A Human Movement
Friday, September 05, 2003
Now that we are in the sea, the water in the water. Let us, Lettuce, look at the man. The oxygen taker, life maker.

Yes you, sir. It is you to be proud and about it, we are. Title this one shades of shades. The possesive possesed. MetaLogic and the Unsayable. The this about them...

and so it begins...

I found this in a book First Published in 1949 in Yonkers(Y Can't I), New York by a man named Savage, D.S.."...belief that "ultimate reality" can be experienced directly by the individual if he abnegates the self and dedicates his whole psycho-physical being to contemplation of "timeless good." The key word is "non-attachement," used to signify not arid and aloof detachment from one's neighbor's and one's environment, but freedom from the perpetual craving for self-gratification and self-assertion."

Like our little clown fish person, seen below, who is comfortable in his dayness without protection of assertion as clothing. Do you think little clown fish man can recognize the differences in other clown fishes markings, sizes and pattern? Can humans?

Who will sit down here?

and so...as this assertion relates to the comfort of man as water in water, the oxygen taker, life maker, it goes...again from the book from Yonkers,

"The problems which confront man in our society are the results of human actions. Men live in accordance with their philosophy of life and their conception of the world. "It is impossible to live without a metaphysic. Science, which is the method pursued in reducing apparent diversity to actual identity, has reduced the diversity of of the material world to an ultimate identity, since it is shown to be composed of a diveristy of patterns of a unitary substance; moreover, so-called seperate, individual existents are dependent upon one another for their very being."

So much for the material world: What of the Mind?

The book..."To begin with, all science is based upon an act of faith -- faith in the validity of man's logical processes, faith in the ultimate explicability of the world, faith that the laws of thought are the laws of things..."

It seems to me, that this faith in the logic of thought as capable of successful narration of world events is as naive as an Evangelist's faith that the scriptures are the word of god.

Who is this man, that isn't a scientist, and still not yet a clown fish? as his uniform assertion is still intact, he is under the scientist's oppresion as the faithman...the scientist unfairly negates the faith of the ringmaster, as a faith in nothing, all the while positing more faith then ever man, life maker, has ever witnessed. Unfair, unjusticed scientist leaves the ringmaster jobless. Where are the ringmaster's facts, numbers,... so and so....
Mr. Faith Total is Mr. Science.

Beep-beep but "look at where faith has made the takers and makers"

Yes, truck you are quite a horse.

and don't forget design -- the science of what is seen, the faith in the beauty of the visible... thank you design, you are as helpful as the empty chair.
....oh, I suppose the next step is not technology, but rather the moral - the moral action. SHIT!!!

that we'll be something else.

.This took me thirteen minutes.

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