A Human Movement
Thursday, September 04, 2003

Title this this one psychedelic imagery in the imagination century.

Water in water, water upon water,

"Yesterday we lost our lives, tomorrow we were born," I really like that line from "The Argus" it seems to put a person in quite a delicious quagmire of logic... "of watching and listening"

Here is John Constable's Cloud Study 1822

So did they find water on mars, cuz mars looks like a tie-die?

If they did, well then you can bet for certain that there is life on Mars. In the tie-die. I still don't understand why life is viewed as human, er human centric if being humans on Earth we still have yet to learn to be non-Human. Surely if we were non-human we could communicate with non-human entities, similar to those universal agencies such as those that cannot be broken down further. The elements if you will. Those uncomminucable substances.

"Hello, Hello" The voice is thing, it was at least. But so much is communicated in silence.
Mr. Moon make the water grow. Attract and Repel is only a silent force.

So much is within silence, like water in water, the faculty hardley yet known or even forgotten.
What is in this man...this is not within his appendages,
(Something added or attached to an entity of greater importance or size; an adjunct.)

Uniforms seems to get in the way. But what of the cultural force of expecatation anyway?
Who is this... man...that is not us...
I wonder if it is possible to get past the clothing exclaims of the protecting from dayness to be towards the parts in the parts, as water in water. We could be day.

Is this man, not human? Little Clown Fish man, teach me to swim! Little clown fish person. So unafraid to be.
The face of an other. The face of a brother.

It is all contained there, the water in water, the history of history, the face of animal.
This band of merry man goes by the name "ancient killing"
and it all comes back full circle!! Indeed....
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