? We need a way for man to be able to use this word to decribe the world outside of himself - without even taking into account his self. Nothing is outside the self or inside the self -- we need to think less of outside/inside and more of simultaneousness. Yesterday is happening now inside your life tube. Humans have such diverse ways to describe yesterday, as yesterday, as yesterday to each and everyone seperate. But whose yesterday was also someone elses?

Everyone's.. but is there a way to describe this?


There is no way to decribe yesterday as happening now -- this is a problem.
It might be due to the asshole syndrome in some folks and the fear in others.

Thankfully electronically, (See Alexander Graham Bell but think of the magnetics in the Ocean's Tides) (See shrimp as tide dwellers) We can sort of get inside this tube.

I am merely (see Mereology) trying to be one part of the whole, as way to make the whole stand in opposition to the sum of its parts 1+1+1 is not equal to 3 because 3=1 -- I beseach(sp) you all to get inside the tube, you are.

There is no geometry inside the life tube. As the 90 degrees of a square angle can quickly turn to cat's paw, round and in your nose. Your senses are a part of the yesterday syndrome. You are not born. You are not your horrible property and class. Knowledge is experiential, From light to not light... and after deity / creation / existence comes the 4rth.

I am not sure what the 4rth is. But I got a lot of versions of it...

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